Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara. Welcome my children of the rainbow race; my beloved circle; agents of change; catalysts. I come to speak to you again this day of the universal law of change. It is not only one of the fundamental laws of creation; it is one of the fundamental laws of the universe. And we do not simply mean your planet. For movement is a constant throughout all places, all states of being, all dimensions, and all realities. It is the fuel of love. And in movement there is change.

The wise words that have been spoken about change are accurate. It is the one thing that you know will occur with each breath, each moment of your existence. Now many of you are working on your creations, and you are doing brilliantly. But there is a tendency of the human race to be impatient. Yes, (laughter); you have inherited it from Gabriel, and that is a good thing. But there is a time and place for patience. Right now upon your planet with the rebirth of love, and the unfoldment of the planet and the Mother, there is need for movement and action that is far more rapid than you have witnessed before. That is why you have received the amplification – you are the agents of change. So you may anticipate that things will move rapidly, but I digress.

Many of you feel the Unfoldment does not move rapidly enough, while others are feeling overwhelmed the amount of change and opportunity that is being presented. That is why I come to speak to you this day. And I will speak to both issues for they are the same, simply different ends of the spectrum. Change is constant. Never is there a lack of movement, the only time where the stillness occurs is at the instant, and it is a millisecond, far beyond the measurement that you know of time. The millisecond of creation is stillness. It is when the joining takes place, and the implosion into form occurs. Other than that, always there is motion.

Many of you have turned to me and said, Sanat Kumara, why are things taking so long? What is this rapid change you speak about and where are my goods? So I ask of you to take time each and everyday and to be the observer to look at what has occurred in the span of twenty-four hours of your day, and to do this consistently, at the time of your meditation. Note all the changes that have occurred during that span of time. What are the actions that have taken place; the interactions with others. Were you of love? Were you holding the environment of love? The energy of creation? Or did you fall into frustration? Anger and bitterness? No it is not an issue for judgment but discernment. If you find the answer is yes to anger and bitterness, judgment, then release and surrender it unto me, unto the mother, unto Gabriel, unto your gods. We do not care who receives it. But give it away! And that is movement, that is action, that is the law of the universe.

Pay attention, make a journal note to you can see what has changed and see the progression both of your mighty self, and the unfoldment of your plan, of your expression. Call on me. Now many of you have been very busy working with the Law of Elimination, and you are doing well on this as well. But, dear child, remember not everything is to be eliminated. Yes we are watching over you and making sure you do not destroy the Empire State Building (laughter). So do not worry, but also remember at the time of elimination you are also working on your creation. Go forth on this.

Now, I wish to speak to those of you who are feeling a little overwhelmed with the enormous opportunities and possibilities that are being presented to you. Maria, the Lady of Guadeloupe, has said unto you accept all invitations. Accept all opportunities, all offers of help, of assistance both in the physical and from this side. And yet still you are feeling a little overwhelmed. Again, do the same exercise and recognize that there is a sequence to unfolding, there is a patterning that you have seen throughout your universe, do not think that the pattern is simply chaos it is not. There is an unfoldment of plan for you as well; sequencing and sequential that is the key. Open your heart, for the reason you are feeling overwhelmed is that you are still living in the grid of false illusion of limitation. Go into meditation and eliminate the false grid of limitation and lack. Open your heart and receive. This is true for both sides of the spectrum.

This is a time yes of action and change, but it also a time when the construct, the belief, that Earth and those who sit upon her can only receive so much at a time is being broken. My children, that is not so. When you were in the flow you are literally in the endless potential of reality. Flow upon the infinity sign, and from time to time visit the still point in the center of this symbol, and of this energy. But otherwise stay in the flow. Note your progress, note the change. Note the movement. And open; open not to our possibility of what we can give you for that is unlimited, as we have told you. Open your heart to your own unlimited ability to receive, to create.

Many of you are working with the Elimination Law, and are being given rapid demonstrations of how well you create. For you no sooner eliminate then instantly recreate what you have just eliminated. That is ludicrous. That is a waste of energy. It is a cosmic joke. So have another look and make sure you have not done this. But all in all, my children, you are doing well. Understand we work in eons; you work in frameworks of months and years, and days. And even hours. So pay attention to this movement. And when you are in doubt, turn to me. For I am not only your teacher, I am your guardian and friend. Farewell.