I am Yahweh, grandfather. My children, created from the energy of my being, we have progressed, digressed and come full circle. I bring you my golden being. I bring you the warmth of the sun, and the ice of the stars, the darkness of the void and the light of my heart. Seldom do I speak, because often many of you have thought and known of me as the Thundering God. This has been the creation of man, of priests and rabbis, and it is not the essence of my being.

You are in a multiversity of evolution and do not think, my friends, my children, that you do not evolve as does your galaxy, your planet and your universe, and that your universe within and which is within the many also goes forward and backward and up and down at exactly the same time. There is a tendency within each of your minds to look for the Divine Order so that you may order your own thoughts, your own will and your own heart. This is the nature of your race, but what I invite you to do is to not limit yourself from enjoying this splendor of the universe which is filled with unlimited potential. My children, you define yourself by limitation. That is not Truth. You are evolving past not only what you have thought of as your human form and your capacity of your race.

During this point of evolvement, you are in a state of expansion, just as you have been in a stage of contraction for many eons, and you say, “Oh.” You think of contraction as the downside of evolvement and this is not so, for you have pulled and magnetized unto yourself and your race the energies from throughout many existences and forms that you could expand, that you would have the atomic energy, your jet fuel, your jet fuel of water to do so. You have been created with mind and heart and will and still you ask me, “Grandfather, where do I live? Where is this seat of the soul? Where does it rest?” Such is the nature of evolvement. It rests in every subatomic particle of your energy field. It does not simply rest in one place; not in your head or brain, your heart, your stomach, or your feet. It is in all of these places and when I say your energy grid, your field, I do not simply mean your physical form, for while that is magnificent representation of what you have chosen to manifest for this lifetime it is but a tiny molecule of who you are. You have talked of energy fields of three feet and thirty feet and three miles and I suggest to you that you stop this limitation.

You are me and you may move throughout the universe with your energy in many ways that you chose. You project yourself to many physical places on many planets and many galaxies, but that is but again a small portion of who you are. Do not think or feel or believe that you stop in the participation of the Universal Mind when you are assuming form.

You simply fell asleep and in the dream you thought you had left home. This is not so. It is not a matter of accessing universal mind or heart or will. It is the quiet acceptance and surrender and remembering that in your expansion this is what you are. It is the composition of your being. It is your energy. It is your spirit that fills this room, this house, this community and this state, this nation, this world. There is a theme that we have spoken to you about time and time again of lack of separation, that there is no such thing, that there cannot be, for the fields collide and dance and intermingle and create and reproduce. No, not in the physical sense of procreation, although this is a reminder of the substance of the universe, that you create new forms and new forms of existence when you merge with the fields of others. This is the Law. It is the Law that you intermingle for I have created a family. It is a large family, for there are many branches and many expressions and many forms.

Yes, you continue to say, yes, but how will I know where my soul is if you say it rests in all my subatomic particles, for that is the science of your current understanding. How do I know it is not outside of me then and therefore I have lost it? It is impossible for you to lose your energy or your essence, but for terms of practicality, when you wish to find the seed go to the place of nothingness, to the place of stillness within the void of your heart. It is not your soul. It is your Geiger counter. It will help you find all the particles of your being that you may proceed. Many of you think, feel, that you have come to this planet to learn patience. I have been patient, for my patience endures far beyond what you consider time, but, my children, as you have come and sat on my knee and I have held you and I have given you my wisdom, my compassion, my love, for you are my cherished, cherished children. But I am growing impatient for you to create a reflection of the wonder of your being.

You have been playing in the sand for a very long time and you have built many castles of gold and you have destroyed them and you have come to understand that the temples that mankind erects are very temporary, whether they are temples of commerce or temples of worship. So create the community of unity that is simply reflection of Love. It may have many external physical appearances, but this temple of unity lies within you. It is the expression of acceptance of all, because it is you and you are with me and we are One.

Do not think of me any longer as the avenging one, for I am the one that waits for you to crawl back on my lap and show me what you have made, and if it is a broken heart I will hold you and heal you as only a grandfather can. And if it is a temple of light, I will hold you and tell you of my pride and then I will say to you, “What do you wish to do next?” It is time to create and expand your being. Forget your planet and world, that is simply the palette on which you are drawing. She has offered herself up to you, this caring mother, it is the playground for you. Go in peace.

April 2003