A beautiful message from Archangel Gabriel about how to stay healthy and grounded during these times of chaos and integration and alignment with our full soul design. We are advised time and again to stay in the 13th Octave, to anchor our hearts in the seventh dimension of Christ Love and Consciousness, and to manifest/project our service into the third. This heartwarming message is encouragement for all of us who have ever wondered how to achieve well-being in every sense of the word.

If you wish to be initiated and anchored into the 13th Octave please check out the workshop schedule – the initiation is part of every workshop Linda facilitates. The meditation is also available now to the public on tape.

Greetings I am Gabrielle, Ruler of Love and Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome dear children. Welcome to this temple and welcome to this circle, welcome home. I come to continue to speak to you of being and staying healthy, of being whole and being one with One. I come to you continue the discourse that you have begun with my beloved friend and brother, Grener of Ashira of Neptune.

It is time for you and the unfoldment of your perfect soul design to know of the wholeness of your being, and the wholeness and enjoyment of your physical body. We have told you when you have asked why you do not heal and why you do not seem capable of healing your physical self, to come home, to come home to the 13th Octave and stay there. Many of you have forgotten and some of you have never known what the 13th Octave is and hence we tell you again it is the heart of One. It is all it is the body, mind, spirit, will, and love of what you think of as God. It is beyond physicality; it is far beyond what you think of within the available realm of twelve plains, and twelve dimensions, the twelve levels of existence. It is a state of being in which you are All; it is a closing of the circle to go home, beyond any existence, any lifetime, any reality, any universe, it is to simply be with One.

We recommend for you to do this daily; to join with us in the unity of heart and Love. And that is why we have you go slowly this day that you will remember for most of you think you are going home and truly you are driving as fast as you can up to the house, running up to the door waving frenetically and then rushing to leave. You do not even come in to have coffee with God. We wish, we ask, we beg, for you to come home and to sit quietly with us in conversation. That is why we have taught you channeling. When you were in preparation to enter into 13th Octave we gave you many gifts of preparation – you joined with Michael, my beloved brother of blue, and you regained your sword and shield. You merged with our beloved Jesus Sananda, who gave you his heart, his compassion and healing. You merged with your own sweet self, your universal angelic self. And from that place of union and preparation you came home to the 13th .
There are many things during this time of integration and change that we wish to share with you, to remind you of. Think of it in exactly the same way as when you have gone to a parent, or grandparent or a friend and sat and listened to the story about who you are, about your family, about how things have been and how they can be. It is not simply the stories that we wish you to hear it is not simply the messages of Love, the words, which are so primitive. It is the receiving of the energy of Love into your heart and very being. For when you are fully anchored in this energy there can be no illness, no disease, no war, no pain, no despair.
You say “oh yes Gabriella, oh yes Gabby I know this, why do you remind me”? And I remind you so you will to stay here with us – this is where you belong. When you are in the state of union where you express in physicality in reality of any physical dimension, any expression of consciousness is in the seventh dimension. It is from the seventh that you might assume physicality in any other dimension. So it is from the seventh that you then beam back, bi-locate send yourself to the third dimension to do the work that you have promised us long ago and that we are fully confident that you will complete with us.
I have said this to this channel and I will say it to you again, we do not do things for you, to you, around you. Not even in spite of you. We do things with you. We create; I have given you my gift of creation. I teach you at this moment child to bring your full attention to whatever your heart desires. That is my gift of activation, the gift within the gift – of full design. You have been given so many tools.
You have been given the warehouse of heaven, sometimes you are like children and you light up your face when you pick up the latest tool, the latest gift and you play with it, forgetting that you have been given this twelve times already. It matters not. Pick up whatever tool, whatever gift, whatever toy appeals to you. You may paddle your canoe; you may drive your car. You may skip, you may fly, you may use your space bicycle. But come down this path of gold and join with us. For this is the place where we create peace on Earth, where we anchor Love in physical form.
We do not intend to assume physicality. Yes there are several – Jesus, James, Maitreya who will and are in form but most of us will never assume physicality. You are our chosen vessels for this Unfoldment. You are our partners of hope. Do not underestimate what you have accomplished thus far. Pat yourself on the back as peace unfolds. Bless each other and say look what we have created. And then smile to yourself knowing it is just the beginning. Do not look to others to show you the way and certainly do not buy into their drama for that is the density of fear. You are the pathfinder, the showers of the way. And in order to do this you have need not only to Love and to embrace your physical body but to revel in them, to be strong and healthy and have stamina that gives new meaning to the word. And you do this by joining us in the heart of God by living in the seventh dimension, and manifesting in the third.
We remind you of the tools you have and we will give you more. Just turn to us in quiet conversation for we are all waiting for you. Ask and you shall receive with the promise long ago. Well dear ones we are asking. And we fully know that we will receive, as will you. Go with love. Let peace reign on Earth as it does everywhere. Farewell.