First in the Creation Series

Greetings I am Mary, Universal Mother and Mother of Creation. Welcome my beloved children, children of my heart and of my soul. We do not interfere in the affairs of humanity, and we allow always the exercise of free will. However, I do interfere and interject at this point as I bath my daughter, my planet Terra Nova and each one of you in my light of clear blue. There is clear alignment of the planets, of the energies throughout the many universes and it is time for you to embrace yourself, individually and collectively, fully and wholly as the creator race.

There is much fear upon the planet of what you will choose to create, for you have witnessed time and time again the creation of abomination. But dear ones this is not the reality of your heart, it is not the reality of your soul, and it is not what my children will bring forth on Terra Nova. It is time to embrace your power for what is created as new upon this Earth is the creation of mankind, of each one of you. The angels and archangels, the legions of light, the forces of UFOG will not descend upon the planet during this period of reconstruction; they will not be the ones to repair the Earth and to create the garden. You are the legions of light, you are the dear ones that have said to me “Mother I will go forward and I will clear the Earth, and I will teach and live and be Love”. This planet of my birthing was created solely as a place of beauty, for that is why spirit would assume form, to dance amongst the rocks and trees, the deserts and oceans. It was intended to be so beautiful that spirit from far and wide would say “let us go, let us visit this place of diversity, of such beauty that it invites and entices the expression of Love”. Much has happened with the evolution of free will, much of the surface of the planet has been sullied – it matters not for all is forgiven. The Earth herself has compassion for those who would rape and mutilate.

The human race, the creator race, has grown up; they leave the old ways of destruction, of separation behind. Each one of you look in the mirror and see you are my children. I do not speak in metaphors – you are of my womb, of my essence, and the splendid design that you have created in concert with One long ago. It is time for that essence, that design, to create in form, in physicality. It is not enough my children for humanity to simply live in peace, meaning the absence of war, for true peace comes from the creation of deeper beauty, the sharing of One. This creation of beauty is not simply to be done by a few individuals but by each and every person who has assumed form and walks this planet. From time to time there have been those who have come among you to teach how to create – your beloved Sai Baba being master of this. However, it is no longer sufficient to have a master or two, it is required and time for each one of you to step forward and to create what your heart desires, for we trust your heart. It is not girded in selfishness and lust, it is a flower blossoming in springtime. It is a joy to all who behold it above and below. Step out of fear, out of limitation my children and begin to create each day that which you desire. Please we ask of you to make this concrete so that you will come to understand that we are not speaking of esoteric practice but of the reality of human existence.

Many of you already understand this – you are the gardeners of the planet. You plant the seeds and you watch the flowers grow. Personal creation is no different; you plant the seed into your heart, you drop it into the still point, you water it and you protect it, you allow the sun to draw it out from the deepest part of you and to flower upon the Earth. While you are doing this you do not simply sit and stare at the place in the dirt where you have planted the seed. You go forward, you create an entire garden, and you go about your life. That is what I am asking. Make your life, every thought, every action, every breath a creation of beauty, an expression of your vision of beauty upon the planet. Make this a daily practice and allow it to come forward. Do not be the gardener who goes and uproots the seed or the tender sprout because of anxiety or because you think you have failed because it has not come forward. Leave it be and let it come in divine timing. There is a season of planting and creation, and it is that season upon the Earth. It is the cycle of life. You have the sun and you have my light of clear blue that is penetrating all, and which will clear doubt and fear and calm the heart. Do this daily my children; allow your garden to grow. Go with my love, my blessings. Farewell.

May 4, 2003