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Good morning, my beloved friends, I am Jesus Sananda. I am Jeshua, I am keeper of the flame, I am keeper of the heart, I am keeper of the Christ consciousness, I am keeper of the seventh dimension, oh my list of jobs goes on and on (laughter), and in my spare time I’m a …


“A playful yet potent message on the importance of self-discipline :”it is this consistent practice that brings you from a place of reaction to choice, to consistent choice, and from there to the conscious awareness of consistently choosing the joy, the sense of unity, community, of Love.” Archangel Gabrielle


Gaia beckoned me in the wee small hours to come and sit with her and post this. I had forgotten this channeling. As I read it through my tears I realize once again how long she has been inviting us to accompany her on this Ascension path. Read with your heart my friends.


Greetings I am Mother Mary, Universal Mother, Mother Love, Mother of All. Welcome my beloved friends to my garden – to the garden of my heart and to the garden of my creation. I wish to speak to each one of you about my plan of unfoldment, for understand this particular plan of unfoldment for …


“Greetings. I am Jesus Sananda. I am Jeshua, your beloved brother of the magenta ray. I am pleased to step forward this day for I wish to speak about another aspect of going through the portal. Often people have thought, humanity has thought, that going through the portal has meant death and dying – elimination …


This is a combination of a mediation with Universal Mother Mary, an attunement to her gift of the Blue Diamond, and the corresponding channeling. “I am Mary, Universal Mother. I give you this gift of my blue diamond again this day. It is my gentle radiance with the power to fuel many universes. It will …


Greetings. I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle. Welcome Children of God and happy New Year. Yes, we know that this is an illusion of time, but still we acknowledge you and more than that, dear ones, we come this day to acknowledge new beginnings, fresh starts and rebirth.


Greetings I am Raphael, healer of the cosmos, healer of Earth. Seldom do I speak, but my beloved ones that does not mean that I am not extremely busy tending to you, laughing with you, playing with you. For that is what healing is, it is the rediscovery of joy, of Love within and without.


Greetings I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love and dark angel of joy, and I come to this morning to speak to you of joy, of trust and surrender. For joy is my gift to you. I have given to you and represent you, and give to you again until you hold onto you, my golden …


In a recent Saturday conference call, Albert Einstein spoke to us about the intgration process that is creating so much havoc with many of us. He guides us through a simple exercise for the integration of our body, soul and soul design. Once again Einstein refers to the incomplete nature of his work and encourages …