We are asking you, pleading with you, to bring the fullness of your attention, of your focus, of your very core and heart, mind, spirit, body to this. I am asking you to do it morning, noon, night, and to carry that breeze, to carry that firm declaration, intention, everywhere you go. It can be done in the blink of an eye.

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca. Today we have Archangel Michael with us to discuss where we’re at and what’s going on with the Peace Initiative.

Personally, my head is spinning now because of all that’s going on and I don’t imagine it’s going to let up any time soon. I’m just feeling like it’s a perfect time to activate our built-in internal calming feature or call for a cosmic sedative. We did shift at the last minute on who our guest would be today, but rest assured that Chief Red Cloud will be joining us in two weeks to continue the Native Chief series. Good morning Linda.

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi and good morning everybody and yes, it really is an interesting time. I can’t remember being this busy or this excited over a project in a long time and Archangel Michael kept me awake most of last night, in and out, in and out, speaking about this and getting ready for this morning. But I wanted to, if I could take a couple of minutes, put it into some kind of context because I think it’s important and maybe not all of our listeners, ‘though I can’t imagine all of our listeners aren’t aware of this wonderful offering for ‘Peace on Earth’ now, that has come through Archangel Michael in our last Hour With An Angel show which was on February 3rd and the momentum since that time has just been building.

But also what hit me, as I’m meditating this morning, I have the most curious mixture of beings in my room right now, Suzi, because I have the angelics, the archangelics, the Magdalena, Jesus, St. Germaine, and a bunch of Chiefs, and it hit me…that the Chiefs have really been talking to us in this series about Peace, about how to anchor Peace and the choice of Peace. So, it’s not all that surprising in some ways that Archangel Michael has come through and said, “Okay, this is our next step.”

And the thing that I wanted to draw to everyone’s attention is that we, as human beings, we often tend to look at spiritual evolvement, life, the news, in terms of events. And I think it’s important in terms of what we’re doing right now with Archangel Michael, the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, everybody, is really see it as part of this process that we’ve been going through. And we had the preparation, and it was an intense preparation for 2012. Then we had our matured, spiritually evolved, decision to ascend as a collective and we’ve been working on that Ascension process. Then we’ve had the ‘Great Awakening’, the ‘New You’, really important, the Mother’s Gifts that she’s brought forward that I think that people don’t necessarily think of as tangible, measurable, touchable gifts, but that Clarity and Purity, the Tsunami of Love, and then finally Grace; all of this is of a piece and we’ve been building and building and now we’re at a place where we’re being asked to enter into this project as sacred union partners and to bring forth the fullness of our co-creator self.

And the biggest piece of that, in claiming our fullness of our creator self, is letting go of doubt, letting go of fear, letting go of all the ‘what if’s?’ and the focus on the outcome because there’s no room for it, there’s absolutely…if we’re going to do this, if we’re going to co-create ‘Peace on Earth’ now, there’s no room to say, “Well how can that happen?” or “What if it doesn’t happen?” or “I don’t know if we’re capable of doing it.” The way I look at it is “what on earth do we have to loose except war, mayhem, chaos, brutality, violence, all that stuff?” And yet, there are some people I know who are standing back and saying that ‘what if?’ So, I’m really hoping today Archangel Michael will help us with that elimination of doubt and lack.

He reminded me in the middle of the night to go and look up the definition of Purity and Clarity, which we have done as part of our series on the Blessings and Virtues, the Divine Qualities, and I just want to share this:

“Purity, twin of Clarity, in the sense of the ability to remain pure in all aspects of yourself, to remain centered where there is chaos, temptation, or a lack of harmony around you. To see, feel, and know clearly what exists, what is illusion, and what is necessary for survival, in all senses of the word. It is the color of pearlescent white. It is what we all strive for and it is what we all miss.”

So, in so many ways we are closing that circle, we closing that place of the medicine wheel and we’re coming back to the center as renewed, and really different beings. We are not the same beings we were two years ago, three years ago, five years ago. And the big thing that someone in our conference call this past week really emphasized is that in doing this meditation, in committing to this anchoring of ‘Peace on Earth’ now, is you can’t do it wrong!

This morning I chose a card, as I do every morning, but I chose a card this morning for the show, out of my Angel Cards, and I got ‘Crystal Clear Intentions’ and it made me laugh because when I read it, it’s Archangel Michael! “Be clear about what you desire and focus upon it with unwavering faith.” So, here we go…

SM: Here we go. Is it time for a meditation then?

LD: Yes, it is and what I’d like to do is to walk us through the meditation that is for the anchoring of ‘Peace on Earth’ right now. It is so easy; they couldn’t have made it easier. So, that’s what we’ll start with this morning.

So, everybody who knows the drill, first off, take a little minute to hug yourself, wrap your arms around you, give yourself a little squeeze and a lot of love. Congratulate yourself, give gratitude to yourself for how far you’ve come and that you’ve honored yourself to give yourself this time and this space for your sacred work, for your sacred joy, for your expansion and for the expansion of humanity.

Now, feel yourself becoming heavier and heavier, on your chair, on the floor, on the bed, your car seat and your office chair, wherever you are, and feel the week, what lies ahead, simply fade away. And like a pebble into a lake feel all your energy sinking into your heart, into that magnificent tri-flame of the Mother’s Blue Diamond, and the Father’s Yellow Diamond, with the magnificent Pink Diamond of your uniqueness, your beauty, in the center. Feel that tri-flame burning brightly, and go deeper.

Now, we’re going to begin this by all of us, together, going to the 13th Octave, going home to the heart of One. So, put your fingertips together creating a circuit, an electrical circuit, an energy circuit. And with three clicks of your tongue feel yourself ascending from your sacred space, into the arms of Gabrielle, up the golden spiral and into the heart of Mother/Father/One. Here we go: Click…Click…Click. Now at the same time, so that you don’t completely float away, let us anchor together into the heart of Gaia asking for her help and guidance, her protection and love…Click…

Now, feel Archangel Michael, our beloved Archangel of Peace, our Beacon of Truth, our Brother of Blue, standing directly in front of you. And from the bottom of your heart, your solar plexus, your guts, your root, your head, from a place of neutrality but also a place of incredible power, not of anger, declare your intention, declare it from the bottom of your being, from the soles of your feet: “We have had Enough! Enough of war. Enough of brutality. Enough of violence. Enough of cruelty. Enough of torture. Enough of rape and pillage and murder. We’ve had Enough! We are done!”

And see that exact energy reflected back to you, through those wonderful blue eyes of Michael. Look deep into his eyes, those beautiful sky blue, laser blue eyes, and feel the heart connection that we have had forever with this Mighty One. And see, reflected in his eyes, the knowing of your power and your ability to declare ‘Enough’; to shift this dismal illusion that we have been caught in.

Archangel Michael makes this anchoring of ‘Peace on Earth’ very simple and he does it with his blue breath, with his blue breeze and it is his essence, his very life force, his exhalation that is creating this breeze that comes through your heart into every cell, fiber, sub-atomic particles, right into your very core. And then it continues to move out the back of your heart chakra and in that movement it moves out to every being upon the planet and all you have to do is throw open the beautiful French doors to your heart and allow.

So with me, feel that heart expansion, feel yourself pushing out the doors to your heart, to your very being, that you can receive fully and completely and joyfully the gift of this Blue Breeze of Peace right now. And continue looking at Michael as he breathes in and exhales right through you.

And feel yourself as the Peace portal, as the bringer of transformation of ‘Peace on Earth’ right now flowing out your back and if you need more, just ask him. And remaining anchored in your heart feel that sense of Peace, and with your heart beaming forwards and backwards, with your hands beaming forwards, sideways, backwards, send Peace. So, you’re adding to what Michael has done, with your intent and your power, your action as well.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael.

SM: Welcome.

AAM: And welcome to you, beloved, and welcome to all of you, friends and allies, brothers and sisters, co-creators, co-creators, bringers of Peace, anchors of love, dancers of joy.

Sing the songs of Peace, declare yourselves for you are the Peace makers, yes, you are the portals, you are the anchors, you are the beacons, you are the wayshowers, you are the gatekeepers, you are the portals, you are the angelics but, dear hearts, you are the Peace makers.

Yes, we have beckoned thee into the sacred union which has been in existence forever. But now, you are at a place where you are willing to acknowledge, participate, conjoin with us in the sacred union of heart, in the sacred union of purpose, in the sacred union of Peace.

Dearest ones, Peace is essential to your Ascension. It is not merely that you transcend dimensions – which many of you have been doing for years – but you do not bring the chaos, the mayhem of the old 3rd with you. That cannot be.

And so, this undertaking is to eliminate the fragments, the echoes, the whispers of the old as you collectively transcend into a new realm. And it is a realm of Peace. Without Peace, there is no joy. There is no truth in war. There is no truth in violence; there is no purity. It is a complete illusion and it serves no-one.

The Mother has gifted you mightily, in many, many, many ways, and she has increased, multiplied in ways that you can only dream of, your sense of Clarity, your Divine Quality, your Divine Qualities of Clarity, of Purity, of Love and of Grace. But what does this mean?

Think of it in this way: Clarity, the ability to be clear, is your navigational system. It is your navigational system spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. But we cannot override your free will and turn it on. This is innate to you, it is your system, it is your GPS. But when you proceed in the brilliance, the magnificence of who you really are, it is your choice, it is your decision, it is the gift of free will, it is your responsibility about whether you choose to embrace and engage the Clarity that is already embedded deep within you.

The Purity – now why do I emphasise this? Because when you are clear, when you are truly in that alignment of heart and spirit and mind and body and emotion, there is not one being upon the planet who would choose war. The greatest war that is and ever has been waged is the war within you. It is the war of doubt and fear and lack, and not believing, trusting and simply embodying the power, the might, the truth, the fullness of who you are, the totality of your divinity, the brilliance of your being.

It is time, please, we beg you, let this war end, let this doubt and fear be eliminated from your core, from your heart, from your life, from the planet of sweet Gaia, once and for all. It serves nothing. It is not akin to Prudence or Courage or Valour or Humility. It is not akin to Hope. What this war within does keeps you in a level of enslavement, of entrapment that need not ever exist again.

And how, how does this dissolve, how does this crumble into ashes that are blown away and re-absorbed as light, as love, back to the Mother and then re-dispersed back to you? It does it with your declaration, and the declaration is not merely a casual declaration of intent. It is taking every ounce, every fiber, etherically and literally, of your being and declaring what you are capable of.

You, you are our family, the same way that your brothers and sisters of the stars, the galactic and intergalactic forces, the fairies, the elves, the leprechauns, the animals, the plants, the trees, the minerals, the very air that I breathe through you, we are your family and we want, we desire, and it is the Mother’s Plan, that this sacred union, this conjoining, be anchored and solidified within thee and upon sweet Gaia. This is what we ask. And the best way we know to do this, that you come to acknowledge, accept and embrace who you are, is through this creation of ‘Peace on Earth’ right now.

We, who operate in and out of time, particularly with the Mother’s declaration of ‘New Time’, have actually put a framework to this joint undertaking, much to the channel’s chagrin, and we have done so – and it has been just over a week – we have done so because we know, first of all, you like quick and dirty, tangible results. But you also, in terms of your, shall we say ‘attention ‘span’, get bored so if we asked you to do this for a year, for two months, you would float in and out and it would not have the same intensity of commitment. So we are asking you, pleading with you, to bring the fullness of your attention, of your focus, of your very core and heart, mind, spirit, body to this.

We already know what you are capable of, so this is a demonstration for you, my beloveds, so that you know what you are capable of, that we may fly together and that your brothers and sisters of the Cities of Light, the Wingmakers, your star brothers and sisters, may anchor in the harmony, because Peace is harmony, it is balance, it is bubbles of joy, it is the quiet serenity of a new day, and it is New Year’s Eve, all rolled into one. It is living, breathing, existing, creating in serenity, security, with no fear, no doubt.

That does not mean that your sense of fight or flight is eliminated. What is eliminated is the fear and doubt of failure. You cannot do this wrong. If you say, “I will”, if you say, “Enough”, if you say, “It is time”, then who else upon the planet can object to that? No one, even those that are enmeshed and entrenched in the worst battles, pray for Peace. Sweet ones, this is your opportunity to be with us, as we are with you.

Sweet Suzi, where do you wish to begin?

SM: Oh thank you, Michael. There are a few things that come up for me. It feels to me that once we choose Peace within ourselves, that it becomes a permanent choice, that moving to hurt another is a repulsive idea and we wouldn’t dream of it. So when you talk about a practice and moving back to it, I am just wondering how could someone have Peace in their heart and then go back to violence?

AAM: They can’t, and that is why I suggest… well, I don’t even suggest it; I tell you, I declare that the most fierce war has been and is, the war that wages within you. When that choice, when that decision, when that alignment is made that you insist and maintain the Peace within, then the Peace without, the reflection into the outer world, is instantaneous. That is why people say, “Oh, this is too simple; this will never work.”

Well, dear hearts, it is about, first of all, dealing with the Peace within and the acknowledgement, not merely of what we say, not merely of what we interpret and bring to you as the Mother’s Plan, what she has declared herself to you, it is you choosing because once that choice is made and anchored, you can no more engage in violence. It is not possible; it is not part of your contextual existence.

So what it does is it eradicates what you have known as anger, hatred, bigotry, intolerance, feelings of superiority; all of these qualities that are illusions disappear. So you cannot even fathom the idea of being cruel to someone, intentionally cruel, and you see that all the time, of creating violence on someone, of picking up a gun or a bomb – it is not possible.

And that is what the declaration of “Enough!” is about. It is ‘Enough for yourself’ and in that, it is ‘Enough for the planet’. It cannot continue.

SM: Okay, so there are a couple of things that come up for me. May I ask how the Company of Heaven intends to clear and open the hearts of those who have no support for living any way other than how they have been and doing what they know?

AAM: We are doing this with you, this is not merely our initiative. Let us be very clear about this, this is our co-creation with thee. So it is not just us assuring. So let us tell you how we are doing this and let us do it together.

First of all, when I exhale my Blue Energy of Hope, of Peace, of Truth, it passes through you and all beings, all beings upon the planet. But it is the choice. So you – and when I say ‘you’, I mean the collective of humanity – with us, are making this shift, are making this choice. So those… let us be practical…the child who hides in the closet when the father or the mother is drunk and he hides there because he doesn’t want to be beaten; the person that is in the trenches, in the desert, in the cave; the person that is flying the bomber – all of these beings may be in a place of no hope, what you are thinking of as ‘the dark night of the soul’.

That does not mean… and think of it… when you have been in such dire situations, you are pleading, you are praying that there be some kind of help, divine or human. You don’t really care. What you are praying for is that someone, something, comes to help you, so that the bomber is recalled, so that silence reigns upon the desert floor, that shotguns and fire ceases, that the sword that beheads beings is held in midair and disintegrates, that the child, that the closet door opens and someone lifts them up and holds them to their hearts and says, “It’s alright, you are safe.”

Those beings, who are many, they are receiving, yes, the blue light, the blue breeze. But you are transmitting, you the light holders, the love workers, the agents and angels of change, you are transmitting as strongly, as consistently and in partnership with us to create this change. This is not merely akin to the Mother’s Tsunami where you receive the energy, where you ride the waves and allow the shift to wash through you. We have moved from that to participation. So it is not just us.

Now, when I say that, I can also tell you there is not one archangel, one divine being, one angel, part of any legion, one star being who is not at full tilt in terms of their involvement with this effort. If you think it is miraculous, we know it is. But we also know that it can be done in the blink of an eye. So, in fact, a week is a very long time in your realm and ours!

SM: Yes. Well, so I know the answer to this question so it’s not really a question. I’ll just state it and say that those listening and those allowing change within themselves around the world will raise the collective frequency and it will indeed be enough for everyone.

AAM: That is correct. You are [a] small group of re-patterners, re-gridders, of Nova Beings, who have been flying in and out of the Ascension portal for years. You are more firmly anchoring your interdimensional qualities and self. But why have you been flying in and out, back and forth? Because you did not want to leave those reluctant, recalcitrant, resistant beings of the collective behind.

Now, what creates that resistance? Well, it is a variety of reasons; but what is the biggest reason? It is a fear of trusting, and it is a fear that the plan of the Mother can actually be fulfilled, that there can be the unfoldment exactly as she has planned. And so it is that which is the biggest hurdle and that which your participation is shifting. And, dear heart, I know that part of why I had come to speak on this matter today was to give an update. Well, I have turned it in to a plea, have I not? But let me suggest the work that has already been done has tilted the scales. You are already underway. We are so glad!

So are we in partnership? Yes. Are we doing this to you? No. We are doing this with you because, sweet angels, hybrids, starseeds, star beings, earth-keepers, elementals, you are our family. We know what you are fully capable of and we also know your desire, not merely to ascend but to eradicate this darkness, because that is what it is.

SM: So are we there yet? [Laughter] How are we doing?

AAM: You are doing well. We say that the tables have turned or the scales have tipped. You are more than half-way there, but that is why I have asked to step forward today. It is not that I simply ask you to receive the blue breeze and let it flow through you throughout the entire planet just once. I am asking you to do it morning, noon, night, and to carry that breeze, to carry that firm declaration, intention, everywhere you go.

SM: Okay, so if I might ask a question. I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately and I’m just going to be turning down a project that came in front of me which was stressing me out beyond description, and it just feels like there is so much going on and I have no intention of changing my course, stepping away, doing anything differently, but I am so loudly asking for help and I really don’t know how it’s going to show up. I need to let go of the ‘how’. So I am feeling that probably other people are also feeling quite overwhelmed with the energies and everything that is happening. Maybe you could give us a few hints and pointers on how to maintain the internal Peace? Like I’m not talking about wanting to hurt anybody; I’m just talking about turmoil and ‘Oh my God, can I get it all done?’

AAM: But part of what we are speaking of and, yes, I will be glad to help you first of all with ‘the overwhelm’, but let us put it in context as well. Part of the ending, the completion of the internal war is that sense of feeling overwhelmed and saying, “This doesn’t work. This does not work for me. I cannot continue in this manner because the chaos, the churning, the discomfort, the war within, is too hard. I can’t do it. I’ve had enough!” Not out of a sense of defeat. As you say, “I am not giving up”. But simply out of, “There needs to be another way.”

So my beloved ones, if you are feeling this, simply know that you are at that brink. Throw open the doors to your heart, please. It sounds so simple. Let me suggest to you that the essence of my being… yes, I know, like you I am merely a servant of the Mother… but I am also mighty Archangel; if I send and give you my energy, dear heart, it will clear!

So turn to me. I am not above helping to clear out the debris. Neither is Raphael or Uriel, Gabrielle or Jophiel, Metatron, Melchizedek, Isaiah, Magdalena, Yeshua, St. Germaine, Lao Tzu, Serapis Bey, El Morya – we are all at your beck and call! Remember, jump on the dragon [laughter], join with Quan Yin, and let the dragon incinerate this feeling of overwhelm, and take off!

SM: Alright. Good reminders.

AAM: I will help you. We will help you. Think of it in this way: The child, that sweet, innocent child with those cherub cheeks going to school for the first day. Now some are excited and are bolting out the door, but many are nervous. They’ve never been to school before. They don’t know how to read and write; they don’t even know if they can read or write. They are being asked to do something that has never been done with them, to them, for them, before. And not only is it about school, it is about the social interaction, the strange environment, the smells, the sounds, the teacher, will she be nice?, will he be crabby? All of this and that sense ‘the night before and the morning of’ is overwhelm.

So let us, please, let me take your hand. I will carry you if necessary. Let me show you the way because, dearest, there is nothing to be afraid of. Are you letting go of what is familiar, what is known, what has been accepted, what has been your norm? Yes, you are. But what lies ahead is exactly what, not only we, but you have dreamed of and yearned for and prayed for, and screamed in the quiet of the night. It is time. So give me your angst, your fear, your doubt, your what-ifs.

SM: Well, I am calling the release of this project a success because it was less than 24 hours before I realised that it wasn’t for me, and I appreciate the guidance on that because I thought I was stepping into it to say yes, to be of further service and helping the shift along. And it didn’t take long before I got immensely stressed out about it and, therefore, able to let it go. So I appreciate that guidance and that it was a very fast process of knowing.

AAM: And this is you acknowledging the shift within, that for a variety of reasons this was not a contributor to your joy, to your peace, to your sense of overwhelm was going to be in overdrive if you proceeded. So think of this in-out, so it is not that a whisper of something that may not be in alignment will never occur, but you very quickly said, “Oh no, I am not proceeding in this way because it is not contributing to my sense of peace, of wellbeing.”

SM: Yes, yes. So the reminder is we don’t have to be martyrs here. We do what follows our highest excitement.

AAM: Dearest, beloved, and Suzi, I thank you for giving this very personal example. If there is one element within the plan of this Mother’s unfoldment that is completely absent, it is the presence of martyrdom. It is not required. This is not about any of you sacrificing; quite the contrary. It is about you claiming your birthrights, your joy, your pleasure, your peace, your sweetness.

Many of you have been working on claiming, enjoying the sacred union of partnership in form. And we do not wish to override or deflect from that. But sweet one, we are in sacred partnership, and part of that is building what we do together. We cannot be in partnership if we are never co-creating; then we are in a different form of partnership. But we are declaring, each with different talents, abilities, roles, throughout the multiverse, throughout the omniverse, but we are doing and creating together. You have no idea [laughter] how long we have waited for this!

SM: Oh, I can imagine. Thank you, Michael, so much for joining us today. We have a few more minutes so if you have anything in closing, I would welcome that.

AAM: Thank you. First of all, thank you. Thank you for hearing my plea for Peace. But also, thank you for declaring and doing, taking action, and being part of this co-creation. Sweet angels, beloved my family, we are underway to our family reunion. And let me suggest to you: it is going to be a heck of a party!

SM: I’m ready!

AAM: Yes, you are. You all are! So come and play with us. Let us paint the sky together and smell the sweet breath of Gaia like never before. We are with you. Go with our love and go with my Blue Breeze of Peace.

Farewell. I will see you on Valentine’s Day, sweet ones! Go in Peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon