Tips for Choosing a Spiritual Mentor

What an absolutely precious gift you have given to the world…. with courage, dedication, and love! With my heart filled with joy, I’ve once more dedicated myself to serving the Mother and fulfilling my purpose. Again, my  thanks to you for all your guidance, and love.

Hetty Sarjeant

My heart is singing too all these days later along with every part of my inner and outer body!! I am still in so much awe about all of this!! It is so glorious but yet so much fun! You are the best!!  I love you Linda and am truly blessed that you are my teacher and friend!!

Lee Degani

I feel your love and the connection, unification as we go forth with our creations – the expansion of the Universal Laws is so much greater than I ever imagined.

Janet Goss

Five Great Reasons to Pursue Your Path

Your spiritual connection will wash away your stress. Spiritual living gives you the tools to deal with your problems and gain true perspective.

Ethics will become a larger part of your life. Your decisions will benefit you and others more often when you see life from a spiritual level.

You will become more compassionate with yourself. Because your spirit matters to you, you will take better care of yourself and live a healthier life.

Angst, doubt and insecurity will lessen as you gain inner peace. With a coach you can create a practice that transforms your demons into angels.

All traditional cultures include spiritual rites of passage for a reason. It’s because you’re supposed to develop your inner life.

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