Thanks for your inquiry about a personal channeling session - let me share a little about what to expect.

Connecting with your guides and guardian angels, the archangels or the ascended masters is a life-altering experience. Connecting with the Council, either for an annual check-up or (especially) when you are going through a trying time or quantum leap, is beyond helpful. The clarification helps you determine how to go forward.

If there is a specific being that you wish to speak with other than your guides - or even a specific guide, please let me know ahead of time as I meditate well beforehand to connect and bring forth those energies. I channel a host of beings called the Council of Love. The list is in the Golden Library section.

I record our session and send it to you afterward as a WAV file. Often when you re-listen you hear different things, or in a different light.

Sessions are usually booked several weeks out. Skype is available if you are calling from overseas. The channeling sessions are $300 for an hour. You can select a date and time on our Calendar and pay beforehand at our Checkout Page.

If for some reason you need to cancel or re-schedule please give us 24 hours notice so someone else can benefit from the opening. Please let us know if morning or afternoon is your preference and the country and/or time zone you are calling from.