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Tonight our beloved Jesus discusses the differences between these two processes: Enlightenment is more a state of being. Ascension is also a process, but ascension in and of itself is not an outcome…ascension is a doorway that one is passing through.


Linda Dillon channels Jesus who explains the differences between Ascension and enlightenment.


It’s been two years since humanity as a collective decided to ascend as one. So much has happened since that momentous day. Where are we with our Ascension process? What have we accomplished and achieved? How has the Company of Heaven helped us? What lies ahead? What’s next? Join us for a webcast update on …


Greetings from the Council of Love, Susanna Michaela writes this new time of glad tidings and great joy. Know that the new octave is upon thee – the times that shall come to be coined as 12:12 – the sacred number of the circle, the sacred number of completion – mirrors of time, space, matter …