It is your time, and it is our time, in the Union of Love and in the Union of One, so let us begin. Let us begin!

HEART CALL – January 2024

Divine Mother’s New Year 2024 Message ~ The Year of Unity

Greetings, I am Maré, I am Mother, I am Mother of One, I am Mother of All, and I am Mother, sweet ones, of each and every one of you ~ and I welcome you not merely to this New Year but to this New Time, to this new reality that each of you occupies with me, with us. It is not a matter of thinking, trying, wondering if you have arrived. It is already done!

Now, it is not done in the sense that everything has been completed for thee. If you are to dream and to find your ideal home… whether it is a cottage in the woods or on the bluff by the sea or in a very busy city… if you are to find that and you look forward to how you will fill the space, how you will decorate, where you will sit, the scents that you will bring in, and someone came and did it all and it was not at all to your liking, you would be very upset, you would be disappointed – and rightfully so! – because your Divine Authority and your human authority will have been usurped.

And so it is with this creation and co-creation. It is not… can I even say ‘merely’ a co-creation between you and I, beloveds. It is a massive co-creation! It is a co-creation not only of above and below. It is not only a co-creation of the future and the past merging in the very present now. It is a co-creation of Unity, of Oneness.

Do you really think that I might be worried or reticent about joining in Unity, not merely globally or galactically but very personally with you, with each of you?

When we have given you, your entire planet, the gift of the 13th Octave, of the ability to truly be in Divine Union, to come home without dying – for you are needed upon planet; that has not been understood clearly, not even now! – it was so you would have the spark, the initial knowing (which has grown and grown and grown) of what unity feels like, to be in union with us and then to allow that to anchor, not only blossoming within you but within your families, your home, your community, your world.

And then we have brought the 13th Octave to Gaia… yes, because you are ready… but also, primarily, because there are so many upon your Earth, upon your planet, in the collective, who are not just fearful, they are terrified of leaving! They are terrified that their biggest dream might be an illusion and that their ego doesn’t have the solution. The solutions do not lie within that puffed-up framework of ego! [Chuckling]

So we have brought this so that no one has to say, “Oh, I’m not going to Heaven because I might not come back.” Well, Heaven… as so many think of it [chuckling], which is curious… has come to you! And increasingly, all of us, but I most certainly have literally shared my essence with thee, increasing, increasing, increasing. The portals, as you think of them… as pathfinders… the way is open. These are pathways of the heart, of your soul, not in neglect or lack of connection with your mind, with your body, but in harmony.

Last year we have talked to you of my theme of Harmony. Now let me be clear about this as I speak to you of 2024 being the Year of Unity. That does not mean, sweet angels, that harmony disappeared. It does not mean that everything that has been put before you and that you have diligently applied to your sacred self, to your families, to your communities… that has not disappeared. Those have been the building blocks, the same as your chain of DNA which has been unified into a strand of 1, of 13. Everything is in place!

Do we overlay it upon you? No. The real key to Unity is the partner saying, “Yes, I want, I wish, I desire, I will.”

And is there that continuing, not intermittent, but continuing euphoria, sublime unity? Yes! But it does not mean, beloveds, in this year and what lies ahead that you simply float into Nirvana! What it means is you have said yes! And in unity is community – and that means action in the smallest sense – which is actually the biggest sense because it is with your sacred self. You cannot be in union unless you are in union with your beautiful self… not just a part of you, not just an aspect… the totality, the grand totality of who you are… oh, faults and all!

It is so curious, child, that so often you will go to faults for what is wrong rather than what is right. That is your pattern that has been altered. Because what you are saying in unity… what you are doing because it is action in unity… you will say, “I bring the best, brilliant part of myself.” Not just the mental body, which is spectacular; not physical/emotional.

Unity is Integration, Unity is Cohesion, Unity is Harmony, in every aspect.

Does that mean that there are not blips on the screen as the humans wake up and start looking and seeking? You are the bravehearts, you are the forerunners, that has been your role, so you are there welcoming, reassuring, and putting in place the structures… literal and social, global, etheric… putting the structures in place for Nova Gaia. They are all there, but it is not being done ‘for’ or ‘to’ you. We are doing it in unity of heart, of mind, of being, of essence.

If you were… let me be very clear, beloveds… if you were on any level unable, incompetent, unprepared to do this, we would not be having this conversation.

Now, will this year sometimes feel like a period of tumultuous change in your 36-hour day? That is why I am encouraging you to slow down… to feel the movement of time, of light, of sound… because these are the tools that are at your fingertips. This is not about a slapdash, rush job!

This is about the embrace, the joy-full embrace on this Planet of Joy, on this Planet of Unity, saying, “Oh, now it’s our turn, this is our part.” But you don’t do it alone, but we do not do it for you. Why? Because we know you. We know you!

And if you think in some strange way that it is difficult to know 8 billion-plus individual souls, I suggest that you think of the Omniverse. You are being stretched because you have asked to be stretched. You have said, “Mother, let us expand our wings, our will, our abilities. Let those talents that I have kept tapped down, and those dreams that I have hoarded, let them come to the surface and fly!” Yes! This is not about staying in your house and hoping for the best.

Each in your own way… and I am asking, I am not dictating… but I am asking to the depth of the core of your being – yes, even where some of you still have those core issues coming up again because it is your key motivator telling you what to pay attention to. Ask: “What do I want to do?” It is as simple as that! It is not a hidden puzzle in a hidden cave. It is not some script written and hidden away. The script has been written on your very soul and psyche.

So you begin with this Epiphany of “Aha, it’s all here. It’s all here!” All the pieces to construct what you have always desired, all the pieces of what you have yearned for.

Think of it this way. This, what is known as the Feast of the Magi, is each of you bringing gifts to the Christ Consciousness… not just to the Christed Child… to the Christ Consciousness of the Unified Whole. And then, think of us.

And when I say “us”, yes, of course, I mean the Father and I, and this Council, and the entire Company of Heaven, all Forces of Star Brothers and Sisters, all Beings of Light and Love bringing the gifts to you. To you! Yes, to your Christ Consciousness, to your Ascended Self – but also, sweet angels, to that innocent child, that infant just beginning, just discovering this journey of light, this new chapter that has never been known on your planet.

This is what you came for. So you may open a present a day and then some, and never run out! And I invite you to do so because in unity all is shared. There is no hoarding, there is no lack, and there is such a diversity of beauty you are just beginning to glimpse and discover.

Do we lay out the whole year? No! But what I do say: Expect change, momentous change! Does it need to be painful and arduous and thunderous and filled with war and violence? No! That is certainly not what we are creating, and neither are you. So do not relinquish the power of this collective to those who wish to cling to the old. Do not do that!

It is your time, and it is our time, in the Union of Love and in the Union of One, so let us begin. Let us begin!

Go with my love and go, sweet angels, in the deepest joy and peace – in Unity of Heart, of Soul, of All.


Channelled by Linda Dillon, 6 January 2024