Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of Change, Mother and Creator of the Omniverse, and Mother of each of thee, sweet children. I come to discuss the discovery of the Blue Diamond Star because it is time, dear hearts, for each of you to more fully understand the way in which creation takes place, and the purpose of this “discovery”1 in terms of your own sweet growth, development, and the Ascension of each of thee in tandem with my beloved Gaia.

Long ago… and the scientists and cosmologists will discover that the Blue Diamond Star is actually older than 16 billion years… I have birthed the idea of your Universe. This is the process of creation, in accordance with the Universal Laws, which the Father and I and All have also created as a reflection of our perfection and the divine order of All, of One. Because you are no longer limited to the concepts of the old 3rd dimension and the false paradigm of limitation, you are now fully capable in a spiritual physical manner to comprehend and incorporate what I say to you this day.

Hence, I explain to thee a portion of how creation works. I say ‘a portion’ because there are still many elements you cannot as yet comprehend and incorporate into your existing systems. Over the years, I have used this channel and the words of Albert Einstein to expand your idea of how dimensional reality for your Universe is constructed, and I have utilized Sanat Kumara to explain the truth of Universal Law. You have begun to embrace these foreign concepts, and so now I gently nudge you further along this path.

Creation is born of sheer energy – the combined energy of what you conceive of as the Father and I. There are times, eternal moments, when this sheer energy converts or morphs into an idea – a divine idea. Understand that while the sheer energy is I, it is also that part of me expressing that it would like to proceed in a certain direction which it conceives as Love and Beauty, a bringer of Joy.

We have been teaching you and urging you to accept that that spark of divine notion also lives and breathes within you, and with the shift into higher-dimensional energies, you are to follow in our footsteps and examples. We have given you many, many tools to help you understand this – but that is another conversation and I wish to speak this day of the creation process. So the starting point, from your perspective, begins with sheer energy which, then, when the divine choice is made, transmutes into an idea.

If I choose or desire to bring this idea into form, I then seed it with my Divine Essence, the Essence of Blue Diamond. I have spoken to you about my Blue Diamond extensively, but very few of you have fully embraced or explored the magnificence of this essence or utilized it to its fullest potential as yet.

So, dear children of my heart, let me re-emphasize: the Blue Diamond is the essence of my being. It is the energy that I imbue into and within an idea to birth form. If you do not understand this, simply think of your own process of reproduction in which the energies of several (six or more) souls merge in the physicality of two to create new life. There is gestation and then birth. Also, remember that not all ideas of having or birthing a child come to fruition. So it is with my creation process. I do not always seed a divine idea into form – often the idea is more than sufficient.

16.8 billion years ago, our sheer energy had the idea of a new Universe – your Universe. The magnificence, beauty, diversity and potential of this idea was so comforting, exciting and unique that I seeded the idea with the essence of my being, the Blue Diamond. The form that initial seeding assumed is the Blue Star, which your scientists are now conveniently discovering and are at a loss to explain.

After a long gestation period, not because the creation could not be instantaneous but because we wished to enjoy, marvel, and might I say twig this creation, your Universe was born. A beautiful creation – one in which many archangels participated and assumed different forms because they wished to be part of this next phase.

Over the aeons, I have seeded and fertilized/nourished this creation with regular and irregular infusions of my Blue Diamond energy. It is one of the explanations why certain star civilizations have proceeded and developed more consistently and rapidly in their evolution. It is also why there is a compassion, understanding, assistance and interest in the development of Gaia and the human collective by your star brothers and sisters. This interest is not only because you have been seeded from the same source idea, but because they understand the process that you are now undertaking and that I have triggered for this planet and portion of this Universe.

In 2002, I once again seeded my Blue Diamond, my essence, unto Gaia and to all the inhabitants of Earth2. This was not a casual gesture, for although I am a kind and loving Mother, I do not undertake such actions or expansions in an unplanned manner. I have seeded the Blue Diamond into your matrix not only to reawaken your divine spark, the knowing of your lineage and of my presence within each of you – I have done so to bring my idea of this portion of our creation to the next stage of fulfillment.

The initial purpose of this gift of my essence was to begin to heal the wounds and illusions that had grown so dense upon Gaia; to begin to open and heal your hearts and expand your consciousness that you might begin to understand that you were caught in the mental and emotional illusions of humanity. I more deeply seeded humanity in order that the heart consciousness awakening, the Great Awakening, could truly begin.

Although I have and continually create, there are some creations, which I have mentioned, that I decide will take aeons and others that are instantaneous. And do not make the error, dear child, of thinking we do not understand human time. Where do you think it came from?

A decade ago, or 11 years to be exact, I have fertilized my creation of humanity in order to awaken them and prepare them for the fulfillment of my Plan, my idea, which was Ascension of a race of beings, of angels in form, to a higher-dimensional reality – a dimensional reality which would allow them to re-engage with their creative power and join me once again in the fullness of heart called Love. This gift of my Blue Diamond was not discriminate – it was equally given to all of humanity at that time. Yes, some of you received a preview beforehand, but the collective received this gift as one in 2002.

This ignition of your and my Blue Diamond was and is the ignition switch for your Ascension. It matters and mattered not if you were aware; the energy was in the very air you breathe, so none – let me emphasize none – were exempt from this seeding. Now, some of you bright lightworkers/loveholders/wayshowers/healers/channelers were more aware of this blessing. You embraced it into your core, your lives, your growth and your practice. This embrace has acted as a jump-start for many of you. Let me be clear: for those of you who have embraced this energy, you have done so for millions! On my behalf, you have been the voice crying in the wilderness, you have been the shepherdess, you have been the lightbearer.

In this seeding, this creation of Nova Earth, Nova Being – the New You – I am not creating in terms of aeons. Have you not noticed, dear heart, that I have reduced a billion years to 10 or 11 years? Note that we have not halted this creation, and will not do so. It will come to what you think of as completion and what we call infinite expansion.

Once seeded with my Blue Diamond, it was productive to further seed you with the Golden Diamond of the Divine Masculine (2003), and complete that trinity with the infusion and blessing of the Pink Diamond (2009). The Pink Diamond is the essence of your being, the memory, core and power to conjoin with us in co-creation.

Also understand that since these initial infusions, you have been showered with these energies constantly, consciously and unconsciously. In tandem with these infusions, we have also created and shared with you portals, or what you might think of as stepping stones – 11:11, 12:12. These portals have been continually opened, and the energy we are flowing through these gateways increasing exponentially and constantly.

The engagement of our being and what you refer to as the Company of Heaven – and what we call the Council of Love – in this particular transmuting of idea into fullness of form has been ongoing in earnest for decades. But that is not the purpose of my discourse with you here this day. We will speak of the completion of Ascension over the coming weeks, but first and foremost it is important for you, as part of We, to understand the creation process.

Let me again be clear. What I convey to you this day does not erase or override the Creation Formula or Creation Codes that we have communicated through this channel. Quite the contrary. This information is for you to expand your understanding and come to realize more clearly the nature of the creation process.

Many of you, sadly, have felt or thought that we had abandoned you in this creation process – in the fulfillment of the Ascension. Quite the contrary. You, as the children of my being, have declared yourself ready to co-create with Us, and this is an invitation we accept.

So then you ask, “Well, Mother, what comes after the seeding, the gestation, the anchoring of the Diamond Trinity within?” What comes next, dear hearts, is the bringing of the fullness of our energy to the form that has been created and birthed. This translates as action in your terms. But again, let me be clear: action in our terms is significantly different than action in the human realm. Are we getting closer? Yes, but we are not in divine synchronicity as yet.

In our terminology, action is the movement of energy, inspiration, divine intervention and the anchoring within form of the Divine Qualities (the 13 Blessings and Virtues5).

All of you, even the most faithful, trusting and knowing, are always asking for signs. Keeping in mind that we work in cosmic strokes and often our response to these pleas is large – and unfortunately go unrecognized, or you do recognize them and then dismiss them as wishful thinking – the sign we give you right now is the “discovery” of the Blue Star, the Star of Hope, the Star of the Unknowable/Unimaginable. It catalyzes each of you, and especially those who think of themselves as scientists, to re-examine their basic premises.

My Blue Star has been observable throughout the Galaxies and this Universe for tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of years. Now your eyes are being opened. What was always there – and was there specifically to birth this Universe – is now being acknowledged. Explained, no, and that is a good thing because it expands exploration and potential. It makes you think of creation in a broader way – and to acknowledge my gift of the Blue Diamond within a spectrum that is beyond current understanding.

I close in repeating a promise I have made through the Council of Love in 2000. We know of your need for comfort, nurturing and demonstration, and therefore, dear hearts, I commit to show up in each and every one of your living rooms if that is what it takes for you to allow and become. Is that enough?

Go with my love. Farewell.

1 – The belief is the age of this universe is about 13 billion years old. The scientific question arises is how this star could be present prior to the birth of this universe.
2 – The Great Awakening by Linda Dillon, page 115
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