The key is to truly look in the mirror – in Michael’s Blue Mirror of Truth – and to gaze and to see the truth and the beauty and the might and the humility of who you really are.

At the behest of the Magdalena, Elle shares this sweet gem from a recent reading with Linda Dillon.

The Magdalena: Greetings, I am the Magdalena. Hello and welcome! Welcome, beloved friend, sweet angel and woman and being of light, of love, bridge between above and below, within and without, bridge between many realms, many realities. But then again, there is only one reality, there is only one pathway, there is only one life, whether it is for billions and billions of years or a single moment in time. And you cannot hide, ever, from your life, sweet one.

Yes, I understand what you say, and what I would suggest to you is that it is not so much that you wish to be anonymous, as you wish to not be in the limelight – and yes, there is a difference, and one which I thoroughly understand and respect. Because I do not wish either to be in the limelight because, so often, being in the limelight has had a degree, a quotient of notoriety – and I think I have had enough notoriety, of truth and untruth, to last me the rest of existence!

So I understand, but that does not mean hiding in any way, shape, or form your light under the bushel basket! Because you are seeing, you are feeling, you are experiencing what it is to allow your light to truly shine, to allow your love to virtually explode, and actually explode, from your heart and from your being. And you are witnessing and you are participating in what that is.

So yes, you say, “Well, I will allow my sweet P to be front and centre,” to which I say, “I fully agree,” for often I have said to Yeshua, “You go ahead, you can take the centre stage.” But that never was intended to, or did, negate what I have brought forth, either in the life as Mary Magdalene, or in any life. And so it is for you, sweet one.

The value of knowing the various roles, lifetimes, experiences that have been assumed is not to give you a greater sense of importance; in fact, it is quite the contrary. What it does is it puts it in perspective, yes, sometimes of the forward thrust, sometimes of the scenic detours, but it puts it in perspective of the continuity – and the continuity of love, the continuity of grace – but also that one lifetime is not more or less important than another. It is simply what you have chosen, in tandem with the Mother and with this circle, how you have selected to manifest in a certain lifetime or situation.

In the lightworker community – and in the loveholder community – too often there is still, shall I say, a lack of humility and a degree of arrogance that one has been this or that, or played this or that role. Every role, every action, every reaction, every beat of one’s heart, in or out of form, is essential for it creates the beautiful tapestry, the mosaic, all of which – all of which – has contributed, and contributes, and continues to bring forth the blossoming that is now upon us.

Too often, one, out of feelings of lack of self-importance, creates false sense of self-importance. And the key is to truly look in the mirror – in Michael’s Blue Mirror of Truth – and to gaze and to see the truth and the beauty and the might and the humility of who you really are. And you are doing this.

You have known when to step forth, for example, with S – for example, with L – and yes, she is a starseed being, anchoring the fullness of her starbeing self, as well as her sweet daughter. And they have sought shelter, and yes, we are talking about a roof and four walls and a space – a space that is not only cleared or cleansed but infused with light and love. The clearing is just one piece of it. So you are giving them shelter in the full meaning of sanctuary.

And you know because of your own heart’s desire to have sanctuaries ‘away from the crowd’, shall we say, where one can truly live in community and unity and love, not to meditate or to pray 24/7, but to laugh and giggle and break bread and tend sheep. All of this is important – to dance in the fairy ring, to sit in the sunlight, to speak to the grasses and the trees and the flowers and the air – all of this! It is not more important or less important. It is as important as anything!

And it is also the way in which human beings, in the re-building and the revealing of Nova Earth, how they come to truly understand that they are part of a community, and it is not merely… it is very not merely limited to human beings! It is a community of ALL beings! …

But I have jumped ahead, and I do not wish to pre-empt sweet B. But I wish to say that I am with you. I am with you, sweet sister of the rose, and I will help you. I will not only help you manoeuvring the [chuckle] ‘notoriety’, particularly as Star Family makes themselves very apparent; I will help you in everything, for such is our love and such is our kinship.

I step aside but not away, not ever away. Farewell.