You are bringing forth already what you wish to be – what you have always been!

A wonderfully uplifting gem shared from a recent reading with Linda for all those magnificent early tulips, daffodils and crocuses amongst us…

Mother Mary: I am Mary, I AM Mare. Beloved daughter, do not doubt yourself! You are progressing, you are blossoming, you are becoming. Are you anxious? Are you anxious as the flowers of spring? Are you the early tulip, the early daffodil, the early crocus? Yes, you most certainly are – for which I thank you!

Human beings do not think of the flowers as talking to one another but, in fact, when the early crocus pushes its head up through the cold earth and it feels the light of sun upon its face, and it says to all the other bulbs that have been asleep in a long winter’s night: “Okay, it’s good; it’s time; you can come. I’ve already come first and tested. It’s fine.” That is what you are doing. That is what you do as wayshower.

And you do teach and mentor, reassure, and you show others that it is all right, that it is safe to proceed. And you do this, beloved daughter, not only in the forum but in your work, in your practice, in your home, in your family, at the school, on the field. You are where you belong. Do not question this. …

So do not be looking or second-guessing or questioning your beloved self. Always you turn to me and you say, “Mother, I am so afraid of misstepping, and I am so afraid of not seeing something that I need to pay attention to. Sweet daughter of my heart, when there is need for you to pay attention to a certain area, I always let you know!

But I have jumped the gun. Where do you wish to begin?

Q: I think my question right now would be how to completely surrender every single blockage and barrier I have in this merging with my universal self, with my divine self? Is this one process, one time, or is it something that will emerge? I’m trying to understand, wanting so much to step into my divine self and be who I promised to be.

MM: Oh, sweet one, first of all, let me reassure you the same way you would reassure your beloved children. So let me gather you into my arms, and hold you, and reassure you twofold: it is a process, and it is already done. So let me explain.

You came to the planet completely whole – you must know this. And this is what you are really surrendering to: to the fact that you are not incomplete, you are not in any way insufficient, or even a work in progress. So, on the one hand, there is already my divine – and your divine – perfection.

Now, on the other hand, because of the illusions that have grown up on your planet for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, the belief system of humanity creeps in and is reinforced at a very early age; and it is enforced, has been enforced, and engaged with throughout this and many lifetimes.

So while it is already complete, what is happening is there is the merger of your various bodies – but particularly the mental/emotional – that is going through the process of recognition, acceptance, and then surrender, truly the claiming, that assumption of authority (and we do not mean in terms of abuse of authority).

So it is, to use the analogy again, sweet one, of being the crocus: you have always been the crocus! You are the bulb that keeps producing year after year, that sends up shoots through the earth and begins to grow. So what you are waiting for is that moment when you say, “Today in my perfect blossoming.” So it is the recognition that the air is right, the sun is right, the moisture is right; but it has always been there.

So it is the process of recognition, and in that recognition is a very strong, sublime sense of surrender. It is: “Look at me, what I have become, look at who I am, who I’ve always been, and look at what the Mother has created.” So it is this embrace. It need not be painful.

Now what is happening, not only for your sweet self but for many, is that the pain is being eliminated. And what is happening is, whether it has been false ideas or actual abuse or simple belief systems, they are being eliminated. And so, as they are eliminated, there is a moment of recognition and a moment of pushing away, dissolving back to the light.

It does not matter, you still continue on. Your process is straight forward, and you are well, well underway. And you say, “Well, how do I know this?” This is important. How you know this is because it is the strongest desire of your heart. You are bringing forth already what you wish to be – what you have always been!

So what is coming is not just spiritual expansion, but from that spiritual expansion it is the mental/emotional/causal – but particularly the mental/emotional – recognition of what is already there. Do you understand?

Q: Yes.

MM: Sweet daughter of my heart, you are doing well, you are doing magnificently. Continue to share your heart, your thoughts, your experiences, your understanding, because you are doing my work, and I thank you and I bless you.

And I will help you with your sweet children. Do you know, Yeshua often was, well, shall we just say he had his own ideas! And sometimes he would venture where I thought danger lurked. And sometimes I would let him go, and sometimes I would speak to the Pharisees, to the Rabbis, to those that would be in his attendance to say, “Keep an eye on him, and know that if anything goes wrong, you are going to have to answer to me!”

I was far more assertive than Joseph, and it was necessary at moments because I knew the magnitude of his pathway. So it was always a question of discernment, of when to speak, when to intervene, when to be quiet. But always, in every one of those situations, I was talking to my beloved son and I was teaching him, showing him when to be quiet – which some people made the mistake of thinking was subservience or alliance, and of course it wasn’t! And I would speak to him about when to speak up, when to refuse to adhere to silly rules or regulations.

You are an excellent mother like me. Do you wish to protect your beloved son from every pitfall, from every hurt? Of course you do, but you cannot deny what he chooses to claim. So there will be times, beloved, when you feel that you are doing all you can, and all you can do is stand by. And then there are times when you will very actively intervene, when it feels like injustice of such a gross nature that you must speak, and you will. And I will be there with you. We all will be.

Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon