This is our invitation to join us in Sacred Union. It is not a criticism that you have not done your work; it is not a criticism that you have need to be more diligent or prudent. It is an invitation to union!

 At the behest of Archangel Michael, Andrew shares another inspiring gem from his reading with Linda on Jan 18, 2019.

Andrew: … Can you comment on the present situation regarding the release of the RV, and perhaps give some encouragement or advice that I could share with others?

Archangel Michael: First of all, we understand when you say – and I don’t mean just you, beloved one – that you are exhausted and that you are certainly tired of hearing, “Soon, soon, soon, soon”.

What I draw to your attention, first of all, is not that what we speak of – whether is it is Raphael or I, or any being of light, human or otherwise – it has never been and cannot be a matter of anger or blame, because that is what we are talking about when we are talking vibration. That is a vibration of the ‘old third’ and that is exactly what is being replaced, eliminated, retired.

So it just cannot be and is not – and we would not wish to give the impression that it is – a matter of placing blame on recalcitrants or even ‘disinteresteds’ or ‘non-committeds’ which is very much er… most of the human race! It is not about blaming them, but it is about not allowing abuse of many kinds and certainly the abuse of power and control and the usurping of resources that are meant for renewal – not reattachment to the old – to come forth.

Now much of that has been healed, but when we also speak of healing and then we speak to you… because you are emerging, because your vibration is increasing… and so, when we speak to you of the increase in vibration, we are not merely putting another detour or a caution or a ‘stop and wait’ signal directly in front of you – quite the contrary.

As human beings, you tend to look at the practicality of how recalcitrants’ abuse is being addressed in the physical realm – and that is necessary and understandable and good because that is what you on planet are addressing. But the truth of how this is addressed and what all of you are doing – it is not a matter of new assignment; it is a matter of bringing the assignment to your consciousness and more fully engaging the healing of all that has gone awry upon this planet for millions and millions of years – has been the open heart, has been the raising of the consciousness, the ascension, the ascending and the descending, and the human decency and love and behaviours of a higher vibration.

That is what Nova Being is: it is the being that is in balance with the love, within and without, above and below. It is that higher vibratory rate so that what you are doing is you are acting, and have acted – so it is not an ‘add-on’ – it is simply an acknowledgment and a ‘stepping up’ of what you have already been doing, which is being the transmitters – the beamers, the anchors, the cell-tower transmitters – of love of the highest vibration that humans in the current and future construct can hold.

It is not about blame – it is about acknowledgment, and it is about appraising, and it is about a partnership because, of course, we hold the highest vibration – the love, the Mother – for the unfoldment of her Plan and your plan, both individually and collectively. We hold that vibration and have for what you think of as ‘time eternal’, so our invitation has been: “Will you join us more fully?”

And this is not about feeling downtrodden – and yes, there are many lightholders who are tired and exhausted. But that does not negate how you feel better about the current situation which is pushing the breakthrough – which is already occurring – [which] is by holding the higher vibration, not by descending.

So it is a question of trust and hope, and that is why the Mother most recently has reinvigorated and re-given the gifts – expanded the gifts – of hope and trust and forgiveness. And it is forgiveness of all who have erred, all who have misstepped – not in punitive fashion – but embracing, and it is forgiveness of us, and it is in forgiveness of yourself.

So that is the situation and it is very encouraging, and there are many who fully not only grasp this but embrace this. This is our invitation to join us in Sacred Union. It is not a criticism that you have not done your work; it is not a criticism that you have need to be more diligent or prudent. It is an invitation to union!

I hope this is clear.

A: Right, yes – that’s very helpful indeed. Yes, thank you for that. Well, I’ll look forward to sharing that information with others.


Channeled by Linda Dillon