In a personal channeling, Linda brought forth Djwhal Khul and much of what he says applies to us all and particularly in this now moment…I share his words below.

During this unfoldment, we have seen the decimation of the Mother’s Plan, the violent detours, and the growth of so many illusions. And even in the knowing, literally eons ago, of what would transpire, we (the lightworkers) have said that we would come together, once again, during this time…not just to be present at the time of fulfillment, but quite literally, to be part and parcel and participate and to assist in that fulfillment, in the bringing forth, in the remembering, in the rebirth of the true Dream.

It is the springtime of humanity, and it is the springtime of this planet, and what has been asleep, for a very long time, now reawakens. And it is the reawakening of the human spirit, it is the reawakening of human will, it is the desire and the assumption of Divine Authority and the recognition of one’s power to truly, not merely influence, but create and co-create what, in the simplest terms, is desirable.

We have often looked at situations, both on a very personal level of our families, and on the global level, and even on the omniverse level, and we have looked at situations of co-creations of those decimations and we have looked and shaked our heads and said ‘why on earth, or anywhere else, would they create such a thing?’ And we have waited, and yes, I know that all of you are tired of waiting, that you are exhausted with waiting, and that you are eager to, literally, step forth into the joy. So, is it joyful that we (both sides of the veil) are in this time together? Of course it is. But, is there room for greater joy? Well, we know the answer to that, do we not?

We have been working diligently on this side for what you think of as balance and rebalance, to slow the pendulum down between this very erratic behavior…on both ends of the scale…and to bring humanity to a greater stillness, a greater awareness, a greater embrace of their hearts.

The journey for many has been filled with so many detours, so many lies, and so many false assumptions, that the grounding into physical form, in a way that can be of love and joy, for many has been an arduous journey. The lightworker community has said, loud and clear, ‘I am not only ready, I am fed up’…and we understand… to be in and of this reality you occupy can be extraordinarily challenging.

In response to a question regarding disruptive energies blocking, or trying to block, the connection with the other side, DK said this:

What you encountered the other night, and you have encountered it many, many times, you may think of it as the collective energy of disruption, of that original intent of the fallen, or shall we say, disassociated humans, Gaians, who wish to change the Plan and to assume authority. And, of course, they have done so through threatening, and negative, and coercive, and abusive behavior. And this became such a strong collective vibration that, very often, one feels that it is an individual. Also know that we have been effective in eliminating these negative extra-terrestrial energies from the planet decades ago, but it does not mean that they have not existed elsewhere. So this is more like a very, very ancient memory, and yes, what you could think of as a ‘bleed through’.

But let me say to you…do you really think, or believe, that you can be distracted or manipulated? When you acknowledge the totality of who you are, there is a coalescing, a gathering, of what you can think of as history, including what we, in all our various forms and formats have encountered. When I say ‘for eons’ I mean that quite literally. And because there is this acceptance of your totality…of not just the possibility, or the alignment, or the aspects…but of your totality, what you are also doing is bringing to the forefront some of the challenges of a very long existence. Now, what you are also doing…and part of the good news…is that you are also bringing to the forefront the victories, the resolution, the completion.

So, these are coming up so that you can acknowledge them, not even in the way of ‘oh now I need to clear that’ because it is not an experience that needs to be cleared, it needs to be observed and understood as part of the journey that this particular planet has gone through. But it is not something that is existing as a concrete or distinct distraction during this liner time.

So, it is not that  you are being interfered with, it is that your memory – back and forward – is being expanded. Think of it in this way…that the memory banks of the history of what has worked and what hasn’t worked, and what our purpose is, has been incredibly expanded…this pertains to us personally, collectively, and throughout the omniverse. Is the focus of the memory the personal expansion? Yes! Is it to assist in the global awakening? Yes! And from there, out into the omniverse? Yes!

Tashi Delek!

Channeled by Linda Dillon