I come to fill you with my golden light and with my golden love.

Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love


Let’s begin by relaxing, by relaxing this incredible day of December as we move into a new month, and the month of the Winter Solstice, the time, in many ways, of going into the cave and hibernating and refueling, and getting ready for the next explosion of light, explosion of love, and our next cycle.

So, relax your jaw, relax your neck. Open your occipitals; take a minute and tilt your head backwards and forwards and sideways for a moment, and release that tension that we so often, unconsciously, carry in our necks.

And let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of gold, and feel the warmth, the heat, the shininess, the splendor of that gold. And bring down your shoulders, relax your hips and your tummy, sink into your chair, your bed or the floor, wherever you are, your knees, your ankles. And feel as if your feet are literally sinking into either the carpet, or the tile, or the wood, and through your foundation so that your feet…up to about your chins…is resting, covered inside that soft, first layer of dirt, what we call the soft earth of Gaia. And thank yourself for being here. Thank yourself for caring enough about your sweet self, and about this circle, and about this planet, to be here.

Go into your heart and the seat of your soul and feel your beautiful Pink Diamond Flame, and feel it surrounded, as if there is a spiral around your Pink Flame of the Mother’s Blue Diamond and feel that nurturing and that power and that Mother Love. Now, feel the Father’s Gold Diamond and feel it spiral around your beautiful Pink Diamond Flame. Feel the richness of that color, of that Ray.

Open your crown and bring in the gold; the gold of Gabrielle and the gold of Gabriel, the gold of Sanat Kumara, the gold of Yahweh. Feel the brilliance from the sunlight, the Great Central Sun that you can’t even think of looking at it without being blinded, but feel the warmth on your face and on your body, and think of those old Spanish gold coins.

And bring it in, down through your crown, filling your head, your throat, your thymus, into your heart, the liquid Florentine gold. The gold of your grandfather’s watch, the gold of chrysanthemums, and sunflowers, and a perfect yellow rose…lemon sunshine yellow…let’s bring it all in, and feel it as if it is going through your heart and there is a funnel and it is filling your solar plexus, and your belly-button, and your tummy, and your pubic, and your root, and your legs.

Breathe the gold and feel the joy, feel that liquid wisdom until you feel that your entire body, inside and out, is this beautiful gold. Make sure you bring it in to your organs, not just your heart, but your kidneys, and your liver, and your pancreas, your gall bladder. Coat your entire digestive system with this beautiful gold, with Gabrielle’s golden elixir. Coat and fill your lungs and let the warmth of that gold warm your heart. And feel your skin shimmering, glowing, literally sun kissed. And receive…receive more.



Greetings, I AM Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos, Keeper and Bringer of Universal Law, the Laws of Love, the Laws of Balance, the Laws of One, given and bestowed and shared with each one of you. These are, in so many ways, the keys to creation, the keys to your heart, the keys to the universe, the keys to the Mother. It is the understanding and explanation, and the tools of how things work…and how they work in perfect balance, perfect harmony.

The human laws have strayed. I do not say this in a way of criticism or accusation, but too often when you think of laws you think of protection, or you think of punishment…reward and punishment. If you do not adhere to a norm, then we will punish you, either gravely by taking your life, or in a minor way, a financial way. And that, really, has very little…there is a very small component of Universal Law in what has been composed by human beings. And by human beings in a phase of history where the desire to control and assert power has been very, very strong.

Turn back my beloveds, turn back to the Laws and see and seek and be the balance, above and below, within and without, in all matters, great and small.

I come to you this day as Planetary Logos at the closing of what you think of as your year, towards the end of this monumental year of change, called two thousand and eighteen (2018). And I do so, I come, certainly, to fill you with my golden light and with my golden love. And while many of you feel somewhat disheartened, disenchanted, disappointed, and even somewhat in despair, I come this day as Planetary Logos to say, and to remind you, and to point at how much has been achieved, as you are going forth as angels, and star-beings, and earth-keepers in form. Not just as the implementors, the builders of Nova Earth, for that seems somewhat like a title doesn’t it? Beloveds, you have, you are, and you will continue to be implementing…action word…creating, anchoring Nova Earth in the smallest of ways, and in the biggest of ways, for it can never be an either/or.

I know some of you feel that you look and say, “Well, I have been working on a smaller scale or I have been working, simply, on my sacred self.” To which we say, “Hallelujah!” because you cannot create Nova Earth or unfold the Mother’s Plan without that essential love, cherishing, gentleness to your sweet self. As you work on yourself, as you embrace the brilliance, the power, the might, the totality of who you are, you do so on a global, and might I say, universal scale. When you say, “Oh, I am just working with my small meditation group, I’m not doing so much on a global scale”, this is not the truth. And I speak to you in my role as Planetary Logos, I am not some distant deity or being sitting on Venus, and gazing down now and then. No, I am with you, on planet, energetically, and at times actually, morning, noon, night, and in-between. And I watch you, and I observe you, and I help you, and I twig you, and I adjust you, and I lift you up, and sometimes I ground you. And this is my joy, this is my light, and my delight!

When I have offered and rendered my service to the Mother in assisting this planet and all the collectives back to original design of love, I did not cry and gnash my teeth and scream and say, “Why have you given me such a terrible assignment? Those human beings are impossible. That planet is terrible.” No. Because I know, I know your beauty, I know your heart, I know your love, and yes, I know your determination, your strength, your power, and your infinite compassion. I work with thee, not only because I know you, but because I love you.

And when I say this I do not simply mean I love you as the infinite, supreme, divine, ascended being that you truly are…I love you, all parts of you, even the parts that you disdain and askew. I love your quirkiness. I love your moods. I love your dalliances. I love your efforts. And I love your spirit, I love your soul, I love your body, I love your work, I love your hesitancies. And I love it when I see you going for the gold. I do not segment or cut you up into fractions and pieces.

So, what I ask of you this day, in the sunset of your year, in the golden sunset of your year, is to love yourself the way that I love you, the way the Mother loves you, the way Yeshua loves you, the way we all love you. And see yourself the way we see you and know you truly to be.

Embrace what you think are your deficiencies, your quirkiness, your shortcomings, because they are precious, they are your teachers, they are your impetus, and they make us smile. So, I give you and I fill you, this day, with my golden radiance, for you are cherished.

Go in peace, sweet ones. Farewell.