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This episode of Love+ centers around the theme of balance, featuring an engaging conversation between Linda and renowned biofield energy healer, author and flower essence therapist Elizabeth Patric on co-creating balance upon Gaia via our relationship with the Elementals and nature spirits. And Universal Mother Mary addresses us with a message of love and hope as She describes the weaving of a tapestry of balance both within and without.


Channeling excerpt from podcast:

Greetings I am Mary. I am Mare, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Challenge, Mother of Triumph, Mother of the Journey, and Mother of your Heart.

Sweet Angels of Light, sons and daughters of My Heart, I come this day, this night, this twilight, to speak to your heart. Oh, your beloved mind, your brilliant mind, may listen in of course. But I come to speak to your heart of the need for hope, the need for trust, the need for faith, the need for action, and yes movement.

Many of you have been turning to me, yes individually, and most certainly through this channel, and asking, praying, pleading, imploring for insight, for guidance, for tactical tools on balance. In your hearts’ desires to really reach the place of stillness, you are tired and exhausted, beloved angels. And in many ways, you have felt that there is far too much movement, far too much chaos, far too much upheaval in the world that surrounds you.

And the reason you feel this, beloved, is because that chaos is not filled with the excitement of breakthrough; it is not filled with the energy of love, with the knowing of truth. All it feels like is shattered glass, and it is grinding into your very soul. And so you are saying to me, “Mother, please let me back up; let me find this place of stillness, of balance because the shattered glass is grinding in to my very soul.”

And then on the other hand you are turning to me, and you are also asking and seeking the balance because you feel that there is not enough movement, enough upheaval, enough change in the positive realm – the forward thrust in the creation and co-creation of Nova Earth.

Beloveds, all your pleas, all your prayers, all your entreaties, all your thoughts, all your emotions are not only heard and received, but acted upon. I am not some distant deity in an outer planetary system, I am your Mother. And I am as close as your skin, and as an aid to you, as your breath and breathing, as your pumping heart. Never has it been a matter of discovering me, of trusting me, of knowing me and not yourself. And similarly, it is not a matter to simply know the divinity within – which is essential – and forget about us, forget about me. The balance, sweet one – the ying, the yang, the up, the down, the within, the without – the balance is us together in the sacred partnership of continual conscious creation.

I bring you to the place of balance, to the stillness of your heart, to eliminate that sense of either or, up or down, in or out. For that is of the old paradigm, rooted in control with an underscore of abuse. It is not a matter of you having to choose sides, for love is inclusive; it welcomes all. Does it welcome those who are abusers, and recalcitrant, and those who are creating needless, senseless mayhem and upheaval? No, it doesn’t welcome the behavior, but it welcomes the individual and it welcomes the collective.

All beings – and I do mean all beings throughout my multiverse, my omniverse, but certainly upon planet – are what you would term a work in progress, each coming with beyond phenomenal potential. And to start with, the clarity of heart. And when that clarity of heart is lost or misplaced, that is when you experience this sense of imbalance, unbalance. But it does not exclude you and it does not exclude any, for all are welcome to my table. But they must leave their misdeeds and their malintentions at the doorway, so that they may feast of the love; that they may feast on the truth and the knowing of peace.

You say to me in the simplest way, “Mother, how do I maintain my balance in the midst of this cleansing of chaos? How do I truly maintain my balance so that I may create and co-create with you, this Nova Earth, the Cities of Light? How do we repair this tattered web of the interdimensional reality?”

As you come to your center – to the truth of your divinity, your ascended self, your love – what you are doing, sweet one, is literally reweaving and catching the frayed bits of the tapestry of you. But that tapestry, that grid, is completely interwoven with the interdimensional grid – not only of this beautiful planet of Gaia, of the twelve dimensions and all the kingdoms, but of my omniverse.

But as you heal, as you refuse to be drawn in to the chaos – and it does not matter all the terms that you use for it; if it is not of love, it is of chaos. It is that simple. As you reweave your sacred self, acknowledging our tie and the tie of all as you come to the pace of stillness and balance. As I hold you in the hope as you do this, you do this for the kingdoms, for the devas, for the fairies and the nature spirits. You do this for Gaia; you do it for each other; you do it for humanity. You do it for me, and you do it for you. You do it for your family – your human family, your soul family, and the family we call beloved Gaians.

If you are waffling, if you are wobbling, if you feel that you have been trying to balance on the teeter-totter and you are not quite sure – turn to me, come to me. Come to the 13th Octave where I will hold you, and reset. You are empowered to create Nova Earth. You are my implementors. But never did that mean, sweet angels of light, that you are forgotten or abandoned; that is not possible. So, turn to me and I will hold you in perfect balance until you feel that sense of perfection that you truly are and always have been. I am with you. We are with you. And you are loved; you are treasured; you are honored. And you are mine as I am yours, within and without, above and below, infinitely and eternally.

Go in peace. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon