The Magdalena says, “We are counting on you, literally, to erase this illusion upon planet, and thereby erasing it throughout the multiverse.”

Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love


So, let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of bubblegum pink and relax. Relax your jaw, particularly the back of your neck, your shoulders, your throat, your chest, your tummy, your hips, your legs, your knees, your ankles, and feet, and just relax. And let’s go into our heart and into our beautiful Pink Diamond self and see that sparkly pink, that brilliant clear, lustrous, luminous, radiant pink of our self, of our beautiful self, embraced, literally, surrounded by the Blue Diamond of the Mother and the Gold Diamond of the Father.

And feel the base of your tri-flame, the base of the seat of your soul, and feel yourself anchored in that base, whatever color or energy or ray it is. Maybe you’ve never looked at this before, so have a peak.

And while you’re at it, take another deep breath of the softest, new morning pink of the sunrise, of a brand new bud of a sweetheart rose, of pink quartz, and pink kunzite, and pink tourmaline, and pink lithium. Breathe in the pink and feel yourself being surrounded by all these bubbles of pink…see-through and luminescent, but glinting and shining this radiance of pink of the Defenders of the Throne, of the gentlest and the strongest, the most fiercely independent and completely in unified field, the most artistic and creative. And feel these bubbles of pink dancing all around you and caressing you. And even when the pink bubbles touch your field, they flex, they don’t pop; that shows you their resilience, their strength. And yet, all you can do is admire the beauty.

And feel how this pink energy makes you feel. It’s not as vigorous as Gabrielle’s golden bubbles of joy; it’s softer, gentler, more beautiful in so many ways. And breathe pink. And allow pink to come into your field. Open your Seal of Solomon and let it in. Welcome in that pink and feel how it unites with you and your ray and brings you the luminous grace.

And if you’ve been feeling that you needed strength, determination, to accomplish something, let that pink fortify you. Take a minute…and if you’ve been feeling that you needed to be gentler with yourself, or with others, with the planet, let it sink in. And if you feel like you’ve needed and wanted to embrace greater beauty in your life, to really stop and see and feel the beauty of Gaia, to smell the roses, quite literally, then let it in.


Greetings, I AM the Magdalena, I AM Mary. And welcome my beloved brothers and sisters, sweet angels of light, sweet beings of love, of every ray of the rainbow and far beyond. I am pleased to conjoin with you this day and to conjoin with you in the strength and the beauty and the wisdom of this beautiful pink ray. We do not need to borrow from the blue, or the ruby, or the gold, or the violet, because we dance with them, we love them. We bring our presence to all rays, all pathways, all journeys, all light, all love because there is no separation, there never has been and there never will be…not between realms, or dimensions, or realities, or planets, or societies, or galaxies, or universes. It is simply an illusion. And it is an illusion, yes, borne of ego, but more deep than that.

In some ways, this illusion of separation is borne of the yearning to be seen and to be loved. And, does this illusion of separation defeat its very purpose? It most certainly does. But it is important to understand the origin, and the healing, the removal, the disintegration, the dissolving, of this strange paradigm.

In the yearning to be loved, as unique, as special, in recognition of your beauty, your might, and your service to the Mother, you have created this sense of individuation. And this has been extraordinarily useful, particularly as you inhabit a physical form, a beautiful, radiant physical form that you have designed, that you have had the luxury of designing in tandem with your guides, your guardians, and the Mother Herself. And it is a thing of beauty, it is a creation of magnificence that is to be honored and admired and cherished.

But like children, so often you have said, “Mother, do you see me? Mother, do you see me? Look at me…I can walk, I can ride, I can travel, I can talk, I can pray, I can create. Look at me. Look at me.” And that has grown into this sense of separation. So often, the illusion of separation is literally blamed on ego gone awry. But I encourage you and I bring you this day, to dig deeper, that it is truly borne of a yearning to be loved. And yet, in this illusion, this growth of uniqueness of separation has come the desire for reunification. That is why we are bringing the mighty legion of pink to dance with you this day, for they have achieved this unified field of knowing, of uniqueness, and complete connectedness long ago.

Each being, each energy field, a terrifying vision of beauty, of power, of gentleness, of sweetness. This is where we bring you back to! You are unique. You do not need, you have never needed, to create a sense of importance. You have never needed to perform in order to be identified, loved, cherished, and admired. It has always been…not even a birthright…simply the truth of who you are.

As you acknowledge, as you have said, that there is no separation between the kingdoms, between the devas, the fairies, the sprites, the rocks, the mountains, the dogs, the giraffes, the whales, and each other as hybrids, and humans, and everything in-between. Because what are you? You are the pink radiance of love. You are the unique, beautiful expression of love…yes, carrying the essence and the energy, the DNA, of the Mother/Father/One. But also your DNA, your essence, your beauty.

When you acknowledge and when you embrace the essence and the beauty of every being you encounter, electronically, etherically, in person, on ship, or far beyond, then you are eliminating, you are transmuting, transforming and erasing this illusion of separation. You are not erasing the beauty of your sacred self. There has never been, in or out of form, a desire to erase any being…their thumbprint, their spirit print, their essence. The flame of you is eternal…it will not and it cannot, it shall not be extinguished.

So, go back and simply eliminate this illusion of separation. Acknowledge that this illusion grew out of the yearning to be seen, and cherished, and loved. And as you do that, my family, know how deeply I love you and that I am with you every step of the way.

We are counting on you, literally, to erase this illusion upon planet, and thereby erasing it throughout the multiverse. You are powerful and you do this erasure with gentleness, compassion, and love, by the acknowledgment of beauty.

Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.