Hold compassion in your hearts and send the activation of compassion to those in transit, to those who find themselves in refugee status, also to those who are in positions of authority…

Compassion is the Answer

Jesus Sananda

Saturday Conference Call

Linda Dillon               Channel for the Council of Love

Meditation: Extend Yourself in Compassion

So, let’s begin, let’s begin this beautiful, wonderful day…at least where I am…where the sun is shining and the air is fresh. But even if you are somewhere where it’s cold and rainy and gray and snowing, let’s just take a moment together and feel how lucky we are, how blessed we are that most of us are sitting in a safe place in a comfortable situation where we are fed and sheltered and have the ability to nurture ourselves and each other.

So, let’s begin this meditation by taking a nice deep breath of gratitude, of thanksgiving, of that deep genuine heartfelt thank you to the Mother, to the Father, to the Universe, for taking care of us. Breathe in a rainbow of gratitude. Bring it in through your nose and hold it, hold it in your mouth…taste the gratitude…and then breathe it out. Breathe out gratitude and thanksgiving and let’s share this all over the planet…because isn’t gratitude and thanksgiving a part of peace and joy and love?

Go deeper into your heart, deeper into your tri-flame and feel your beautiful Pink Diamond self, strong and brave and vibrant, alive, and feel how it’s surrounded by the Mother’s Blue Diamond and the Father’s Gold Diamond, and that your three flames are dancing vigorously, victoriously, joyfully.

The color of compassion is magenta and the quality of compassion is a depth of heart understanding, of the ability to heart-speak and heart-listen, to empathize, to understand, but never to assume the burden of another, because as the Mother puts it…that’s highway robbery. But when we extend ourselves in compassion we allow other people, whether it’s one person or the entire planet, we allow the other person, the other people, to clearly understand that they’re not alone, that somebody else understands and supports them in their journey and their struggle.

So, let’s take a nice deep breath of the richest magenta you can imagine, that beautiful blue-purple, the color of a good port or a deep red wine, the color of burgundy, the color of Archangel Jophial. Open your crown, open your heart, open your tummy, open your root and feel Jophial pouring into you this rich magenta elixir filling your head, your throat, your high heart, your heart, your hara, your tummy, your pelvic, your womb, your root with this rich beautiful magenta elixir.

Smell the grapes, the eggplant, the chrysanthemums. Feel your skin turning this rich burgundy color and feel this compassion welling up inside of you, up through your tummy, through your solar plexus, into your heart. Feel it and feel your willingness to extend compassion to all beings, all creatures, all kingdoms upon Gaia and far, far beyond.

And feel your willingness to extend compassion to your sweet self, to that part of you that at times may feel confounded or confused, isolated or separated, even abandoned or lost. If there is any part of you, from the innocent infant to the ancient wise one that feels out of balance, give them compassion, send them, blow them, flood them with compassion right now. And open and receive…and open and share!

Channeling: Compassion is the Answer

Greetings, I AM Jesus Sananda, I AM Yeshua, I AM your beloved brother, ally, friend. And yes, I come and I travel, in my essence is the magenta, sometimes with the peridot. But even if I was bright yellow and bright blue, I would come to you and I would speak to you of this issue of compassion. Yes, compassion for your sweet, beloved self; compassion for the animal kingdom, particularly those who are being hunted and slaughtered, consciously or unconsciously it matters not; for the flower gardens that are being turned into deserts; and the crystal skies that are being turned into open sewers.

Gaia deserves compassion, and this is a quality, a divine mercy, that she gives each and every one of you every day. Too many of the human race, of this singular species of Gaians, have forgotten what it is to have compassion for their fellow inhabitants of this beautiful, bountiful planet. This planet was not birthed and transformed into iron curtains or cement walls, into nation-states of rigidity.

And yes, I know whereof I speak, for I have lived in a country that was occupied and under the thumb of a distant emperor and authoritarian ruler. And I have lived with the authoritarian rules of rigidity of religion and government. And what was my approach? Yes, I was most certainly rebellious and I was most certainly a thorn in the side of many…and that was my purpose.

My purpose wasn’t only to sit quietly in the shadows, the same way my purpose was not necessarily to be crucified and tortured. My purpose was to remind and to share the love, regardless of religion, or race, or nationality, or leaning. I did not say some are welcome and others aren’t…how could that possibly be of love? I did not say you cannot come today because there are not enough loaves and fishes…because there is always enough. If there are two grains of rice then there is one for me and one for another, and in this, the miracle of multiplication takes place, the miracle of manifestation. When there is a willing sharing, a heart-sharing, there is always enough.

So yes, I have asked, through this channel, to each and every one of you across the entire planet to have compassion and mercy, human mercy and divine mercy, for those that find themselves in what you term refugee status. Because, what does this mean? It means that you are terrorized, that you are homeless, that you are hungry, that you are yearning for freedom and independence. You are often fearing for your life and the lives of your children, your family, not only from mayhem and murder but from disease and starvation.

How can compassion not be the answer to these situations? Of course, it is! So, I ask of you every day, and most particularly in your Sunday night Peace Meditations, not only to hold compassion in your hearts but to send the activation of compassion, yes, to those in transit, those seeking an escape, but also to those who are in positions of authority…

whether it is authority of one or authority of millions…to extend themselves, to extend the helping hand, the helping heart, and to hear, to truly not just hear the cries of the needy but to respond with heart-opening and heart-speaking and heart-sharing and the truth of compassion, because this is what it means to truly be human, to truly be Gaian, to truly be ascended.

So, this is my request of you, each of you, and I thank you from my heart to yours…I thank you! Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon