With all the apparent chaos occurring around us, how do we find and maintain peace within – so to be the clear, calm beacons of light and love guiding others through the storm? In this week’s podcast, Love+ Peace Amidst Chaos, Linda and the COL answers our burning questions while updating us on how to utilize AAM’s Blue Sword and Shield, and AAG’s Golden Infinity Signs and Golden Magnets. AA Uriel brings the hour to a close with an illuminated reminder of the use of his Silver Flame and Mirror to remember, and return to, who we truly are. For help in “being the peace.”

Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love


Greetings, I am Archangel Uriel. Welcome my beloveds. Welcome sweet angels of  change – because it matters not whether you are of the blue or the silver, the gold, the rainbow, the luminesa, the pink. Beloved ones, you are the angels of change and you are the human instruments. You are the Mother’s implementers, and you are the builders and constructors of Nova Earth and Nova Being. This is an honored position. But I wish to speak to you more about the Silver Flames that I put in each and every one of your hands – in the palms of your hands; in your heart; in your third eye, your fourth eye, and your fifth eye; in your very being.

Because it is a time for transformation. It can never be about winning or losing, of exclusion – because there is not one human being, even the most violent dictator, who wishes to be excluded. Yes, there are those that put themselves forward as leaders in aggressive/abusive ways. But even in them it is the desire to be seen as worthy; to be seen as love and lovable; as having the Divine Authority to rule over others. Of course this is a misconception, because one being – whether is me as archangel, or you as human being, as Pleiadian, or Sirian; it matters not – no being, no deva, no mountain, no blade of grass is ever created or intended with sacred purpose to rule over another one.

This is a unified grid, and it is a unified grid of love, of heart, of peace. And yes, peace is the purview of Mi-ka-el, but let me tell you: peace is the purview of all of us, including every human being on the planet. And the peace within your sacred heart – your heart of Jesus, your heart of the Mother/Father/One – is your gift to the planet. Your gift of clarity,  and purity, and strength, and fortitude, and humility and valor. No being is lacking. Are there many who, for reasons seen or unseen, believe they lack? Yes. And that is where you bring my Silver Flame, your Silver Flame; bring it to the darkness of their disbelief in themselves. Bring it to the corners of their being that they often keep hidden; that they think of themselves, they feel themselves unworthy, unseen, unacknowledged by the love.

Use this – and use it on yourselves because there are moments of despair; there are moments of trepidation. There is a fear: “Have I been a fool? Have I believed in all of this when it is stupid and nothing? Have I believed in a kind and generous, loving, infinite universe when it is not thus?” When you have these feelings and you wish desperately, or even gently, for restoration, for transformation, bring my Silver Flame. Bring me and let me remind you; let me show you, into the Silver Mirror, who you really are.

Brilliant angel of transformation, I give you the Silver. Let it reflect back to you the truth, the might, the clarity of your being: chosen being by the Mother/Father/One, entrusted with the fulfillment of Her Silver Dream. Call upon all of us. We are literally at your disposal and eager, waiting, to help. Go with my love. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon