Yeshua ~ Staying the Course of Love

…when you are staying the course of love, when you are staying the course of truly seeking and living in the truth, then the high-jinks drama, the fabrication, the manipulation, simply disappears.

A beautiful Gem shared from a recent personal reading with Linda and Yeshua:

Yeshua: Greetings, I am Yeshua.

Greetings, Yeshua. It’s been a long time, my brother.

Yeshua: Yes, it has been far too long. And while we are all here, and always are, it is why I have nudged my way along and asked for this honour and this opportunity to meet, to greet, to simply walk together for a while. And it matters not, beloved, whether we are sitting or walking or running or paddling or stooping in the garden, for all these things we do together.

It is funny that rarely do we or the Magdalena speak of the gardening and how we have often retreated to family gardens under pretence of picking or harvesting, and certainly watering, for the landscape where we lived was not always bountiful but Gaia always provided.

And it was always a good excuse to simply say, “I’m going out to the garden to do this or that, to check on this or that,” because it was the energy of a sacred space. It is a place of communion and communication and that, my beloved friend, as you well know, is the key to forward thrust.

Human beings, indeed the human race, by and large – and yes, I am speaking in generalities, if you will permit me to do so – but the human is learning or re-learning and remembering the truth and the purpose of communication. Yes, there is the functional – the information about where the animals or the fish are running, or the herbs are growing, or the vegetables are flourishing, or the fruit heavy on the tree – but that is such a minimal part of communication.

Because the truth of communication is, yes, of course, heart speaking and heart listening, but it is also the expression of love, of self-disclosure, of the sharing of joy, and yes, hardship and challenge and victory. It is the sharing of one’s heart dreams, of the deepest desire for love. It is one of the primary ways in which human beings acknowledge, receive love.

The modality, the method, of so much of human communication has become harsh. Either there is an avoidance of genuine loving feeling or there is a harshness, an abuse factor of cruelty or control, or most certainly manipulation. As you have said to the channel, it is so simple, so easy to get caught in that vortex of harshness.

Now, I am not one – then or now – to suggest that one ignores current political or social reality. It is where you are living, what you are dealing with, and how you are creating Nova Earth. But the manipulation factor: it has need to be seen and acknowledged and gently dismissed – kindly, lovingly, gently dismissed – because it can eat at your heart, eat at your soul, and distract your attention from the love, from the joy, from the real truth.

So it is not a matter of being combative – ever – and it is not a matter of decrying others. But it is a matter of just gently, sweetly, setting things aside and continuing, beloved brother, on your sweet, true […] path.

So often, when I have walked the world as Yeshua, I would hear so many of my friends – because that is what I considered all of these beings to be – I would hear them say great, dramatic things about what was going to transpire with the Romans or, for that matter, with the rabbis, this group or that group, and I would gently bring them back to their path and their life. Because when you are staying the course of love, when you are staying the course of truly seeking and living in the truth, then the high-jinks drama, the fabrication, the manipulation, simply disappears.

So while you are aware of much of what is going on, I commend you and I support you. Be at the edge of the vortex but do not get sucked in, my friend.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.


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