My beloved friends, celebrate the beauty! Embrace the beauty! BE the beauty!

Earthbound Star Soul shares another beautiful Gem from his reading with Linda.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael.

EBSS: Greetings, Michael!

AAM: Welcome, beloved brother. I come as Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. No, I do not come to call you back to the battlefront for you are on indefinite leave, for the work you do in your home, in your body, in your state, in your area is plenty.

We have taken you, and you have taken yourself, to explore and to situate, to discover the beauty of art, the expression of beauty, of love, of creativity in form, and this is fascinating you. And what you are seeing and feeling, and why we speak of it this day, is you are realising how it touches your heart, your mind, your senses, your skin, your very being.

Art, in the myriad of forms that it takes – of glass and porcelain, of bronze and steel, of pastels and oils, it matters not – what it does is it is expressing the beauty of the individual, yes, but the beauty of Creation.

For so long, humanity has looked to different segments of community for the expression of various qualities, but it is most certainly time to surround yourselves – and I mean humanity – to surround yourselves with beauty, whether it is a beautiful quilt, a beautiful sweater, a warm hat, a painting, a piece of glass.

And why am I pointing to these pieces of beauty? Well, for once, to start with, rather than, say, a rock or a stone or a quartz crystal, because these are human expressions. And when one opens themselves, and actually makes the effort to look, you see the incredible diversity of beauty being expressed by human beings every single day. And it is a visual reminder of the creative potential of humanity, of Nova Being, and this is the way in which new communities and Nova Earth go forward.

Yes, there are expressions of beauty, of form, of light in so many ways – in architecture, in bridges, in homes, in furniture. There are expressions of beauty in engineering, whether it is the smallest phone or a laptop or an iPad; these are expressions of functional beauty that work to connect people.

When you look – truly look – at what is around you, what is surrounding you, you see two things: one is that people yearn for beauty and they love to express beauty; and [two], that people yearn for connection and that they love to express and to connect in all kinds and all varieties – all stripes and colours! This is the true measurement of how humanity is doing. It is a reflection of the collective consciousness and the collective heart.

Now, you may say to me, “Michael, I am fortunate for I live in a safe zone and I live in an incredible place of beauty, but the person who is sitting in Syria or Yemen – their history, their artefacts have all been blown to smithereens or stolen.”

But I say to you, “When there is a quiet night and a clear sky, and the Mother gazes up at the moon and the stars and sees that eternal beauty, it is so richly and deeply appreciated and cherished and loved. When a father looks at his sleeping child who, perhaps, has had the first good meal in months and that there are rosy cheeks, the father sees that beauty and is so deeply grateful.”

Human beings have the ability to see beauty in the most horrific circumstances and in the peaceful ones, because you see with the eyes and the heart not only of your angelic self, your human self; you see with the heart and the eyes of the Mother.

So it is right to seek out beauty – to surround yourself with what you feel to be an expression of beauty or an expression of awe, of wonder, of amazement – because these are the qualities that truly contribute to the building of Nova Earth, that contribute to the building of Cities of Light, because they are built on beauty, yes, and on love.

And for those that are creators of beauty, whether it is in a portrait or a song, have patience. Yes, there are times when the oils jump onto the page or the canvas, but usually it is fortitude, it is stick-with-it-ness, it is trial and error and giving oneself the latitude to experiment, to make mistakes and to start over, to redirect.

All of these are qualities of Nova Being, qualities that I encourage you to richly nurture and to harvest.

Your planet, this archangel, my sister, is a planet of beauty born from the Mother’s idea of a place for her angels to play, to experience, to learn, to grow, to have the experience of physicality. It was created as a place of beauty by an archangel of beauty. It is humankind that has created ‘dark and ugly’ and that is being eradicated.

So, my beloved friends, celebrate the beauty! Embrace the beauty! Be the beauty!

*    *    *

Now, sweet {…}, you are the beauty! So, my friend, where do you wish to begin this day?

EBSS: Well, I came across a guy who does wood carving of angels and he had carved a beautiful angel into a tree. Was it Gabrielle?

AAM: Yes. It is indeed a work of tremendous beauty, and he has allowed the archangel to emerge, yes, using his talent and vision but also cooperating with this beautiful tree. There are so many forms of beauty to be had.

EBSS: I spoke with him and I would like him to make an 8-9-10ft high sculpture of you to be in our building.

AAM: I would be honoured.

EBSS: I picture people wanting to get their picture taken next to it!

AAM: There are many that seek me out, either through icons or imagery, and of course when they do seek me out, I always show up! They do not always see me [chuckles] but 90% of the time they do feel me! They may think, “Well, I have said my prayer and I feel or I know that Archangel Mi-ka-el has heard me,” and they sense my presence, and it is not mere fabrication or imagination. It is the truth! I am there!

So yes, many would love such a representation, and it would be yet another way for them to learn of me.


Channeled by Linda Dillon