Your pathway home is through this gift of the triad.

             The Triad: Prayer, Meditation, Sacred Ritual

Jesus Sananda

Saturday Conference Call

Linda Dillon                 Channel for the Council of Love


So, let’s begin by breathing magenta – that beautiful wine color. It’s that red with some blue, the color of a good port, of maroon. It’s the color of the Sacred Heart. Breathe in the richness of magenta. Breathe in the blue of the Mother and of Michael, and the red of your root and Gaia and rubies. Breathe in and bring your focus to your third eye, and bring your focus to your tri-flame, the base of your heart, the pink of your divine self, and the Blue Diamond of the Mother, and the Gold Diamond of the Father and feel that radiance, and feel that love.

Now, what we’re going to do right now, just for the sheer joy of it, is we’re going to overlight our sacred tri-flame with the magenta tri-flame. So, in the center you choose whether you wish it to be Jesus, our beloved Yeshua, Jesus Sananda our Master of Love, or whether you wish it to be the Buddha…and when I say the Buddha I mean the huge collective, infinite, eternal, Buddha energy. Or maybe you want it to be Lord Maitreya, yes, one of our future Buddhas, a bringer of wisdom and compassion. Or maybe you wish it to be Sai Baba, Satya Sai Baba, with the ability to manifest and to serve humanity in ways of practicality and service and compassion.

Bring in and build your magenta tri-flame and feel it merge into your Pink Diamond, into the Mother’s Blue Diamond, into the Father’s Gold, and see yourself sparkling and bright…the magenta chrysanthemums, the stained glass of an old, old church or the cathedral, the old maroon colors of the old Masters of the Dutch School.

Breathe in magenta. This isn’t a lite energy, this is thick, this is filled with love and compassion and wisdom. This is the energy of the masters, so claim, claim your mastery, not in any sense, ever, of ego but in that solid sense of determination, of stewardship, of prudence as we proceed together, in truly being the anchors, the pillars, and the transmitters of the seventh dimension. Breathe in that grape and send it deep into your bones, let it nourish your flesh and your skin, your hair, your face, your eyes. Feel yourself becoming that magenta pillar that can be seen and aimed for from far, far away.

And over the next while just allow yourself to smell and taste and see and be magenta.

Channeling: The Triad: Prayer, Meditation, Sacred Ritual

Greetings, I AM Jesus Sananda, I AM Yeshua, I AM your beloved brother Yeshi. And welcome, welcome to all of you dearest friends, sweetest allies. Have you forgotten about me because I have not spoken so recently? Do you forget that I am in attendance and with you and that I extend my heart, my hands, and my love, to walk with you every moment of every day, to sit with you, to meditate, to contemplate, to chat, to laugh, to cry? I am the brother of your journey and the brother of your soul…in and out of time, in and out of dimension, in and out of space…we are one – we always have been and we always will be.

And yes, this channel has spent time this day thinking and praying about prayer. And I wish to bring you back, also to what we have told you so long ago because it bears repeating and it bears repeating again and again…Your pathway home, yes, of course, is love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness, and balance, but how is this achieved? It is achieved through the triad of prayer, meditation, and ritual. This is a 3-legged stool and each leg of the stool is necessary…necessary in your process of support and necessary in your process of becoming, of growth, of ascending, and ascension. Each is a sacred gift, not only to you but to all…and when I say all I mean above and below.

The creation of ritual and sacred ritual can change and shift and grow and morph, but it is part of your daily existence. Many of you have rituals that you follow religiously, might I say, whether it is to rise and run, or walk the dog, or drink coffee or tea or water, or eat. This is a ritual. You have many. You may not label them as such, but I am bringing your attention to this because sacred ritual is the beginning of prayer and the ending of prayer, the beginning of meditation and the ending of meditation. It is you declaring yourself that you are entering into communion with us and with your sacred self.

Prayer is not merely heart-speaking. Is it this? Yes, of course, it is the expression of your heart’s desires; it is you indicating, to yourself and to your guides, to us, to the universe, to the planet, what your heart desires, where you are focusing your attention, what you are choosing to bring forth and birth during this timeframe that you think of as life, or a week, or a day, or a moment. But prayer is also communion…and I use this in the true sense of conjoining…it is you coming and joining with your beloved, sacred circle – which I always hope includes me! – and that always does include our Mother, the Divine Mother, the Divine Father. It is where we exchange and flow in energy. In many ways, beloved ones, it is how you get to stillpoint, to that place of union, a fertilization of implosion and explosion and creation.

Meditation is part of this triad because it is in the quietude, it is in the stillness, it is in the certitude of your divine authority, of your divine knowing that you hear us, that you begin to, more clearly, understand and receive our guidance, our direction, our input. Our relationship, our communication, is not intended to be simply one way; we are in sacred partnership, we are in sacred union, we are in the fulfillment of our beloved Mother’s Plan. And how does the unfoldment of Her Plan come about? Through the fulfillment of your plan!

We are in alignment, that is what the sacred union is about. It is not about trying, it is not about Herculean effort, it is about allowing the gentle waters of a pristine lake, an ocean, or a stream to simply lap and touch your toes and touch your heart and touch your mind.

When you are in prayer, when you are in sacred ritual, when you are in meditation, you are anchored in your heart, in your heart-knowing, in your heart-listening, speaking, feeling. When you come out of this process, this beautiful form of communion, then your mind, your very core, knows how to proceed. That is the gift of prayer and meditation and ritual.

So, once again my beloved ones, I invite you, I encourage you, I can flat out beg you, come and join with me, come and join me in the Magenta Ray and let us walk together once again, for you are so loved.


Channeled by Linda Dillon