Welcome to Love+

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare, Universal Mother, Mother of hope, Mother of trust, Mother of clarity, Mother of truth, Mother of One, Mother of change and Mother of constancy. For both, sweet ones, have need to be equally welcomed and cherished within your heart, for you are in the midst of change, and in that change is the return to eternal constancy, and to the love. The love that you have always been, and always will be. So I welcome you, I welcome you to this premiere of Love+. Love+ what, you say?

For I have named this show, this level of communication called a podcast. Sweet Angels, children of my heart, it is to love you, your unique, beautiful, angelic, star being, Lemurian, Atlantean, Earthkeeper self. Your eternal constant self, and the ever-changing, evolving, ascending, ascended self. This podcast is my opportunity to speak to you, to more clearly open your hearts and to allow a platform for my Council of Love to speak to you as well. Let me be clear, this platform, this podcast, is hosted by the Council of Love.

Yes, it goes by many names, by Spirit Broadcast, and through my sweet channel, Linda. But it is our opportunity not merely to speak to your heart but to the heart of all beings. All beings upon this beautiful planet Gaia and far beyond. For our broadcast capacity is far greater than you realize. But you are coming to understand more clearly each and every day, every hour, every minute, the truth of what we say to thee. Truth is love. Love is truth, love is clarity, love is peace, love is wholeness, and love is the essence of all existence. Love is my essence. And you are birthed directly from my essence, from my heart, from my being. And therefore, sweet one, your essential self is love.

This is also where the ‘plus’ comes in. You are love, you are Me, plus, you are you, in all your glory and splendor, your unique self, the design that we together have brought forth. Not just in the beginning, but for this life, for this journey to this time of the rebirth of love upon the planet and then far beyond. This design, your essence, your talents, your capacities, your ability to create in my name and in your name is unique to this life. And this life, this time, this time of becoming and ascending and ascended, this time of expansion, of being in full creative partnership, with us, with me, it is unique to this moment, to this lifetime. And you are being activated as never before.

Think of what I say to thee. In the history of this planet, which is lengthy, eons and eons, since the initial creation, I have never penetrated the human beings not merely the human heart, not merely the human soul, but your entire being. All your bodies, your mind, your physicality, your spirit, your ego. Yes, that is a useful part of who you are. Your talents, your dreams, your wishes, your desires, never have I penetrated the human collective this strongly. You are being elevated to a higher capacity, what you think of, yes most certainly a higher dimension, but more important than this or that dimension is the ability and your presence throughout all the dimensions, available in the human, Gaian construct one through twelve. You were never intended to be restricted in who you are. Everything is available to you, and you are learning this, you are open to this as you begin to explore just how well you can create.

On my behalf, Sanat Kumara has shared and taught you more and more clearly about Universal Law, and how to work and apply Universal Law in conjunction, in partnership, in tandem with the creation formula. This is not merely some human construct or esoteric understanding. I have shared with you, and I share with you again and again and again and again how creation takes place. How I create. And you are listening to an example of how I create. That is what Love+ is about. And I have asked my sweet daughter Linda to step forth and to share her stories, her insights, her experiences, her journey because she’s human. Yes, she is an angel. She is many things, she is certainly a star being, but she is you.

So the purpose of the sharing through your insights, through your questions, through your discussions, is the navigation and the expansion into this new world. Into Nova Earth. As magnificent angels, yes. And as extraordinary human beings, as lightworkers, as love holders, as pathfinders and way showers. I am holding you in my arms, and I am supporting you as you go forth. This is you. Participating, creating, observing, yes, Nova Earth, but by you declaring and claiming your sweet self as Nova Being. So welcome beloved ones, let me further guide this journey. Go with my love. Farewell.