Peace is a Sense of Rightness     

Archangel Michael

Saturday Conference Call     20180707

Linda Dillon               Channel for the Council of Love



So, let’s begin by going into our hearts. Deeper. And into our beautiful tri-flame, into our beautiful Pink Diamond self, and on each side of us is the Mother’s Blue Diamond and the Father’s Gold Diamond; this tri-flame is sparkling and brilliant and powerful. And even them all out but really feel that essence of your Pink Diamond, of your sacred self, of the beauty and the might, the sweetness of who you are.

Let’s begin by going to the palest, palest blue, to that icy blue when there are certain shadows on the snow so that it feel like it glints blue, that soft, soft blue…again, sparkling like diamonds. And breathe in, open your crown and bring in the blue.

Now, bring it a bit deeper, to that blue sky on a summer’s day after a rain, that rain-washed blue, milky blue, fresh clean blue. And bring it into the French blue, bring it into the Monet blue – that ashy blue that you find in your lurion, in your center of communication at your clavicle.

Breathe in forget-me-not blue. And let’s bring it down to the royal blue, to the Michael blue, to the Mary blue, to the delphinium blue, to the sapphire blue, to the tanzanite blue, to the deepest navy of a midnight sky. And feel yourself turning into a rainbow of blue and all of these shades of our beloved Mother just filling you up, streaming into you and over you and through you, into your bloodstream, into your glands, into your pineal and pituitary, your heart, your liver. Breathe blue.

And it’s the blue of change, and it’s the blue of peace. It’s the blue of communication. It’s the blue of Electra. It’s the blue of Mother’s gown and what She wraps us in…that deep blue velvet…to nurture and coddle us, to keep us safe and to remind us how much we’re loved.

It’s the blue of the Atlantic and the blue of the Pacific, and every shade we find in the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean. Be blue!



Greetings, I AM Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome, welcome my beloved brothers and sisters of peace…because the answer to so many of your queries of ‘what do you want? what do I want? what do we want?’ is peace!

Oh yes, I could term it joy or love or laughter, but peace is the sense of rightness, of tranquility, of surrender, of serenity, and the knowingness of belonging…not merely of alignment – which is a given – but of truly belonging, of unity, and belonging to yourself, belonging to your soul and your soul mission and your own sweet, human, quirky self. Unique as every blade of grass, every grain of sand, in the divine perfection of our Mother’s Creation…the Mother only creates perfection. And in that perfection, for you and for me, She has designed and given us the birthright, the existence right, of discovering and living…not merely your sacred purpose and mission…but what your heart desires.

And what I dare to say this day and every day is what your heart desires individually and collectively, and most certainly for Gaia and all Gaians, is peace. Yes, of course, the absence of conflict…that is definitely a starting point and a finishing point, for that matter. But it is so necessary that this sense of tranquility, yes of spaciousness and of choice, is not merely available to you but that it is part and parcel of your being, of your everyday being, of the choice of whether to have coffee, tea, milk, or juice for breakfast and whether you shall create world peace.

When I have begun my journey, the Mother did not say to me, “You have a choice…your heart’s desire can be either to be an artist and a musician, or to be the Prince of Peace.” No! My choice and your choice, my beloved friends, was to have it all…to paint the skies and to paint the heart, to work on Her behalf and my behalf and your behalf to create that sense and knowing this existence of peace.

Never has it been more important in this ascending time that each and every being has this gift and this essential ingredient, element, of peace. To be at peace with your choices, your decisions, your desires, not to be in the sense of conflict or struggle…internal or external…there is no room for it. And if it is creating harshness, if it is creating that sense of unease and, god forbid, conflict within you, then back away, redirect, because it does not lead to love or joy or peace.

When you are examining, when you are exploring…and I invite you to do so…what your heart desires – think of it in this way…what would give me such a deep sense of peace, such a sense of empowerment, an overflowing abundance of rightness, that I would be overjoyed to proceed? Not in angst, quite correct, not in neediness, but in the sweetness of opportunity…a sweetness of opportunity that is being offered on a golden platter to humanity.

Now is the time, not some distant date in a distant future, and most certainly, not in your past…yes, all time is fluid…but claim your now, claim your peace, and if you do not know how, turn to me and simply say, “Michael, Mi-ka-el, brother, fill me with peace so that I know what it feels like and then I can proceed from there.”

And I will do so…and I do so right now…give me a moment – [pause].

My peace I give you. Share it. Grow it. Claim it. Go with my love, and beloveds, go in peace.


Channeled by Linda Dillon

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