…come and live in My house – the house where truth lives and nurturing thrives, where fortitude and gentleness, understanding and wisdom are housed and welcome.

 Universal Mother Mary: I Invite You to Live in My House

Universal Mother Mary

Saturday Conference Call

Linda Dillon               Channel for the Council of Love



So, let’s begin this beautiful, perfect day whether it’s teeming rain outside and feeding the grass and the worms or whether the sun is shining brightly and nurturing the opening of the leaves and flowers. Let’s just take a moment and drop our cords out of the tip of your tailbone into Gaia. Feel it go through the carpet, the rug, the floor, the wood, the foundation, the soft earth, the hard earth, the rock, the gaseous layers. Wherever you are, drop your cord until you see this beautiful angelic ancient being, Gaia, and hand her your cord and ask her, request her, to help anchor you as we travel far and wide throughout the multiverse; to also keep you anchored and present, not only on Gaia but in your physical body.

Now, come up to your heart and together let’s take a deep breath of blue. And it’s the blue of the Mother, it’s the blue of Universal Mother Mary, it’s the blue of the Sedona sky, it’s the Delft Blue, it’s the French Blue, it’s the twilight blue, it’s the midnight blue, it’s the aquamarine, it’s the turquoise, it’s the sapphire, it’s the tanzanite.

Breathe in blue and feel the expanded edges of your being. Feel yourself expanding, expanding…far past your shoulders, far past your chair, far past your room, your house, your building. Feel yourself fill your neighborhood…like a giant blue balloon, like a huge glistening bubble. And even if you are magenta or pink or amethyst or amber, feel the glint of that blue; feel how each of us carries the love and the essence of the Divine Mother, that we carry Her capacity to nurture, to give hope, to give succor, encouragement and sweetness to the entire planet.

We know that when we go to the 13th Octave we become a partner to Gaia, a huge giant orb sparkling with blue and emerald and Gabrielle’s gold. Let yourself expand so that you are sending these wonderful nurturing energies, these energies of peace and of quiet, so that we quiet the winds of war, so that we quiet the volcanic eruptions, so that we quiet the storms. Take a minute and feel the silence…and inside that silence, feel the Mother’s Love. And feel your desire to share that Love…and feel your desire to receive that Love.

Open up your heart. So often, defensively because of history and hurts, we close our hearts or we keep it open – a little pin hole. See as if your heart is French windows or French doors and together let’s throw our doors wide open so that we aren’t just the transmitters but that we are the receivers of the Love. Breathe it in…breathe in, not only the Mother’s Love and the love of the entire Company of Heaven and the Council of Love, breathe in the love we give to each other, that we share in this circle, on this conference call. Bring it in and notice that as you receive it expands you even more.

So, enjoy it and go drifting and beaming wherever you want to go.



Greetings, I AM Mary, I AM Mare’, Mother of hope, Mother of safety, Mother of security, Mother of nurturing, Mother of change, Mother of constancy, Mother of grace. There is very little that I do not embrace as creator, as co-creator with you and with this planet of Gaia.

So often your journey of life is about coming home, about finding Me and reuniting with Me and anchoring My Love and energy within you, around you, above you, below you…and that is right. But, what of My journey, My infinite, eternal journey? What am I creating, constantly, never-ending, always changing? There are eternal truths, there are eternal qualities and they are reflected and part of every creation I have ever made…and that includes you. I do not say it in the way of ‘I am in charge of you’, for that would not be of truth and it most certainly would not be of love.

It is why you have been created, born, birthed with the choice and the free will that is your birthright. But so often, sweet angels of grace, you are seeking Me…but I want you to know, I am seeking you! And not only that I am seeking you, beloved ones I have found you. You are exactly where you need to be, positioned on Gaia in fulfillment of your sacred purpose and My sacred purpose; of My Plan and your plan.

I invite each and every one of you to come and live in My house, not just the home of your heart…because that is why I am using this ‘house’ terminology because most of you think of ‘house’ as a physical, tangible structure. And that is what I am doing, I am inviting you…I am excited…come and live in My house – the house where truth lives and nurturing thrives, where fortitude and gentleness, understanding and wisdom are housed and welcome.

I am not asking you, I am not guiding you to seek an alternate reality. Gaia herself is firmly anchored in the 7th-dimensional reality of love, of Christ Consciousness…and so are you as your ascending, ascended selves. You do not always know it. That is why I am inviting you to come and live in my house or even more importantly, declare your house a ‘Mary Zone’, declare your right to live as you know your truth, your love, your heart, your mind, your body demands, commands, and chooses.

So often you think of coming to Me and I have certainly beckoned to you time and time and time again, but what I say to you, bright angels of love, you have been beckoning to Me and so I am coming to you…no, I am not talking about assuming physical form, but I am talking about the brilliance of My energy, of the creator force, of the divine feminine being firmly anchored, not only upon the planet but in each and every one of your hearts, yes, but in the practicality of your life.

I am not merely an esoteric, distant Mother. I house you, I clothe you, I feed you, I tend to you when you are sick or heart-broken, I tend to you when you are confused or bewildered, I tend to you when you are excited and over-the-moon in joy. I am with you. I am with you in all ways. You, sweet angels, human, men, women, daughters and sons, you are Me upon the planet living in My house, living one of My many lives in fulfillment. Do this in your name but also do it in Mine.

Go with My Love, and go, sweet angels, in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon