Let yourself feel cherished

St. Germaine


So, let’s begin this absolutely beautiful spring day by taking a nice deep breath of amethyst. And as you well know, amethyst comes in the palest mauve and lavender to the deepest, almost garnet. It’s a beautiful healing stone shared with us from the crystal kingdom, from the stone people.

So, relax and just let your shoulders come down and your jaw slightly open and feel yourself sink into the chair or the bed or the floor, wherever you are. And heck…it’s Saturday, so I hope wherever you are you might still be curled up in your jammies and let yourself feel comfy and cozy, and let yourself feel safe and secure and cherished and acknowledged and loved…because you are!

And you are, not only by the people in this beautiful circle but also by what Traci calls ‘the invisibles’, what Suzy calls ‘our friends in the rafters’, what I call ‘our unseen friends’, what St. Germaine calls ‘the Council of Love’.

So, I want you to feel today the entire Council surrounding you, beginning with the posting of the mighty ones, the archangels, of Mi-ka-el and his blue; and Raphael and his emerald; of our beloved Uriel and his silver…feel for a moment the silver dream, that Keeper of Time; and here comes Jophiel, that beautiful, massive pirate with his flashing eyes and his black hair, and his cloak of garnet…magenta. And what about Gabrielle, our beautiful archangel, our golden archangel of joy? And feel Mother Mary, our beloved Mare’, and feel Jesus and Lord Maitreya, and the Buddha, and Sai Baba, and St. Teresa and St. Bernadette, St. Francis, Waka-na-taka, Grener and Ashira and Galea. And feel Yahweh, feel that presence of Father God.

Let the room you’re in or the house or the building be filled with this Council…of which you are a part. Let them come and join you in this beautiful community of love. Let them express to you how highly, not only that you are thought of but that they know you and that you are a part of this circle that serves the Mother, that has always served the Mother, even when think you took scenic detours, even when you thought you were alone and abandoned.

You, me, us, we’ve had times when we wavered, when we felt shaky and uncertain, but this Council of Love has never wavered, has always been there, will always be there with and for us, keeping the space of creation and love wide open.

So, let’s breathe a rainbow of pale pink, and neon green, and golden yellow, and mauve, and how about some purple and some blue. Breathe in the rainbow as if you’re tilting your chin and opening your mouth to the perfect rainbow sky and just breathe it in…and feel yourself expand and relax. You’re breathing in all those divine qualities, you’re breathing in the miracles and the particles of joy, of laughter, of love, of the sweetness of the promise that a rainbow brings, not only of the pot of gold but of a new start, of a fresh beginning…it’s like Michael’s signature.

Feel that rainbow go into your heart and your cells as if you’re turning effervescent as if you’re turning into the rainbow. And really anchor this feeling that every breath, every moment, every day is a new beginning.

Declare yourself to the world

St. Germaine: Greetings, I AM St. Germaine. Welcome my beloveds, welcome to this Council, to this circle, and to this class mentored and taught, over-lighted and underwritten by our Divine Mother. And I know each of you, with me, bows in supplication to Her and implores Her help in all things and in the transformation of humanity back to original plan, back to original design, back to the essence of love.

This morning, in this gathering called Saturday Conference Call, I have begun to address you and I have addressed you, asking you to write your name in violet in the air, in the water, on your desk, on your heart, and to declare yourself and your I AM Presence. To write it – that I AM Janet, I AM Mare’, I AM Tomas, I AM Marga, I AM, I AM, I AM!

Why? Why do I ask this, beseech you to do this? This entire class, this entire last several years has been about your ascended self. Note, I do not say ascending – yes, there has been much fru-for-all about ascension and rightfully so…but this is you, beloveds, declaring your ascended self.

Not in ways as boastful or egoic, not above or below any other being, but in the quiet certitude of your soul declaring your I AM Presence.

Because what is your I AM Presence? What is it? Is it that spark of the Mother/Father/One that you carry within you? Yes. Is it that spark of divinity that lives within you? Yes. Is it the love? Yes.

But what makes you different than someone waiting, hoping, wishing, ascending? It is claiming, it is claiming your sweet self. It is that decision based on your divine authority, based on the truth, the might, the beauty, the strength, the fortitude, and the humility of who you are. To be the love, to act with love, to speak with love, to listen with your heart, to speak with your heart, to know that nothing else matters other than love. And that if it is not of love, either within you or around you, then you do not engage. You may send…you are powerful senders…you may torch but you do not engage because you do not sully the purity of what you have gained. You do not choose to diminish the truth of your I AM.

So yes, I ask of you to declare yourselves, to stand up filled with humble pride and grateful knowing, to stand with me in honor to the Mother, in the deepest gratitude to the Father, that you have remembered, you have remembered that you are creator and that it is not simply a hit or miss, now and then, lucky you, that this is the truth and the fulfillment of who you are. This is your ascended self. The energy of creation, of all creation, is love. The action of creating is loving.

As you go forth, and my friends, there is no doubt you are going forth, we are going forth together, united in heart, united in purpose, united as one. As you go forth co-creating Nova Earth, cities of light, temples of wisdom, know that we are with you, I am with you and more importantly, the I AM is with you.

Go with my love. Farewell.