It is true you can see the future, for the future is what you will be creating and the future that brings you your heart desires. Channeled by Lee Degani.

We are the Angelic League from the angelic legions and we come to you today with this ball, with this crystal ball that you may look into it and see what the future holds. Yes, it is true you can see the future for the future is what you will be creating and the future that brings you your heart desires. So look into it now. Do you see the blue sky? Do you see the rippling waves? Do you see the sun shining down with its golden glow? Do you see us bouncing on the waves, the orbs there?

That is one way that we come to you. It is easy to connect [to]us when you are in a place of sacredness that is nature, whether it is the forest or a mountain or a lake or a stream or the ocean waves. You will find us there and we will help you bring to fruition that which you wish to bring into your life. And that which you wish to bring to bring healing to all of Gaia, to bring healing to all that lives upon Gaia, to the animals, to the trees, to the earthworms, to the bees.

We take your wishes and we bring them up high that they may be coded in a golden glow, the golden glow of the sun, and there they are whisked away to be given further codes so what you wish is then, you could say, is incorporated within.  The question is what is it that you will be creating? What is deepest within your heart? What is calling to you? What is singing to you? What is dancing in your very veins?

You are the ones that are chosen, chosen by the Mother, but the ones that you have chosen yourselves. Yes, you have chosen yourselves. And you have each been given a task to fulfill, but not a task that is arduous, a task that is filled with joy that will bring joy to the birds, joy to the rains, joy to all.

There is much that is trapped within the deep bowels of the earth and with your crystal ball you can release it. So look in it now, go deep within, underneath and what is yearning to be free? Do you not see the dark areas, the brown areas, the dwarves, the elementals, the ones that can only do their work if you call to them? Release them now, for they were buried long ago, and let them come up now. They are here to assist you. They are here to assist Gaia. They are here to help you bring what you wish to fruition.

Yes, it is true that each blade of grass has an angel singing to it. That each thought you have has an angel thinking it with you. That each word you say has an angel speaking, that each thought you [have] has an angel thinking. We are the League of Angels from the legions and what you think of as angels can be many things. But we are the energies that are attached and part of every essence of the universe.

Call on us. We come with delight.  We come with our crystal ball. We come to assist thee, that you may be filled with the utmost joy.

Farewell.  We love you. And as we love you, you in turn love us, for it can be no other way. Farewell.

By Permission.