Our entreaty to each of you as teachers, as healers, as wayshowers, as pathfinders, as guardians, as gatekeepers, as pillars, is that you are the role models. You are setting the new paradigm of true communication upon this planet – and of course it is communication that is based in Love.


Heavenly Blessings ~ March 8, 2018

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 8:29 to 17:47]


Galea of Neptune: Greetings, I AM Galea.

Suzi: Welcome!

Galea: And welcome to you! And thank you for your kind and generous invitation to return in conversation, in heart connection, in unity, connectedness, and balance, to have this conversation particularly with those of you of the human collective who are ardent and committed, determined, and understanding of the importance of kind and gentle communication.

You know, even when the strongest, most urgent communication is uttered – say, upon a bridge, whether it is of the Neptune or elsewhere – the command, say, to catch an errant bomb, is uttered with love. It is given with the honoring and the confidence in those who are our peaceful warriors, our engineers, our scientists that we know they have the brilliance and capacity to do their jobs, to fulfill the commitment that we have made to the Mother, to the human race, to Gaia and far beyond to fulfill their job, to fulfill their mission and purpose.

And embedded in that honoring – even though afterward there is a “Thank you!” or a “Job well done!” – even before that occurs, there is the reverence and the thank you, the gratitude that you know that those that are working on such a mission are going to do their best work, their best effort. It is a sacred honoring.

So the expression of the command, which is really only an expression of intent, of “Please do this. I intend that you will catch those bombs” – it is a communal effort. And because of the way in which, as we say, the most urgent command is issued, there is a solidarity of understanding of how we are united in the sacred purpose, in the service to the Mother, the service to you, and to each other.

Sometimes there are heroic feats – and I use that word literally “heroic feats” – that are accomplished by the individual, that are accomplished by a team. And while the individual or the team is acknowledged, there is always this greater subtle understanding/agreement that is communicated, shared that it is a unified effort – that all pieces, all individual actions, behaviors, thoughts, commitments create the situation where every person not only contributes but is acknowledged.

Now why do I start here this day?

Because our entreaty to each of you as teachers, as healers, as wayshowers, as pathfinders, as guardians, as gatekeepers, as pillars, is that you are the role models. You are setting the new paradigm of true communication upon this planet – and of course, it is communication that is based in love. Because the most important facet of genuine communication is the realization in every word, every conversation, every interaction, it is as if – because you are – speaking with the Mother; you are speaking on behalf of the Mother; the Mother is speaking to you and through you.

And when you bring it to that level, there is a realization that harmony and balance and honoring and love and joy, and the whole array of Divine Qualities, is truly what communication in every aspect of that word is really about.

Upon the planet of Earth, you have begun to practice Saedor, and that is the balanced Mother-led, heartfelt, heart-balanced, consciousness-balanced form of communication.

Now, that is not to say that there are not many conversations that still have need upon your planet to exist in Perro. In fact, even as we have conversations – yes, they are not public conversations, but have no doubt that these conversations are taking place – as we have conversations with some of your appointed people upon the planet, we have a tendency also to employ Perro, which is basically fact-based conversation that is devoid of challenge or emotionality.

Because in shutting down the need for superiority or threatening behavior on any side, there is a transmission and an exchange of information that can – and is – and does – and will take place. So there is most certainly extraordinary ample room for Perro to be practiced upon your planet.

Now there are another two forms of communication that we are hoping and assisting to be consciously avoided – not completely eliminated, but certainly a marked or dramatic decrease upon your planet – and that is the level of what you think of as strictly emotional speaking or communication, and our term for that, as you know, is called Paca. And this is coming from your need to help others, from your own sense of insufficiency, to communicate the level of your emotional climate, shall we say.

It may or may not communicate accurate information insofar as what we would call “factual” or “objective” information, so it has been often used – and correctly used, by the way – in the processing, shall we say, of core issues or vasanas or heartfelt, love-felt, in a lower sense of the meaning, heart to heart communication, but it has also been used as emotional blackmail.

And we talk about this in terms of the collective, not the lightworker community, and this is what you are helping to reduce and eradicate – not eradicating the memory or the knowledge or the recognition of when this form of communication is being used but marking it and understanding it for what it is.

So this level of emotional communication has a need to be significantly reduced.

Now a variation on that is also called Badu, and that is a communication which is also emotional, but it is more strident. Think of it in this way: it is a call to arms; it is a call to action.

You see this a great deal – incorrectly used, might we say – in political arenas, in arenas that are committed to a particular cause, and there is a high degree not only of emotionality but a high degree of manipulation – and manipulation of what we would call “facts” or “objective information”. And this is what is being used a great deal in totalitarian situations – and we don’t just mean those that are obviously totalitarian but those that are subtly totalitarian.

So what it does is it makes you feel first of all less-than, or that you are empowered to take action because your freedom, your sense of self, your rights are being threatened, and so it is an inappropriate call to arms. When there is a true Saedor discussion about how to proceed, that is one thing. When you are talking about Badu, what you are talking about is violence; you are talking about mind control; you are talking about follow-the-leader when the leader has maligned intentions.

So what you are doing, my beloved sisters and brothers, as the wayshowers you are progressing into the use of language that is truly based on heart consciousness, on heart knowing, yes, on Divine Authority, but on your right and your influence – not control – but your influence on others to say, “I am of love, you are of love, and this is how we can proceed together in mutuality, in collegiality, in cooperation,” knowing that a conversation is sometimes – particularly during these times of change – a blend of both Perro and of Saedor.

But we urge you to avoid, particularly in your role modeling, this conversation of emotionality or the more destructive form of Badu, which is emotionality and a blending of fact, or in fact lies.

So this is what I come to speak of this day. Where do you wish to begin?

And then there is the further conversation, sweet angels, of how you truly communicate which is through intent, through telepathy, through body language, through the simple presence of your being. And this is what you are growing and assuming as the implementers of our beloved Mother’s Plan.

So, sweet Suzanne, where do you wish to begin this day?

Suzi: Oh, by thanking you for coming to talk to us. It’s always a joy. And what you were just speaking to about non-verbal communication, it just seems so obvious that I’ll just say it.

When you are in a room with other people, your field communicates everything about you. People may or may not be conscious of it, they may not understand how it is that they’re being affected by your field, but we do need to be really conscious because when you’re with other people… maybe it would be a good idea to start playing with the idea that we’re all empathic and that we all can feel one another, and to just be really consciously aware of what we’re putting out and what we’re leaking out into the world.

Galea: Of course you are all empathic! It is one of the built-in traits of not only being of star stuff, but of being of human star stuff. It is the nature of who you are.

So often, if you back up a little, human beings collectively, and individually, of course, have turned off their ability to be empathic. Or they have, even more sadly, denied it because the old paradigms, the old grids, the false grids of hatred, of greed, of control, of lack, of limitation bombarded the field of the individual and the collective. And so there was denial of that ability to read what you think of not only as intent but actuality of what is being held in an individual’s field, and then, of course, being translated, activated into action, behavior, situations, etc.

So the empathic nature of the human being was turned down somewhat, dialed down somewhat. And it was dialed down, dear hearts, not by your guides or the Divine or us; it was dialed down by your sweet selves. But the natural ability of human beings as empaths has always been present, so it is peculiar when we witness individuals who say, “Well, I am empathic,” as if that is something unusual, when in fact it is simply the birthright of who everybody is.

So when one accepts that we would say, if you look at it as percentages, your field transmissions account for about 50-60% of your communication.

Suzi: Oh, wow!

Galea: Then your telepathic – and we aren’t talking even conscious telepathic – it is when you sit there, and you look at someone across the room and you say: “that guy’s an asshole” – that is felt! And when you also look at somebody and say: “that person’s an angel” – that is felt!

And let us suggest to you… no, let us just tell you that that is about another 30-40% of your communication. And it not only travels… say you are in a restaurant… it not only travels from you to the individual that you are hopefully not judging but discerning and sending a telepathic message to. It gives that message to every single person in the restaurant, bouncing one to one to one to one, then it bounces outside to everyone in the community, then it bounces across your state, across your continent, and across the planet!

Now think about defensive behaviors, about the denial of being empathic, because who wants to hear, dear hearts, that they are thought of as an asshole! And similarly, they also often do not want to hear that they are thought of as angelic, because then there is the fear “oh, what if I don’t live up to that?” rather than the simple, quiet acceptance of the compliment.

Then there is the telepathy that is conscious that you are sending out. So telepathy is a huge portion of what you are transmitting in your field. So there is simply you, your essence that is absolutely a transmitter, a beacon of light – or not – throughout the planet, and then there is your telepathy.

Then, within your conscious and unconscious communication, there is also the transmission of your field; there is also inside that communication – written, oral, silent, it matters not – there is the transmission of your telepathic impressions, thoughts, communications inside that… all your intentions, all your thoughts, all your opinions.

So, in fact, what you think of as written and oral communication, which is 10-20%, contains the rest of it.

So you have this expression about “being careful with your words” and you have no idea – well, you do now! – about truly what is being put into that level of communication.

Now we talk about the “unspoken communication” and that is also with you, with your guides, to yourself, and to the Mother. So you might be giving, for example, lip service to speaking out loud: “I am working on my body; I am working on formulating a meaningful, loving relationship; I am working on world peace,” and inside the silent conversation to yourself, the telepathic, the emotional, the Paca conversation to yourself is saying, “You don’t deserve that. Who do you think you are? Why do you think you can do that?”

And so your intent is being defeated, that internal conversation, the unspoken words that you are literally speaking to yourself or that you are speaking to another person. So you are having a loving relationship, say, with your sibling and you are saying, “You know, I am really gaining trust in you and we’re closer than we’ve ever been,” but on the subtle level you’re saying, “I’ll only trust you so far; I still remember that time when I was 12 years old and you hurt me; I remember when you stole my boyfriend; I remember when you told our parents about what I did wrong.” So there is that subtle, unspoken conversation that is also going on.

Now I do not wish – so I express it to you and I express it to all of you – I do not wish to in any way appear to reduce the level of transmission that each of you, my beloveds, are truly having. In fact, we would not be having this out-loud conversation with you if you were not at a point where you are actually, consciously – and unconsciously, by the way – adjusting your communication to truly be in alignment not only with the Mother’s heart but with your heart.

But in discussing this and all the levels of what is truly transpiring, you also are coming to a place of recognition not only of your, yes, your responsibility, your stewardship as communicators in every meaning of that word, but yourself as teachers and role models and mentors for the collective as well.

There is no one, no matter how dismissively or ardently or distractedly they speak to you, there is no one who does not wish to hear gentleness, kindness, words of encouragement, words of affirmation.

And you say to me: “Well, Galea, how do you speak to someone who is issuing perhaps in a political realm and is speaking in Badu and giving incorrect information, or inflaming the emotions of the collective to go in a direction that we know is not for the highest good? How do we give them words of affirmation?”

Subtly and actually, you can say: “I see that innocent person who is so desperate for love that they want the acknowledgment that they have the potential for leadership, for igniting the hearts and minds of others.” You can acknowledge that innocent soul, you can even acknowledge their capacity, their talent for oratory, but you do not bring acceptance or praise to the content and to the method by which they are going about their level of communication.

And much of this, sweet ones, is already transmitted through your field, through your thoughts, through your behaviors. But what we are asking of you is to begin having those perhaps silent – and actual – but mostly silent, unspoken conversations. That 20% needs to be filled in.

Is this clear?

Suzi: Yes. Yes, it is, very much. We just need to perceive ourselves as the constant and steady transmitters that we are and be really responsible for it.

Galea: And you are at a place… for years, you and we have spoken of the unity consciousness, of the unified grid, of your new grids which have been reinforced, and have been reinforced in terms of this unifying factor. And your unity grid is not only connecting you to all upon Gaia; it also connects you to us, which you may or may not have been aware of, that we are unified in a stronger grid than ever before.

So, in fact, we are speaking to you, and particularly to you who will listen to us, that will hear us with your hearts, with your minds, with the totality of your beings because you are in alignment. So we are having this conversation, and we are having this conversation with the collective of humanity as well – and as I said, we are also having this communication in actuality, in Perro, with some of those who are parts of scientific communities as well as political communities.

But we are inviting you to join this conversation because it is the subtle conversations through your field, through your telepathic capacity, through your truly being clear about what you are saying and not saying, that it is important that you join the conversation as well.

Yes, as the channel has said prior to us meeting in this way, it is an invitation for us to be able to be more clearly revealing our presence upon the planet.

There are many of you, both subtly and very consciously, who are in very close communication, physical communication, with us. The number of, shall we say, interdimensional, galactic and human relationships that are being formed, the marriages, the unions that are taking place, the children that are being born, has exploded.

But the presence of our being upon the planet needs to become more public because there is so much that we truly want to share, but the level of interaction, for our sake and for yours, needs to be based more firmly on a level of Saedor communication. Yes, we can and do revert to Perro, but our hearts’ desire, our mission, and purpose, the way that we communicate, is in Saedor.

So when we come up against those who wish to speak from emotional manipulation, from a place of lack rather than fullness, we recognize it, but we do not engage in those conversations. We will transmit, but we will not engage.

Suzi: All right. I have [a question] … well, it’s not exactly non-related because everything is related. I would like some confirmation if it’s available around the US president. Is he in conscious, aware communication with benevolent extraterrestrial beings? Is that why he’s giving all indications that he plans on ramping up even more fossil fuel extraction? I get that he’s a negotiator, but please let us know that whatever takes place can be cleaned up and rectified in a timely fashion.

Galea: This one is not aware.

Suzi: He’s not?

Galea: No. No, he has glimpses… No. He is very self-engaged, shall we say. Now there are conversations, Perro conversations, that have and do take place but no, this one is very self-engaged. Yes, of course, the damage that is done to your beloved Gaia can and will be rectified, and it will not proceed. So be very clear upon that as well.

Suzi: All right. So we’re in for much bigger changes than we even think about right now?

Galea: The changes that you are facing, and that is why it is so important that the power of your being, that 50-60% and the rest, that it fully be implemented, recognized… and put to work! Because the level of changes that are about to take place are monumental – far beyond what appears to be evident.

Suzi: And it feels like it’s happening right now. I mean we’re not even saying “soon”. It’s like happening now, right?

Galea: No, it is already underway.

Suzi: So it’s really like a war going on because ‘team darkness’ is fighting to the last breath? Is that what’s going on?

Galea: Now let us be clear. And we are glad that you have brought this up. We won’t engage in war and we ask you not to either. You are the mightiest peacekeepers. You are the peaceful warriors that are known throughout the omniverse.

Now, do peacekeepers wander into places of darkness, of recalcitrance, of deep discordance? Yes, they most certainly do. Do we stop bombs? More than you know – and so do you. And you go to places where you comfort and you speak heart to heart to many.

What we are asking of you is “let’s reframe the conversation” because what you feel is that you are battling the darkness. And what you are really doing through your light, through your essence – through your subtle, telepathic, actual conversations – is you are embracing that darkness to such a level that it can’t exist.

Is it like the stubborn two-year-old throwing tantrums? Yes. And is that not annoying? Yes. Humorous? Yes. Delaying? Yes. But it is being addressed – but it is not being addressed by violence; it is not being addressed by removing people, by punishing them. It is being addressed, although some of them have certainly, yes… do not forget about putting people in containment. Let us tell you: containment is full at the moment!

Suzi: Haha, I don’t doubt that!

Galea: But let us also suggest that some of these catalysts are being allowed to act out because what the collective – and you most certainly, beloved sisters and brothers – what you are saying is “No!” And you are saying “No more!” And you are saying “Never again!”

So it is acting out, so you are seeing those whispers, those remnants. Yes, we know they don’t look insubstantial, but in fact, they are! You are seeing those remnants, those shards, so that you say, “This is never going to be permitted and acceptable again.”

And it is being brought to conclusion, but not in a bloody war where one is the victor and one is subservient, one is lying on the ground. You are extending your hands and you are lifting them up, and you are transmitting to them and you are saying, “Beloved, you have a choice. Come and walk with us or let me assist you in ways that are kind and loving to return to the Mother. No, I am not going to kill you. I’m not even going to punish you. But I am going to show you that there is no choice. Join us or depart!”

Suzi: Right! Exactly. Well, okay, so I have this fun little question to end with [laughing] about what personal craft might be available to us to travel around? Right now, traveling by airline is not that much fun. Will we be able to create our little, you know, personal transportation devices that don’t involve traveling on highways? [Laughter]

Galea: No, you will not, but let us give you this gift. These are the gifts that we will bring, and these are the gifts that we are bringing. And some of you are already, shall we say, in the ‘trial phase’! So yes, highways as you know them – and let us also say fossil fuels as you know them – are and will be a thing of the past.

Suzi: Okay. Will we be able to travel, not in a bilocation kind of way, but to bring our physical presence to a place far away without actually…

Galea: Yes, you are already bilocating magnificently, some more than others. And some of you, let us suggest to you, you say, “Oh, I think I would like to bilocate,” and you are working and working and working and nothing is happening. Dear hearts, you are intended to stay at home! So take that guidance as well.

But yes, there will be portals and there will be what you can think of as small space vehicles, and then larger ones as well.

Suzi: That’s very lovely. I am so looking to all of that and to having our in-person, face to face contact with you all, and working together on the surface to clean things up. It’s just all very exciting, and you have so many on the surface that are really just ready to do this.

Galea: We have so many of you that are not only prepared but are already working, and that is why we simply say, “Can we add this other ingredient of upping communication?

Suzi: Yes, please! [Laughing]

Galea: Yes, thank you, beloveds! Thank you and farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon