With the rays, the particles are opened and filled each time you focus on a specific color. Channeled by Lee Degani.

We are the Masters. We come to you as three although we really are of the whole. But we say to you three so that you can comprehend that we are three energies that have come together. We are the masters of the purple ray and this we oversee. And yes, we work with St. Germaine and we work with you.

The colors and the rays are in each particle, each particle of air you breathe, each particle of you, dear one, each particle that makes up your hands and your feet and your eyes and your ears, your nose and your mouth, for you are made up of particles. Yes, you have your physical body, that is particles much more condensed. But with the rays, the particles are opened and filled each time you focus on a specific or particular color.

There is such a thing as mastery but there is such a thing as no mastery. And yes, you are masters but this is not to say that others that are not quite where you are, are not masters. All are masters and on their own journeys. So when one is within the depths and in the place where you do not wish to visit, they become a master of that place. If you look back at what you have been the master of, this is a way of recalibrating, reframing the experience so that you understand that you have been a master all along. This is what we come to teach you as masters of the purple ray.

Take a child who is learning to ice skate and keeps falling. The child becomes the master of falling.  But it is with that falling that the child then can go on to the next step and skate without falling as much. And so the child becomes the master of the next step. Do we look back and say, “Oh, falling was not a good thing.”  Falling enabled the child to take the next step.

So when you look back, can you see each step you’ve been in, that you have been the master of that. And when you were in the despair you were the master of despair and when you were in the grief, you were the master of grief. But when you step outside and look at it now, you can say yes, yes, I was the master of all this and it doesn’t bother me to think of that. I see now how it led to where I am now.

So when you take the next step and you fall into what you may term the lower vibration, you recognize that you are there. So can you not say you are the master of that? But you are also the master of being aware and knowing the steps to take to bring yourself right back up.

It can be a smooth ride, beloveds if you just look at each step as mastery. And when you do that, there is an expansion. There is an expansion of each particle and the beautiful purple color that is within that particle expands as well. And it serves somewhat like the icing on the cake, sometimes delicious to just take a dip of that icing with your finger.

I leave you now knowing that you are a master. I leave you with love.

By Permission.