The child lives in the now and it is in the moment that is the breath of God. Channeled by Lee Degani.

I am Metatron, servant of thee. I come when called and I come to assist all that call upon me. And yes, I work with the children. I work with many but the children are dear to my heart. And they have come to bring you a message of love. Their purity and their sanctity and the treasures within them are just waiting to be discovered. They are showing you, beloveds, that you have the sanctity, the purity and the treasures within you as well.

What you fear and what fear arises from is separation, is separation from Source, from One, in whatever terms you would like to name Source. It matters not which name you give for it is the vibration that matters. And you are connected at all times to Source, to Mother/Father/One, but it is the illusion of being separated that brings you the sadness, that brings you the overwhelm, that brings the despair, that brings you the lack and the limitation.

The child lives in the now, lives in the knowingness that there is no separation. Watch a child run…run in the field, smell the flowers, twirl around with the delight of the sun. There is no separation. And no matter what you feel you have done or have not done throughout your life, throughout your many lives, there has never been separation.

So, let me bring you now to the throne where I sit so that I may fill you with my love, with the knowingness that there is no separation. And that each part of thee will come to know this and you will learn, as a child does, that it is to be in the moment that is the breath of God. It is the magic, it is the delight. Come sit with me and let me fill you.

And now I give to you a feather pen and ask you to write, “I am love, I am the beloved of God, I am joy, I am connected every moment.” I leave this feather pen with you that it will remind you of who you are. So take it and write. Write “I am love” and you will understand that there is no separation.

I am Metatron, magnetic being. I have walked the earth with thee and I walk the earth with you now as well for there is no separation.

Farewell, I love you. I love you as you love your child. I love you for you are my child as well.  Farewell.

By Permission.

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