Heart speak…this is the original way…this is the way I communicate and conjoin with thee.

Universal Mother Mary


So, let’s begin. Let’s open up our crowns wide open and just for the safety and fun of it, let’s go to the 13th Octave …click…click…click…click.

Now come down to your solar plexus, to where your diaphragm is, and even put your hand there, and take a nice deep breath of that wonderful lemon yellow – and they’re having me align you and me and all of us with the UFOG symbol…for those of you who know it go ahead and use it – and bring yourself into your solar plexus, into the seat of your will.

And there’s a universal theme right now and that theme is “what do you want… what does your heart desire?” Of course, this is what we are going to be talking about in “Conscious Creating with the Mother,” that wonderful new webinar class offered to you courtesy of the Council of Love…enough of free advertising!

Breathe yellow and think of something you’d like to say…maybe it’s because you’ve been disappointed in a personal situation, maybe it’s something you’re saying to the entire collective, or your family, or your children, or your spouse, or your best friend, or your sister. Just think of something that you may have been holding on to because you didn’t know how to say it.

Now, look at it, or feel it, or sense it, perceive it…we all have different ways…and break it apart, break it apart as if you’re breaking a grapefruit in half, or maybe one-third/two-thirds. Get rid of, and we are going to dispose of, the part of what you would say that expresses less than, that might attach to the old grid of fault, or blame, or shame is a big one, guilt. So, we are going to take that portion of what you wish to express that doesn’t really need to be included and we’re going to drop it down through our beautiful amber, liquid honey chakra, or our belly button, and we are going to start spinning it out…back to the light…and then what’s left still we’re going to drop it down into our tummy, our sacral bright orange, into our pubic.

Now let some of that transformation to take place, because this is where we birth things, and we can birth and transmute and use that Universal Law of Change and Transmutation inside our body as we’re getting rid of what we don’t want to say, of the anger we don’t want to express, because we really want to speak from our hearts.

Drop it down to your root and let it flow down, down your red cord into the heart of Gaia. Go right down through the carpet or the floor, the tile, through the earth, the gaseous layers, until you see Gaia, this beautiful, wondrous being…I tend to see her as an old wise woman…and hand it to her to finish the transmutation so that she will complete it and turn it into pure light and love to nourish the earth and the planet.

Now, come back up to your solar plexus and again feel, or see, or hear what you want to say and who you want to say it to. So, if it’s a person, feel them that they’re sitting next to you or standing by you, or that there’s a whole arena that you are talking to and let’s bring that up through our Halion bridge, that bridge between what we think of as our higher and lower chakras, and bring it into your heart and feel your tri-flame…especially your Pink Diamond.

Fill this communication with love, and let’s bring it up to your high heart and let’s fill it with peace and harmony and balance. Now, bring it up to your clavicle…which is lurion, that pinky-mauve, Electra blue and feel that ashen blue as well…and feel that it is beginning to formulate into oral, verbal communication. And bring it up to your throat and swallow, or clear your throat if you need to, so that your words are clear and that you’re really heard. And while we’re at it, make sure that your voice, your mouth of God between your occipitals, is wide open as well.

Now, while you’re in your throat, bring down, from the 13th Octave, the purity of the white light, down through your crown, through the Violet Flame…let it collect more energy – the I AM Presence…through your brain which is going to transmit and help you speak these wonderful words, down into your throat. And feel this expansion…the Healers of Tralana are very present right now; there’s these white sparks and pink sparks flying…feel your throat chakra as broad as your shoulders…and keep going.

Now, let this heart speaking come up into your mouth, working with your vocal box, with your heart, with your will, with your brain. And in the silence let’s just say it out loud, let yourself feel what heart speaking feels like…go ahead and say what you need to say…

Good. Good. And maybe you want to practice this and then start doing it, start forming this new pattern of how we communicate with each other as ascended beings. This is part of our ascension. This is part of the shift of where we’re going. So, it’s worth…my gosh it’s worth paying attention to.



Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare’. Universal Mother, Mother of hope, Mother of change, and yes, beloved ones, Mother of communication. And do not forget not merely to ask for my assistance, but the assistance of Archangel Gabrielle, for she is the one that I have tasked and in joyous service she works and blesses all communication.

So, it is not simply verbal, it is body language, it is eyes, it is smiles, it is frowns, every part of you, beloveds, speaks almost continually. And part of being Nova Being is not only hearing and listening to what others are saying to you, verbally and non-verbally…and when I say others I mean humans, galactics, unseen, Council, and I…you hear, you listen, and you listen to what people express physically and verbally. But in the balance, in the sweet balance and blossoming of who you are, speak with your heart.

Yes, we have brought you to your solar plexus because that is where you often store what you want to say, what you will to say, but perhaps have not found a way, the avenue, or the correct approach…but it passes through your heart. But by coming from your solar plexus, what you are also doing is claiming and speaking and communicating with your divine authority.

Now, again we suggest to you, we tell you, when you speak with divine authority you speak on our behalf, with us…not us overriding, not channeling…but on your behalf with your authority to speak and to claim your birthright of freedom. And then to bring that communication to be filled with love, filled with harmony, filled with My gift of clarity so that others not only hear you, they listen to you. That they are able to take, not just the words, not just the facial expressions, but the energy of your communication, of your love, and to bring it into their field…not as invasive but as a gift of love, a gift of sharing a unified field, a gift of truly heart speaking.

Your existence upon the planet was never intended merely to be about the practical…what bus should I catch? what time is supper? what time do I need to be at that meeting? what is it that you want me to do?…it was intended to be an experience of joy. This life is intended to be an experience in form, of love! That is My Dream, that is My Plan, and you are the fulfillment of this plan.

So, it is not merely the recitation of practical information. When you say to somebody “the bus to take is the 293” and you fill that information with love that says “and as you travel know that you are loved and that you are surrounded by angels and that you are taken care of because you are worthy and sacred”…and yes, it can be said in the most practical way. So, it is everything from what you thought of as simply function to the expression of your heart’s desires, your dreams of what you are choosing to bring forth, express, and experience on planet.

There is no room for the old. It has served a purpose of great awakening and it is blessed and released as you bless and release those who wish to cling, for the time being. But understand, in heart speaking and in heart listening, you are saying to those people “there is another way and I invite you, with the totality of my being, I invite you to join me in this adventure of love.”

This is the new way and this, sweet ones, is the old way…this is the original way. This is the way I speak to your hearts. This is the way I conjoin with thee.

Go with my love. Go with my words of love and the energy of my love. Farewell.