Heart Listening: The Primary Element of the Ascended Self

Universal Mother Mary

Saturday Conference Call

Linda Dillon               Channel for the Council of Love



So, let’s begin, let’s begin by going to the 13th Octave all together. And today we’re going to make sure we add a fourth click and on that fourth click you make sure that you are anchored firmly in your body, in the 13th Octave in your body, and firmly anchored in the heart of Gaia.

So, you bridge your fingertips together…go into your heart, go into the seat of your soul, into your tri-flame and see that brilliant Blue Diamond of the Mother, and that brilliant Golden Diamond of our Father, and sweet angels of light, the radiant Pink Diamond that you are. And take a nice deep breath of emerald green, the color of the 13th Octave and the color of your heart chakra.

And on the first click…click…feel yourself going over that rainbow bridge, that rainbow bridge that connects you from this physical reality dimension into the 13th Octave…this is the beginning of our journey…it’s the bridge to your sacred temple where your masters and guardians await you.

And on the second click…click…feel yourself exiting your temple being swooped up and wrapped up in Archangel Gabrielle’s wings and going  up that golden spiral at the speed of love. And hear the angelic chorus singing your praises, singing the hosanna’s and the hallelujah’s and your sacred names. And feel yourself arriving at the foot of the throne and Gabrielle is unfurling her wings and bringing you home and showing you the treasure that you are and always have been.

And on the third click…click…feel yourself being embraced and surrendering into the heart of the Mother/the Father/the One, that you are becoming the unity, the trinity…and baby, you are home.

And maintaining that place of union, feel yourself as if your red chord out of your chakra, your root, is anchoring you firmly down through your body and down into the heart of Gaia so that you are home and you are here on Terra Gaia…click.

Now, I want you to bring that emerald green, that love chakra, into all of your chakras. So, let’s go up and start at your crown…and it’s not overriding the ray and the energy of that chakra, you’re just adding a little emerald heart, like a drop of water or a little flame, into that chakra so that we’re bringing the heart love into every center of our being. So, into the lavender, the violet, in your crown…

And today Mother Mary asks us to bring it into our fifth eye, which is right there at the top of your forehead, at your hairline – and that’s the color of blue tanzanite – little heart…got it; into the third eye, in the center of your forehead, the magenta, yes; into your fourth eye, which is between your brows, the grayelsha, the silvers…

Into your beautiful throat. Let’s add an emerald heart in the middle of that beautiful blue, our center for change…

And into our lurion, the blue-lavender, also our center for communication…

Down to your high heart, your center for harmony and peace, your thymus…

Into your heart…

Into your Halion center, your bridge out to your star family. Let’s add a little emerald heart into that mint green and Halion blue…

Down into your sacral, into your brilliant yellow…let it shine through…you’re looking good…

Into your belly button, your umbilical…now this is a unique chakra because this is our chakra for elimination. So, when we’re clearing or getting rid of debris, when the old is leaving and the new is coming…our umbilical’s are very busy these days so don’t be surprised if you’re feeling a lot of activity in your tummies. So, let’s plant some emerald hearts in there…

And down into your tummy, into your center of creativity…this is our time, not of creating in the ethers, but of creating in our lives, creating on our planet. So let’s, in the middle of that juicy orange, let’s plant a nice bright emerald heart…

And down to your pubic…again brick, the color of the red rock of Sedona, let’s…this is how we create a Nova Earth…let’s put an emerald heart there…

And into your root, into that brilliant red…our life-force, our vitality…we need this, we need our strong, healthy, vibrant, sexy, attractive, balanced, vital bodies!

And work with this in the upcoming weeks. Bring the love into all your bodies; into your knees, into your calves, into your hips, into your rear-end. Every part of your body is precious, so let’s just smother it in love.



Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of hope, Mother of change, Mother of love, and yes, I always wish to remind you, Mother, sweet angel, of who you are. There can be no separation…it has always been thus. And the illusion of isolation, of separation, of distance, of loneliness, of yearning, has been of human manipulation. No, I do not say this in the way of judgement or critique, but simply the acknowledgement of the journey that you have been on.

Let me make it more clear…I, Father and I, Source, One, Spirit, All, have never separated from you, from thee. We have never separated from the collective. Such a fissioning is not in my heart, it is not of my creation, and it, most certainly, is not of my love.

Many of you are parents, and those of you who have chosen a different path in this lifetime have also been parents many times, and in fact, you may be parents in many different ways to very many different people in this life. There are times, as parents, that you have stood back to allow your beloved children to find their way, to claim their authority, to find their power, to find their passion, to find their sense of self. And this is a necessary part of their growth…and sometimes the hardest task of parenting…because that artificial sense that is sometimes introduced, of separation, is not of truth and it most certainly isn’t of the heart of how you feel. Sweet angels, that is how it is with us.

There have been times when you have been allowed your scenic detours, the power of your rightful birthright of decision making and choice, free will. We do not interfere with this. But that never meant that we went anywhere; it never meant that we were separated. Perhaps how you felt was that we were quiet, that direction was not so clearly given…and that is why today I wish to speak to you about heart listening.

Hear what I say…heart listening is the beginning and primary element of the ascended self!

Yes, that is quite a statement, but as we begin this journey of recognition, of acceptance, of surrender and expansion with you, you have need to know, understand, accept, what this New You looks like and what it feels like…and heart listening is the starting point.

So often you have said, “I wish I could hear you, Mother” or “I wish I could hear you more clearly.” How you do this, bright one, is through listening with your heart. That is why we have activated all the receptors in all your chakras and all your bodies. And yes, this meditation that we have just completed reinforces that activation and attunement.

When I say “heart listening” I am not merely referring that you anchor in your heart, which is the starting point, but that you don’t just listen with your heart, you listen, you receive, and you perceive with the entirety of your being, that you allow the love. That is all. Yes, as I have repeatedly said to the channel…“Powered by heart, fueled by love”…so your motor, your  instrument is your heart.

But think of it in this way…your entire being, all of your quantum fields, all your chakras, all your meridians, every sensory point on your body, on your skin, is a receptor for listening. What is listening other than receiving? And how do you give, how do you share…even in accordance with Universal Law? You do not share unless you have received. You cannot give with the fullness of who you are unless you are receiving.

When you listen with your heart, you are receiving the full portent, the amazing portent, not only of everything that I, and we, have to share,  you are receiving the full, amazing, phenomenal portent, content, of everything that your higher and above that, your universal self has to share.

Because each of you perceive and receive in different ways, it is not just words, it is love. And that love comes as visions, as scent, as knowing, as intuition, as a clarity. I have been flooding you with my clarity and grace, my purity and awe, so that the flow of this unified field of your receptor self is wide open…the Tsunami flows through you and back again and again and again and again.

In this, the clarity of truly hearing, not just information, but of listening, of receiving, and from that of being able to hear what individuals, what small groups, and what the collective is asking for and telling you becomes clear. And in your ability to be the answer…to be the answer, to be the wayshower, to be the transmitter, to be…the fulfillment of My Dream…flows clearly.

Beloved daughters, sons, angels of my heart…heart listening…let us begin. It is already underway. Claim your ascended self; claim your ability to truly listen with the fullness of who you are.

I am talking to you and I anticipate that you are listening.


Channeled by Linda Dillon