See the golden bubbles of joy in the water… that is our gift to you! Channeled by Lee Degani.

Hello, I am your dolphin friend. I don’t give a name for I come as the collective of dolphins. Well, we have our individual names but for today’s purpose, (laugh) it’s kind of funny ‘cause I could say ‘porpoise’, I come to bring you some comfort and some joy and some laughter.

The past few weeks have been intense, intense for all of us for we feel what you feel. We laugh when you laugh but we also cry when you cry because the tears that you shed we take and turn into tears of joy. But we represent love and joy and we understand that sometimes you cannot be in that place. But now come and swim with us and let us show you the treasures that await you, the treasures that can be yours as of this moment.

Come see the golden bubbles in the water. Every golden bubble is of joy! Perhaps you do not see them normally when you look into the ocean or take a dip, but see them now with our eyes. Ah. Pop one! It’s fun to do! Take one! Can you put it on your nose like we do and toss it up into the air? That is what we do to help bring you joy, to bring you our love. And in doing so we remind you to find the delight in every moment, in the play, in the coming skin to skin, in the rubbing of noses, in the flapping of the tails.

Swirl around. Twirl around as though you are in the water. Twirl around even if you’re not in the water! It doesn’t matter. What matters is those bubbles of joy will appear around you as you do this. They are yours for the taking. They are yours for the popping. Go, pop one! Do you see how the joy explodes? That is our gift to you. And so when you question why you have gone backwards instead of forwards, when you thought you had become that which is to become and you find yourself in the last few weeks of this quite intense period, mind you, of feeling that you are no longer in that joy, there is a purpose and yes a porpoise to that!

But we have not left you. We have not left your side. And we are with you every moment. You just need to call on us and feel us. We are right there helping you, helping you through the tears, helping you through the sorrow, helping you through the questioning. And when you know that you are not in the place you wish to be, call on us and we will pop bubbles of joy with you.

Yes, do you see who is laughing right over there? That is Gabrielle. Oh, how she loves those bubbles of joy! So take them now. Dance with them, jump up and down with them. Sit under one. Play. Connect with each other. Perhaps you can even take a bubble of joy and bounce it back and forth!

That is the answer beloved.  That is the answer to your question. And believe. Believe that it is all true, for it is. I leave you now to go back into the ocean waves. You will find us there anytime. Just call on us. We love you.

By Permission.

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