I am gifting you with the awareness that you are in a higher plane…you are already there!


Ascension – You’re Already There!

Universal Mother Mary

Saturday Conference Call

Linda Dillon               Channel for the Council of Love



Linda Dillon: So let’s begin…and this is me speaking as Linda Dillon, but it’s also me speaking as Universal Mother Mary and certainly on behalf of the entire Council of Love. And I don’t think that it’s any coincidence that we’re having this conversation today, on the Epiphany, on January 6, 2018…think of it…what a happy new year. And the whole idea…the Epiphany as you probably know, but you may not, was the time when the three magi, the wise men, came and they brought the gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh to Jesus. But really what that was about was the acknowledgement and the anchoring of that Christ Consciousness, of the presence of that level of beingness upon the planet.

And we all know the meaning of that word ‘epiphany’, that when we have those either sudden or quiet dawning of that huge ah ha moment. And what I’m suggesting to you today as we meet as this wonderful, sacred circle, as we’re so bonded together, not only in the 13th Octave but here on Gaia in the fulfillment of our joint mission, as it were, is that we’re having one of those huge ah ha moments.

So, I just want to back up a little bit because this sense of growing awareness, that we’ve already ascended, that we’re already in a new state of being, really began with my journey to the sacred stone circles last September; as you know that was a spirit quest that was directly put forward by the Council of Love. But that huge epiphany, for me, came when we got together on the Fall Equinox and as you know I was at Stonehenge. And as I was in the sacred circle of the stones at Stonehenge I was in deep meditation and even amongst all the melee – it was like Burning Man Festival – it was wonderful and it was crazy and it was a real love-in, so it was absolutely perfect.

But as I was sitting there and as I walked the sacred circle I knew, as I had realized in other visits to other sacred stone circles, that those pillars of stone that used to glow white, that were placed there well over 5000 BC years ago, that those stones had been placed there by our star family as a marker for a City of Light and as a landing pad, because it’s up on what we would think of as a mesa. But as I was watching the stones I saw the lintels, which are the flat stones that act as the portal doorway, as it were, the top of the doorway, I saw those stones absolutely blow off.

And what Grener of Ashira of Neptune, who is the head of the Intergalactic Council, was telling me was that those limitations, the grounding of the energy into that sacred circle was complete. And that the lintels were blown off because we were in a new reality, we were in certainly an interdimensional fullness of reality, and that the star beings were very present, and they certainly were in that Fall Equinox gathering.

So, I sat quietly with this and haven’t really even talked about a lot about it in a public way, but certainly with some who were with me at that time, we had had the conversation that we’re already there, that all the work, all the prep, all that clearing that we’ve done, was really in a completion phase.

So, I came back to the United States, to Port St. Lucie, to this City of Light, and continued my work but still having this sense of ‘we’re already there’ and in fact, certainly in the Core Issues class and I even believe in the Inspired Self class, that I kept hearing one of my favorite songs which is ‘We’re Already There…I’m Already There”. I posted that and it was taken in different ways, but this theme of hearing ‘we’re already there’ has continued.

So, then we had 12-12 and December 12th of this year, of just the year that’s passed – 2017 as you know – was the end…think about it…the end of a 24 year cycle; and the 12-12 cycle, in the bigger sense, was the cycle of completion. And it meant that all that clearing, all the prep work that we came here to complete – because that’s been part of our mission as well – was done.

And in the channelings that actually occurred on 12-12 and since, the big question was, “Well, where do we go now? What’s next?” And what the Mother, and Yeshua, and Archangel Michael and everybody has said, “Well, that is why we now move into the 13th Octave.” That is why for the last thirty years we have anchored the seeds of the 13th Octave – the 13th Octave being the enormous gift that was given to us to be able to be in Divine Union and in form. And every time I’ve really talked about the 13th Octave I have said before, before this gift was brought forward, is that you had to die to get to the 13th Octave. And I think the enormity of that statement sort of flew by people’s heads…so I’m saying it again…before, to get to that state of being you had to leave what I call our skin bags behind!

So, we’ve been anchoring this energy as this wonderful sacred circle that I so love and appreciate and deeply honor, we’ve been anchoring this energy of the 13th Octave for years now. Now, I’ve been reluctant, a little reticent, to really talk about this in a very public way, but Mother Mary and the Council is saying to me, “Linda, this is what you came for. This is the fulfillment of your promise to us.” And so here I am saying we are now in a realm where we have completed that 12-12, the 11-11, and that whole eons of clearing and we’re in the place of reassuming the role of our creator selves and bringing forth our ability to really create and anchor and be Nova Being and to create and co-create together Nova Earth, Nova Humanity.

So, then came Jesus’ Christmas message…again when he has talked about new beginnings and that we are in a new realm of existence, and in this past week, the 2nd day of January, Mother Mary asked to use the platform of Hour With an Angel to transmit and to share Her New Year’s message and that New Year’s message was very clear, I’m sure to many of us.

But, what She said is. “The old is gone…stop looking back.” The Council has told us those old paradigms of humanity have been replaced by a new grid of existence. Gabrielle literally gave us a new golden grid that can hold vibratory rates and quotients and frequencies of light that we’ve never been able to hold before.

So then, Mother Mary comes forward on the 2nd day of January to say ‘what lies ahead?’ and She’s saying, “Stop looking back. Stop thinking that you’re still in that time of struggle. Stop believing that that’s your only choice, that you have to live with what is” because what ‘is’ and what we have thought ‘is’ doesn’t exist anymore. So, we’re in this new realm of existence and I don’t know what else we can call it and what the Mother calls it other than ascension.

And this has given me and a couple of you whom I have shared my heart-thoughts with, really food for thought.

Now, what does ascension mean? I mean, go back to the book that I wrote in 12/12, “The Great Awakening”; what ascension is is this expanded sense of heart consciousness. It’s when we’re shifting from thinking with our egoic minds into thinking, acting, creating, and being in our hearts, it’s heart thinking instead of mental, emotional, body thinking. It’s what we talked about in the Inspired Self class. It’s the enormity of who we really are, of our true self, in action, in form.

I think for so many that when we talked about ascension, that people have been looking for a physical event, or even as Michael has said – Mi-ka-el, Archangel Mi-ka-el has said – a series of events. But too often we have looked for a series of physical events when, in fact, this is a spiritual expansion event that, yes, is manifesting into the physical. And that’s exactly what is taking place right now and that’s why I have asked to talk to you in this way, from a place of being anchored in the 13th Octave and anchored fully in your heart, because this is the new realm of existence.

It was very clear to me, more than ever, when I went to Great Britain on my spirit quest, that I was absolutely living an interdimensional reality, that that availability of twelve dimensions and twelve steps or twelve planes within each dimension was fully present and available to me. And what I’m saying is that is available to us, all of us, right now.

Mother Mary is saying, “Don’t look back at the chaos, send the light but do not engage it” because we have gone forward. The example she was giving me and Yeshua was showing me this morning is that if we were climbing Mount Everest, our eyes would be up, higher on the peak, we wouldn’t be looking behind us…first of all it would be terrifying and actually when I  think about it, looking at some of what is happening on the planet is terrifying. We are looking forward because we are the wayshowers, we are the pathfinders, we always have been. But it’s like we have been, in so many ways, the kids in the car…many of you have kids and I remember as a kid…that we get in the car and  you know with kids they immediately fall asleep – thank God – and you get there and you wake up and you say, you know that word…are we there yet? And you don’t realize that you’ve already arrived at your destination because you’re still somewhere in that transition phase between waking up and getting into grandma’s house.

But my friends, we’re already there. How you’re going to know this is by living in your heart, by following Mother Mary’s simple dictum…does it feel like love, does it smell like love, does it taste like love, and if it isn’t then why on earth or any other planet would you be engaging it? The new reality is to create and co-create and that is where our focus has to be. And Mother Mary isn’t asking us to start at the PhD level, she asked us in that show, in the InLight Radio Show that was aired on Thursday night, she’s asking, “What’s near and dear to your heart? What do you want to bring forth in this new realm of existence?”  and that’s where we need to bring our focus. And yes, it does and it will manifest in the physical reality because the whole idea of this ascension isn’t leaving…it’s being fully present in the truth of who we are, in that absolute alignment with Divine heart, mind, and will.

So, the epiphany that I very nervously share with you is that we’ve done it, and in our awakening, in that great awakening, we realize that this spiritual expansion has taken place, that we live with Gaia in the seventh dimension. This sense of separation that somehow Gaia’s in the third, we’re in the third, she’s in the seventh, we’re in the fifth…no…we’re anchored in the seventh dimension but we have full access from one to twelve…that’s the gift, that’s the truth, and it’s time for us to start playing with it.

I notice in the classes that the Council is bringing forth…first, you know, the Inspired Self, which could have been nicknamed ascension. They upped the game to levels that have never been available to us. Now they’re bringing forth a course on co-creation using the creation formula we first talked about in 2003-2004 and the Universal Laws that were brought forth at that time also. So, that energy is anchored. It’s anchored in our bones, in our cells, upon the planet, upon the collective and now they’re saying, “Now we want you to actually take this and really start creating. Now’s the time.”

So, it’s a new game, it’s a new day, and we’re receiving the gifts of the magi, we’re receiving that golden joy. So, it’s time, it’s time for us as wayshowers because this is a transition period, yes, but we don’t complete this transition for the collective unless we choose, decide, act, behave, and anchor in the new realm.

We’ve been told many times that there would be a time of separation, that there would be those that would simply choose not to progress into the ascended self, into the seventh dimension, into the heart consciousness because…let’s not get into those dimensional wars, that’s why I don’t talk about it that much…we’ve been told that and we’ve been seeing lots of people dying and we’ve certainly been seeing the death of the old.

But what we also realize is that there’s this in-between group that’s wanting to move towards the love, but if we don’t hold the light, if we don’t keep waving and saying, “Over here”, if we continue to buy into what we think of as physical events, and in that, yes, I include “oh my God, two thousand cabal were arrested and we’re going to punish them!” That’s old thinking; that’s shame and blame and guilt and fault. We can’t live there, we have to live in the highest realm of compassion and forgiveness and mentoring and example and role-modeling.

I’m not suggesting it’s always easy. I’m not suggesting that we always feel that we have the physical where-with-all, but if we start working with the creation formula in  the real way with the Universal Laws, not as some codified set of rules that sit on a shelf but in a dynamic toolkit, then we start to change the planet.

So, this is our invitation directly from the Mother. So, I’m going to go quiet for a moment and allow Mother Mary, our Mother, to come forth and complete, what She is saying…to complete Her New Year’s message on this sacred day of gifting, of opening, of awakening, of epiphany.



Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare’, Universal Mother of all, and let us expand this to Mother of all of the omniverse, of the multiverse, of your universe, and of you. Welcome beloved ones to this time of new beginnings, to this time of joy and celebration, jubilation, expansion, and recognition, admission…no, not admission in-so-far as I give you a ticket to Nirvana…admission in-so-far as you are admitting to your beloved self, the brilliant angel being you are in the fullness and the sacredness of your divinity. Yes, which is of My Divinity, which is of our Divinity…the trinity and the diamond that includes your beloved self.

Sweet angels of light, when I tell you – not suggest – but tell you that you are in a new start, a fresh start, a new realm of existence, yes anchored in the 13th Octave. I do not shy away from saying this loud and clear…it is the gift that I have brought to you, that I have blessed you with, and invited you to participate in. And many of you have said ‘yes’, and many of you have said ‘no’…no, not you whom I address this day, I am talking of the collective. Many of them say, “I haven’t the foggiest notion what the 13th Octave is.” And we make it very simple…it is the state of being in Divine Union; it is the state of being anchored in the fullness of Divine love; it is the state of being, the love, in your sacred self, in body, in form, in creation.

You have tended to look at ascension in an old paradigm way…you have been looking for the big bang! And for some the heart expansion and opening is like the big bang, but for those of you who have been seeking, who have been diligent, who have practiced fortitude and surrender and engagement, it is not a momentary shift; it is an expansion that you may consider never ending. And let me explain this…as you hold greater and greater quotients of light, quotients of love, you ascend into various forms until, of course, one day, in my infinite ocean of now, you come and you rejoin with the Father and I, in the unity of One, in the unity of All. And that is also a form of ascension.

But I tend to think that for the time being you are more interested, my beloveds, in the ascension of you, of the new you, of the old you, of the inspired you, of the angelic you, of the hybrid you, of the star being you…and so are we.

I have filled you with my Tsunami of Love. I have filled you with my Divine Qualities. I have renewed you until you are like my beloved Yeshua, reborn, brand new, in your Christ self. You say, “Well, I do not feel significantly different, Mother.” And what I suggest to you is this new normal is, in fact, for you been more gradual. If you consider, beloveds, how you felt a decade ago, five years ago, two years ago, last year, see how you have shifted and how you have sunk and ascended into the consciousness of your heart being; that you yearn for and you choose love; that chaos, whether it is the old illusions or current drama, is like poison to you; that you feel that you are drinking poisoned water or breathing poisoned air and you cannot stand it. You are not intended to stand it!

You have need to breathe the purity of love, the purity of Gaia, the purity of your sacred being, the truth of who you are. This is not about creating greater separation, that you will have categories, heaven forbid…quite literally I forbid…that you will have those who have ascended and those who are left behind. No! You have chosen to be in a unified field and you have reflected that in your choices of ascending as one. So, you are leading the way but you can only lead the way in conscious mental, emotional, heart consciousness of exactly where you are and where you are operating from. And that is the higher dimensional reality, that is the higher dimensional reality of Christ Consciousness of love. And that is where you have need to anchor and stay.

So, and I suggest you are already there; I am not suggesting that the Cities of Light are complete, although they are well underway; that Nova Earth is completely done…no, it is underway; that those who have been resistant and recalcitrant and just plain bored are already there…no, but it is underway.

But how this transformation of the entire planet takes place is you simply accepting that you have been gifted, and you have been gifted much more than gold and frankincense and myrrh…and by the way, they brought a lot of other things, yes jewels…you have been gifted and I am gifting you with the awareness that you are in a higher plane.

This new beginning demands and commands, no, not by my decree but by your own divine will, divine authority, divine knowing, that you proceed. I have never asked you to go and stand on a soapbox at the corner and say, “I have the secret of life!”… there has been far too much of that.

What I ask of thee is to be the fullness of who I know and you know who you are…as nurturer, as peacemaker, as teacher, as healer, as channel, as mother, as sister, as brother, as father, as friend…these are the most sacred roles of all. This is the fabric upon which this planet and humanity is formed. Your families are based on what I brought forth with Joseph and Yeshua and my seven children. You are a unique replica, mirror, and individuation of that pattern. And it is a pattern of love, of sharing, of unity, and yes at times, challenge that requires wisdom vision and diligence and fortitude and patience. This is where you have learned…at your Mother’s knee…and you say, “Well, Mother, I did not learn at my mothers knee and my father is abusive” and I say, “Look what you learned and look where you have come to.”

You are the miracle, not because I have birthed you but because of what you have chosen to do, to create, and to bring forth. It is a new day and it is a new realm and it is a new beginning and let us go forward as family…hand in hand, heart in heart…let us begin.

Go with my love, not as a distant deity, but as a Mother that treasures you, that knows what a gift you are. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon