Righteousness is being aligned with the Sacred Divine. Channeled by Lee Degani.

 I am Metatron, your guide, one with the universe. The subject of judgement has come up that you sometimes judge yourself in not having the compassion that you think you should have.

But dear ones, beloved ones, when you step back and become the observer, you do have compassion, you are just not taking it onto your sacred selves. It is a new feeling, is it not, to not feel the angst, to not feel the despair, to not feel the grief, to not take on the despair of illness from another. And so you sometimes judge yourself that you are not feeling these things and you wonder, “Am I a compassionate being? Am I a being of love and light? Am I working for the Mother, for the Father?”

I am here to reassure you. Yes, it is in the standing back and the radiating of your light, of your love, to be a beacon. That is the glory, that is the celebration.

And you question still, “But Metatron, I understand that for others but what about those close to me in my own family? How can I just see this and not feel the grief and despair?” And you want to judge yourself for this.

I am here to reassure you that even with your own beloved family members, the standing back, of being the observer, is righteous. Oh, I don’t use that word often, righteous. But it is something you can relate to and understand.

What is righteousness? Righteousness is being aligned with the Sacred Divine. It is not a matter of being right or wrong. This is a different meaning.  Righteousness is a Tzadik, one who has come to repair the world. Repairing himself, the inner work and then standing in the fullness of who he is, of who she is. And standing in the fullness brings love, brings honor, brings light, brings healing, brings the sympathy, the empathy, the compassion without falling into the despair of those you are shining your bright light for.

But still you question. Yes, Metatron, I understand but I just want to make sure. And so I am here to reassure you. Yes, be sure. You are the righteous ones, the righteous ones that are not compartmentalized into right or wrong. But the righteous ones that are radiating. For it is right, is it not? It is right to be light. And exchange the word for love, righteousness. You are the ones of love. Or exchange the word righteousness for light. For you are the ones of light.

And right in this moment, you expand, you see with me. Come, let me show you. Do you see? Do you not see the world as I see it? Look at all those beings of light that are throughout the world. Do you not see the patches of darkness? These are the righteousness ones that are beaming their light. Yes, you are of those. And is this not right? Is this not light? Is this not love? Go, look up in the dictionary, the term righteousness.

Give me your hand now. And the other one. And let me infuse you with my love, with my joy, with the righteousness. Be with love now. Know you are always with me. I leave you now with love. I am Metatron, magnetic being, one who has walked the earth. One who walks the earth with thee.


By Permission.

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