Archangel Michael Speaks To Healing And Gratitude For Healing

When we hear and truly receive your heartfelt gratitude, it fills us – it sustains us – it lifts us up. Do not think that we are somehow above gratitude – we are not! It gives us an infusion of joy.

Andrew lovingly shares another inspirational Channelled Gem from his personal reading with Linda and Archangel Michael on December 6, 2017.

Archangel Michael: Now personally, brilliant brother, you are doing well. You have come to a place of healing – yes, because you have accepted the healing and you have trusted the healing and you have believed in healing.

We are always astounded at the number of individuals and collectives, so I refer to collectives – large collectives – with issues that need healing . . . [Skype dropout] I am Michael and we will continue to speak about this issue of your magnificent healing and our conundrum about healing both individually, collectively, as groups, as nations. We are always astounded at the number of beings who request healing but, in fact, do not welcome it. It is a very curious situation.

You have healed, my beloved brother, not only because you have believed in the healing – but understand the belief system determines the efficacy of the healing – and your participation both tacit and explicit in healing also acts as catalyst, receptor, anchor, foundation for that healing to take place.

When people ask for healing and yet do not participate, when they say they are waiting on a miracle, what they are doing is referring to the old paradigm – a time when many of the archangels and the masters and guardian angels did for you instead of with you. We are often shocked that we will send healing and it is literally refused because the desire, the core issues of needing empathy, pity – not compassion but pity – or excuses is very sad. And we will leave it at that.

But when you see groups of individuals who have asked and who pray for healing, there is need for a cohesiveness in that group to truly participate and believe that they are capable of healing. This – as Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love – is one of my greatest challenges because you know that when I speak of peace, I am not merely talking about a cessation of war. I am talking about the deepest knowing, anchoring and living of peace within, and then it expresses outside.

Now, with this new grid, anything is possible!

A: As I remarked last time, I am full of gratitude to you all – above and below – for the miraculous healing that I have received in recent months for the two herniated disc problems that have occurred this year, and I do indeed have the determination and the demand/command to heal which is necessary for such healing to take place.

Indeed, the fact that I was able to undertake this walk around the City of London again last week for the first time since my sciatic disc problem arose is proof of the remarkable healing that I have been given! So – can I just say thank you again, all of you, from the bottom of my heart.

AAM: Dearest One – you are so welcome! You may not know this, but in your gratitude – of course it is heard – but I want you to know how deeply this touches us, how deeply it fills our hearts.

You know, it is a form of love. And so often there is healing that is given and sent through the flames, through the energies, through the LaHoChi, through various modalities – and we never hear back. When we hear and truly receive your heartfelt gratitude, it fills us – it sustains us – it lifts us up.

Do not think that we are somehow above gratitude – we are not! It gives us an infusion of joy – so dearest heart, you are welcome!

A: Oh – well, that’s wonderful to know! Yes, and I’ll certainly share that with others.


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