You forget to ask for help in regaining clarity and insight into where you find yourselves at a certain moment. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I am Archangel Raphael, Holder of the Emerald Green Ray, Your healer and family physician, always on call for you and for the entire universe and multiverse, and indeed for anyone who chooses to call on me.

Yes dearest ones, I am in service to the Mother as well as being in service to you anytime and anywhere you find yourself in need of assistance. And your ailments don’t have to be only physical or emotional distress, they can pertain to restoring the wellbeing or regaining the integrity of your energetic body. It can also be any kind of question or assistance you might need regarding your mental bodies or, of course, your entire multidimensional beings, including your homes or cars, for they are too part of thee.

Whenever you feel that you are less than joyful, whenever you allow others to knock you off your loving and balanced holy center, or even when your material possessions seem to be in any kind of distress, then you may call on me, and I would greatly encourage you to do so.

Dearest hearts, there is no need for you to do it alone in order to prove your mastery and competence. There is no need to try so hard to figure out your entire journey, or even your next few steps.

We do need your permission to come and assist thee, and you need to remember to use that free will to call on us, your brothers and sisters from the higher realm, so that we can make this lifetime a beautiful and enjoyable one for you and for everyone connected to thee in your current reality.

There are times when you are immersing yourselves into the thick of the densest negative energies because you have chosen to bring the light into the darkest spots on this planet, and it takes a lot of energy, constant awareness, and sharp alertness to navigate through the current chaos. At the same time your bodies are being exposed to extremes of the energetic frequencies and there can be a lot of stress on every portion of your human forms that needs to be carefully handled so that you can regain your stamina and joyful demeanor.

For the most part whenever you feel that you are not moving forward it is because you hesitate and delay yourselves wanting to be sure that you are perfectly aligned with the course of light. You forget to ask for help in regaining clarity and insight into where you find yourselves at a certain moment.

Call on me to clear the fears and doubts. Let me reassure you that your plan is moving forward, but since this entails moving deeper into the shadows you tend to become somewhat concerned with the right next move. And I am saying to thee that this is what you have promised to do until this mission is complete. I am here with thee to aid in freshening up and clearing the space around thee, your work space and your homes, whenever you come back from your diving missions and any time you feel out of sorts.

This is the way you and we planned it before your descent into the third density, as a collaborative work, for we cannot reach as far into the depths as you can. But we do need your call and permission to do so, since this is still a free will place you are inhabiting. Otherwise we have to sit here seeing you getting overwhelmed and exasperated, not asking for help until you get hurt one way or another.

It is your intention to do the light and loving work that matters, and you do it beautifully on the unconscious level when you work unimpeded by your ego and pride, or by any interference trying to persuade you to take the rocky and bumpy path. It is my desire that you ask to do the same on a conscious level, and this requires that you give us your permission to assist you, and that you open to receive and use that assistance and then engage willingly with it to proceed only in joy, with a smile on your face, and with a lightness and a spring in your step.

I am honored to be at your service constantly, to shower you with my infinite love and green emerald energy. Until next time, farewell.