You are not aware of the degree of energy that your body is trying to assimilate and digest. Channeled by Dana Zook.

We are here, the Council of Love, and we will speak with one voice.

It will be important for you to stay very balanced and centered around those who are playing out that drama. Know that you can call on us, and call to be of ascended master consciousness, so that you are a beacon of light and love, and ask us to be this beacon of light and love in these situations.

We would ask also that you increase your heart resonance before meeting with these people [those in drama] so that you have the ability to help entrain their heart energies. If you have stepped into a coherent state in your heart, it will automatically shift the state that they are in.

And if they choose to discuss things, call on us and do not engage in sharing your own stories that feed what they are saying. It is the dark trying to work against the light. The light is very strong and very powerful and the only way that the dark can weaken it is by creating conflict, dissension, judgments of one another.

You have been able to stay out of this completely and have love in your heart for everyone. It has taken you some time to get to this place and you can stay there by continuing to make the efforts…look at it as a practice for your ascension training.

We would ask mostly, dear one, when you are this exhausted to stop fighting it and rest.

To all of you, you are not aware the degree of what your body is trying to assimilate. I should say all your bodies are trying to digest, if you will, this energy that is pouring in.

It is like you’ve just had a turkey dinner and you’re going to get up and go jogging because you have to go jogging. No, you need to rest and enjoy and just sit there and feel full…it’s okay. Your body is digesting the food.

It is the same thing with the energy coming in. It needs to be rested, not extra stress, extra things to do, extra projects. Just sit with the energy, absorb it, digest it and it will be that your body is tired. It is okay.

And we understand that your time factor is an issue tonight so with this we will say farewell and tell you all one more time how much we all love you and surround you and embrace you and enfold you.

Blessings to all of you, dear ones. Farewell

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