You are sparkles of light, how you glow and shine, this is how you affect others…Channeled by Lee Degani.

I am the Rainbow Fairy. That is what you may know me as. I have a name too. I actually have many names because I have many colors. I bring you peace, I bring the sense of knowing that all is well, that all is intertwined and exactly as it should be, that you can go up the ladder, you can go down, it matters not.

What matters is the feelings that you have, the feelings that you are letting go of. All the control that has been trying to control you, you are now master of and you are letting go of this as well. That you are letting go of all, that is what I bring you. I bring freedom, I bring you freedom just to be.

Come with me into the starry, starry sky. Yes, it is night here, it is always night here, but there are always stars that are sparkling. Can you see how beautiful they are? Can you see how those stars sparkle? That is what is inside of you. That is what is inside each one of you. And may I go even further in saying, that is who you are. You are sparkles of light, and how you glow and shine and bring to others, how you affect others. For all of us, for all of us, you touch us with this.

You think always we are the high ones, that we are above you, that we are the ones that you need to emulate. But no, my beloveds, you are the ones that we wish to emulate. To have such courage, to go down deep, deep within the third dimension and to be able to do what you are doing. We honor you and we honor you by sending you our light as well. Just open up and feel us.

Each one of us has our own soul signature, our own light and that is the same as you. Yes, that is true that all the answers are inside of you. Because your soul signature, your light, knows where to go, where to find what it needs. You will see me anytime you see a color, anytime you see a rainbow. That is me, you can always connect to me. All of us love you, all of us are one. Farewell.

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