This dimension is based on boxes, corners, squares. When you think in spheres, then you come home…Channeled by Dana Zook.

Greetings our beloveds; there are many of us and we speak as one voice from the Council of Love.


All of life is a circle and we prefer to think in spheres. When you think of circle you think flat. A sphere has depth. And why do we say this, dear ones?

The dimension that you reside in, that you operate in, is mostly based on boxes, corners, squares. That’s why they say, “Thinking outside the box”. That’s why they say, “I feel boxed in”. The entire realm is boxed in dear ones.

And if you want to think in spheres, be among the spheres, then you come home. You deepen your vibrations of gratitude or sink into meditation or go to still point. You come home to us in your heart and then you are out of the box. You are free in that moment, in this eternal moment of now, which is where we reside.

Very few humans can actually stay in this space for long because it is so easy to get caught up in the past or the future and both of those places are where the boxes reside. There are no spheres in the past and there are no spheres in the future. There are only spheres right here in this now moment. And you my beloved children are united in a beautiful glowing sphere of light, of love that is like a sun that shines and radiates across this planet and reaches the hearts of many while it is travelling through the ethers.

We, the Council, are very dedicated to helping you, as what has been called “the boots on the ground”. Yes, this is a phrase that is often used. But think of it dear ones; you are mightier than us with your clay vessel, to bring the divine energies onto the planet. We can pour our love out to Gaia, to humanity but you are the actuality of the movement of that love in form. Without boots, it would float and not take shape. As the boots, each step that boot takes is manifesting Nova Earth, is manifesting Heaven on Earth, especially when you can stay in the love and gratitude throughout your daily activities.

This brings the love and the spheres into the boxes so that the boxes lose their form, they dissipate, they just kind of turn into dust…fairy dust if you want.

So know that every time you connect as a group we are deeply grateful because…picture thousands of bubbles going out into the ethers and changing the boxes into spheres…we give you this metaphor because sometimes visuals work better than words.

This one has even become anxious sometimes that she does not remember what she is transcribing or what you speak of in your groups. But that is not of a concern. We are here to reassure you that it is more important to pull this energy through you, through your hearts and out into the world. All of humanity is united in the collective unconscious and through their hearts, through their I AM Presence. So when you bring this love in and pour this through your hearts, you are doing so for all humanity, literally. This is quite significant, quite beautiful and we are deeply grateful.

We are pleased that you are learning to trust more and more our presence, our love, our guidance, our workings on this side, to help you in your lives. And know that we hear your prayers because sometimes this one has felt that her prayers are not heard and yet they are and miracles do happen.

With that dear ones, we will step back with deep love, gratitude, humility and absolute joy as we embrace you in our hearts and embrace you in great anticipation of the wonders yet to come. We are so excited!

Farewell beloveds, for now.

By Permission.

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