We invite you to be a walking rainbow, beaming all of these divine qualities wherever you may go. Channeled by Dana Zook.

We, the Council of Love, come together today as one voice, beloveds. And yes, this one continues to have doubts that she may not really be channeling and we assure you that you are, dear one. As we have spoken before, it is about surrender and trust; continue to do this.

You are asking us if we have anything to say. Yes we do, but the most important aspect is to bring forth the energy and it becomes difficult to do that if you start to have anxiety or distractions.

Today we bring forth the energy of the rainbow which holds within it all colors, all rays, and all divine qualities. Allow these to embrace you, to enter into the mitochondria of your cells, to fill your being, to fill your aura, to fill the empty spaces within your atoms, to be a walking rainbow beaming all of these divine qualities wherever you may go.

You are becoming one with your crystals, which means even when you set them down you hold that energy of magnification, which makes it very important that you observe and control your thoughts to be only of love.

You can, through your own conscious effort, breathe in divine light at any time, dear ones, when you are doing the dishes or mundane tasks. Stop for a second and just imagine beautiful white light with all the sparkles of all of the colors coming into your being. Or you can imagine any color you desire or feel drawn to. And you can do this while you are doing ordinary tasks.

You can breathe it into areas of your body that are hurting. You can fill your aura and with this you can bless others by even being in their vicinity, not because you are powerful but because you are humble servants and children of the light.

Yes, you have your trials in your own ways, and you have your blessings in your own ways. Which one you choose to focus on will change the outcome of your life. It is brilliant, is it not?

Many times the children of humanity say they are being tested. But if you think of it, every moment is truly a test. We prefer not to use that word as it sounds like you are being monitored…which you are, but out of love. It is every moment you have a choice; to choose love; to focus on what you wish to see manifest; to look for the good that is even in the darkest spaces, for this will help bring it forth. This is how you will bring forth New Earth, which already exists, but as you vibrate with that energy you will magnetize it into being in your reality. This is also brilliant, is it not?

You are the ones bringing in New Earth. Yes, we have the Mother’s Tsunami of Love. We have all the ascended hosts and realms of light pouring in a Tsunami of Love and you have the Porlana C from your star brothers and sisters, pulsing onto the earth. And these are all to assist, but ultimately it is still up to you, beloved children of the light, to bring forth, in each moment, the highest vibration possible that you can. And as you do so, you are bringing forth New Earth. All your dreams of what you would like to see the world be, exists already.

Do not focus on the things that are not real, even though it may seem negative and of darkness and people suffering. You can send love and light, but know that it is of the illusion. This may sound cold but it is not, for if you get pulled into that energy, the dark will start to suck your life force.

When you are in gratitude and love and joy, you not only magically create each next step in a positive direction, but you enfold yourself with a cushion of divine love and divine light…it is that powerful!

And this is necessary to go through the energies that are occurring upon the planet, dear ones. As one of you spoke of earlier, there are people “wigging out”. The energies are intense. The changes are occurring. The shifts are happening and it is hard for some people. Therefore, the more you can cushion yourself with a blanket of light, the more calm and at peace you will be, the less you will be affected by the chaos and the instability around you. Then, the more you can affect the instability and chaos around you by staying in heart coherence of love, gratitude, breathing through your heart, stepping into your heart from your brain.

These are the tricks. We know that you know this, but we are here to remind you because we love you and we are with you always. Sometimes it seems like we are far away but that is only in your consciousness, dear ones. We are within you. We are within your I Am Presence. We are within the field of oneness and love that is, All That Is. Therefore, if you think of us, any one of us, we will instantly be there.

Your service and your love and your beingness upon this planet, not by what you do but by what you be, by what you are in each moment, is what we are deeply grateful for and we bless you for this.

Know that it is unfolding in perfection. Do not be impatient or think something should happen. But instead, stay in each moment of gratitude, of love, and most especially my beloved children, love for yourselves, love for the divinity that is within you, for the vessels that you carry that work so hard for you, love these as well. They work hard to serve you and through them you can serve us. Please honor them.

And love the light that you are. You look at us with reverence and love. Please do the same for yourself. Love yourselves as we love you. Love yourselves as you love us. As you love yourself, you love All That Is and help all humanity.

We bless you with love and laughter and lightness of being. With that beloveds, we will bid farewell, with our love, farewell for now.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.


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