The recognition of what is transpiring upon your beloved planet and upon and within your hearts and your society collectives is unavoidable.

An Hour with An Angel Radioshow

Steve: Good evening everyone and welcome to An Hour with an Angel.  I’m Steve Beckow, editor in chief of the Golden Age of Gaia, and with me today is channel for the Council of Love, Linda Dillon, author of “The New You,” “The Great Awakening,” and “The Jesus Book,” recently back from a Spirit Quest in Great Britain.  You left just before a hurricane in Florida, and you left Britain just before a hurricane hit Ireland.  I imagine that’s very fortunate.

Linda: Well, it’s really fortunate for me! I think the hurricane season is here and it’s interesting that it’s basically hitting everywhere. It’s not just in the United States but Europe also, as I understand hurricane Ophelia is not just hitting Ireland but all of Great Britain.  There is this massive cleansing going on all over our planet and, as we all know, wind and water, and especially water, is emotions. There’s a big cleanup underway.

Even as we were talking before we got on the air, there’s this sense of so much being brought to the forefront. There’s so much occurring geophysically and what is exciting about that is the collision of those stars that create gold. But that’s an aside and a whole other topic.

But here I am, back in Port St. Lucie where the weather is lovely and warm, and after a couple of weeks actually still trying to process and anchor being home after that amazing journey of Spirit. I very much feel like I’m in some ways in two places, or several places actually, at once. And here we are.

SB: Did it bring back any memories or longings to be in places like Avalon and up around Edinburgh? Did you hit upon any reminiscences?

LD: It’s funny you should ask that because somebody asked me that yesterday. There were places I went… as you know, every step of this was guided… where I felt “I’ve never been here before, what do you want me to do?” But then there were other places where the sense of returning home, or returning somewhere I dearly loved, was very, very strong, Edinburgh being one of them and Lindisfarne another, also the Lake District and Castlerigg standing stone circles. So there were many, many remembrances.

Interestingly enough, as I was standing in those places, constantly surrounded by The Council of Love but also many of you guys, many of my soul circle, I was looking and thinking, “Oh, so this is where we’ve been before, this is what we’ve done before.” That was fascinating.

SB: Wow, wow! Spend a day in my mind. (Laughter) It’s fascinating thinking of you looking out and seeing The Council of Love and the circle etc.

LD: You know, as I said to you and Suzi one-on-one, or two-on-one, my sensing and what I’m told also by the Council is that this journey and what we’re all doing right now is the completion, as I’ve been saying, of a 10,000 year segment of our spiritual journey through Ascension. And the Council, actually Archangel Michael as I was getting ready for the show, corrected me saying, “It’s the conclusion of a 13,000 year cycle!”

SB: Since Atlantis…

LD: Yes, since Atlantis, but also since a point in our evolution that we’ve been cleaning up, as it were.  You know, we glance over, glaze over, pass over the false grids or core issues of humanity, which we are deeply into at the moment, very lightly. But in fact those vasanas, those false grids, those core issues have been deeply entrenched in all of our cultures.  Whether it’s African, Middle Eastern or Western, it’s been deeply entrenched – these belief systems that have absolutely no basis in reality, and certainly no basis in the Divine.

Maybe that’s why we’re having this sense – and I’ll share with our listeners what we’ve been talking about – this sense that on the one hand the obvious… this death, devastation, disease, etc… is so strong.  What we know as lightworkers and loveholders is that the advances we are making are so enormous that it literally feels like we’re living in two, not even parallel realities, but two different realities. It’s this completion factor.

SB: If you compare the world to an individual human being, it’s almost like we are in rehab. Things are coming up and we’re working through stuff. It’s intense.

LD: And still sneaking out at night and doing all the dirty deeds!

SB: Yes! (Laughter) That’s good. Look, I’m glad you’re back and I’m glad we’re back with An Hour with An Angel. We have Michael on today, I believe?

LD: Yes, we do.

SB: I’m looking forward to this. My God, it seems like a long time.

LD: It’s been six weeks.

SB: It seems longer than that. It was summer and now we’re in deep fall.

LD: You never know the season in Florida!

SB: Okay, well, we definitely do in Vancouver! Why don’t I let you make your transition and we’ll welcome Michael.


Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News, and yes, sometimes historian! And is that not an interesting term, for there is a tendency of course upon the planet and elsewhere to think of history as a recording and a simulation and a digestion of what has gone before. But in the Mother’s Infinite Ocean of Time, it is simply a recognition and a recording of what has transpired in what you think of as past, present and future.

Now, I am not here this day to discuss the fluidity of time. Heaven knows, and the Mother certainly knows, we have talked about this a great deal. But it is important when you think, and I do emphasize ‘think’, of what has passed.  Do not forget, do not hesitate to consider and to integrate what is currently taking place, what you are creating, assimilating, bringing forth, and what you are creating in terms of your future history, because these are based on the actions, decisions, and truth of who you are in this moment, in this time, and throughout all time.

Beloved angels, healers, teachers, wayshowers, pathfinders, pillars, gatekeepers… there are so many different titles, different ways in which we reach out to you, address you, and that you think of, consider yourselves… but in so many ways, you are so much more! And that is part and parcel of what I speak of this day. But it is also part and parcel, beloved ones, of your own awakening and your own claiming of what you choose to experience, create, and bring forth upon this planet.

Now, yes, it is true that you continue to witness, observe, and not participate in what many have chosen to create and bring forth, which is chaos or mayhem or war or wounding. But do not judge because even these experiences, this tumultuous state of disarray, brings to the forefront unavoidably – yes, sweet angels, even for those of you who are on a drama fast – the recognition of what is transpiring upon your beloved planet. And upon and within your hearts and within your society in collectives, it is unavoidable. It is front and center.

So when I say this to you, I am not suggesting in any way, shape, or form that you are to engage or participate in that melee. I am not. But to be aware of it in one area or another, it matters not, because they are really all the same. It brings it to your attention.

For years, for millennia, we have brought things to your attention. But let us suggest that in the last little while, we have discussed and brought much to your attention as you – yes, each of you who hear this message tonight, tomorrow, yesterday, it matters not, as you have received the ignition factors, not merely tools but the ignition factors, the attunements, the vibratory adjustments – the frequency rises. All of this has been part and parcel of preparation and integration for where you are, sweet angels, right now.

Now, we will discuss some of this this day, and the rest of time… “the rest of time”, can you imagine?  But sweet angels of light, dearest Steve, you have waited for weeks on end. Where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, over some of those weeks, readers have written in and asked a few questions about current events. Would you like me to ask those questions now, or wait until the end of the program, Lord?

AAM: You may ask them now. It is one way to begin because, as we have said, there is much transpiring upon your planet. Now some we will answer and some perhaps we will let slide. So let us begin.

SB: Okay, Lord. Well, I think the first question is: Was any form of HAARP used to foment the hurricanes that have happened in the last few months?

AAM: The answer is no.

SB: I recall that I asked you this question some time ago and you said no. And I assumed that my question covered all instances of HAARP. Then readers have written in and said, “No, no, there’s HAARP in a submarine, there’s HAARP in places other than Alaska, there’s HAARP in underground bases…” Is any of that correct Lord? Or let me ask: Is any of that operational or correct?

AAM: Let us say this. Is HAARP overriding or leading the way in decisions that Gaia, in tandem with the Divine Mother, are taking in terms of shifting, cleansing, yes, and bringing to the forefront the very false grids that we have talked about? The answer is no. Gaia has been bringing forth much of this that you are thinking of as physical upheaval.

Let us talk just for a moment to the deeper level of this because it relates to these false grids. Is there energy of HAARP present upon the planet in, we would suggest, minuscule amounts? The answer is yes. Does that override or interfere or cause these devastations?  The answer is no. But what is the truth of this question?

And I admire and invite those who are posing the questions, because what you are bringing to the forefront is very important – and that is that you are looking for an external agent that is to blame, that you can pinpoint it on some external factor and you can say: “This evil person, this evil group, this evil individual is responsible for this devastation.” And that, sweet ones, is still part of the remnants and the solidity of these false grids of fault, blame, shame, anger. This is all part of one thing.

Now, what it does is it diminishes your own sense of power, your own sense of stewardship, your own sense of Divine Authority, because there is an external enemy that you have projected out. There is also this belief system that is anchored in the feeling of punishment. Much of this is even archetypal and goes back to the floods and to the devastation of the planet for sins, for wrong doings, for misdirection. That is not what this about.

Is it about redirection? Most certainly. Is it about cleansing? Most certainly. Is it about reemphasizing from Gaia and the Mother herself that you are in, and we are in, sacred partnership with this mighty Archangel Gi’Anna who has volunteered to be this planet upon which you sit? And is she revolting to some extent?  The answer is yes. And showing very clearly the examples of human waste and misbehavior, misdirection? Yes.

But what is truly emerging in all of the tragedies – and we do call them “tragedies”; yes, we know about regeneration and rebirth and re-growth and resurrection. It is still very sad that these lengths have been gone to in order to get the human collective’s attention – it is bringing forth kindness and consideration and compassion, and a sense of unity and community.

So out of quite literally the ashes of destruction, the soggy swamps of destruction, is re-emerging the sense of community that we are all in unity to create Nova Earth.

And while we are at it, what should it really look like now that everything has been wiped clean? Whether it is in California, or Puerto Rico, or Mogadishu – now that everything is being wiped clean, what should we build? And it is not just building these crystal Cities of Light, it is building the community. So that is what is transpiring.

SB: Well, after your answer, there is part of me that doesn’t want to go further with my questions, but readers have asked them and I think they do expect me to ask you. So, the California fires – were they deliberately set by the cabal?

AAM: No, it was accidental, and it had to do with power surges.

SB: All right, so there are theories around about lasers, scalar weaponry, plasma weaponry – but that’s all not true?

AAM: Do not give those that you have assumed are your enemies more power than they really have. And do not forget also that both your Star Brothers and Sisters on the ground – many of whom are in California, in that entire west coast quadrant from far north of Vancouver all the way down, it is heavily populated – but also your Star Family above (that is hovering on the Atlantic, on the Pacific, on the Gulf of Mexico and everywhere) are intervening; not overriding, but most certainly intervening.

SB: Are they intervening in the oil spill, Lord?

AAM: Yes, the Gulf of Mexico is a major portal for the Star Fleets, and so this has need to be very immediately protected.

SB: Okay. Is the US government actually keeping aid from Puerto Ricans?

AAM: Let us say that there has been an astounding lack of generosity.  Now, we are not talking about the collective, the Americans, or for that matter the entire Gaian population who, in various ways, have been reaching out to those areas that have been devastated in one way or another.  But there are governmental powers in the United States of America that are not in favor and who are practicing subterfuge in terms of extending aid. The answer is yes.

SB: Well, is it safe to contribute to all charities serving Puerto Rico?  I think particularly of the American Red Cross.  Or does that money get funneled to the cabal?

AAM: No, it does not. The issue when you are choosing what you call a charity is simply the assessment of the amount of money, of your dollar to be very practical, that is utilized to run a bureaucracy.

Now, do not assume – and this is important as we go forward discussing reconstruction and the building of new communities, and Nova Communities, and Nova Earth. There are some bureaucracies that are large, and maybe cumbersome, but also they are effective. So there has to be a happy balance here.

And the Nova Communities are not built on bureaucracies that are cumbersome – and that includes government.  There are monoliths, and we do not just simply talk about the United States of America. Governments, in many senses, have become monoliths that have a tendency to use resources, can we say, that would be better assigned elsewhere. And that is what we often discuss in terms of the restructuring.

But it is not an either/or. It is not a black or white. And it most certainly is not a tearing down, blowing up, and removal without something that is workable to replace it.

SB: Okay, thank you, Lord. And now, during hurricane Katrina, FEMA was not serving the people of New Orleans. Is FEMA now serving the people of Puerto Rico?

AAM: Minimally.

SB: Minimally. Okay. The Las Vegas shooting – was that done by multiple shooters?

AAM: No, it was perpetuated by an individual, but certainly with… what would your expression be… certainly with some help from friends.

SB: Was it a cabal false flag, or just somebody going insane, so to speak?

AAM: It is not simply someone almost going insane. It is someone who has completely entered into the abyss.

SB: What does that mean, Lord? Could you talk about that a bit more please?

AAM: It is an individual who has gone so far into disillusionment, despair, as to divorce themselves, bring themselves to a place of non-recognition not only of their soul design but of the Mother’s Design and Plan, and their understanding, incorporation, of what it means to be human and humane.  There are all of you – all of you! – think of this, in this situation of transformation, that have gone through or will go through or are going through moments or days or weeks of the dark night of the soul.

And you do this in that abyss to rediscover not only your light but THE LIGHT – the light that has that seedlight that has been imprinted, planted, and is ever present within you.  And in the discovery and re-discovery and re-ignition of that in the pleas for help that come to us, it is as if that light is re-ignited and you move from that dark night of the soul, from the abyss, back not to where you were but to a higher plane, and a higher place of realization.

Now, in many ways, the heart opening that we have spoken of is the entire collective, to a greater or lesser degree, but all at once having that ignition.  And because it is simultaneous, it will be of a profound nature. But that does not answer your question.

What happens when someone wanders into the abyss and then chooses, consciously or unconsciously, to forget that there is a light? Then what they do… and in this case what’s happened… is that they absorb.  They become like a sponge and have a tendency to absorb all the negative thoughts and belief systems they have been wrestling with.  And in that defining moment, it becomes their truth. This is truly the meaning of hell. It is a human experience and that is what has happened in that regard.

SB: Thank you. There’s a new movie that has come out named Geostorm, the plot of which is that satellites cause weather engineering, or shall we say weather warfare. Is that an attempt to deflect attention from chemtrails?

AAM: No, it is… well, it does deflect somewhat. But you know that your Star Brothers are on this as well. What that does… think about what you and this channel have talked about at the beginning of this show… you are at the point of the completion of a very long chapter of human existence and, in some ways, when you see this type of movie, what it is doing – oh, there are many agendas in this movie; do not think that we are not aware of them – but one of the bright spots, shall we say, is what it does is it shows you what manipulation is possible and what can be done. And in that, yes, you do have the assistance of both us, the Masters, and your Star Family.

We are not saying it is being done, but it is a very big signal about what can be done – just as happened in Atlantis. So what is the realm of human choice and decision and vigilance that this is not occurring?

SB: When you say that there are other agendas in the film, can you name some of the other agendas?

AAM: Well, one of the strongest agendas is greed: “Let us make some money.”  Then there are the artistic agendas of the very creative people that have participated and do not think of themselves as perpetrating a dark or heavy agenda. There is that agenda.

There is the agenda of employment and bringing forth the warning signs. And then there are the others who wish to distract the human attention from the fact that, in fact, you are the Creator Race, and give that power to Sci-Fi creations. So there are many agendas.

SB: Well, thank you for illustrating that because I certainly would not have been able to pick those out.  Thank you. Harvey Weinstein – is he being thrown under the bus?

AAM: Yes.

SB: In order to give the crowd somebody? You know, throwing somebody to the crowd so they won’t go to people like the Clintons?  Is that correct?

AAM: No.

SB: No? Okay, how is he being thrown under the bus?

AAM: Various people… and remember that I have prefaced this conversation with there being no room for personal anger, blame, shame etc.

SB: Right.

AAM: So we take that element out of the equation. There are many people… and you are seeing some who, in their soul contract and soul agreement, have volunteered to the Mother, as part of who they are, to bring aberration, misstep, misdirection, revelation of these things to the surface.

We are not suggesting, nor is it our job, or your job, ever to be judge or jury.  Having said that, it is not our job nor our desire to suggest that this individual, Weinstein, has never misstepped, for there has been grievous… unfortunately grievous abuses of authority, power, control, etc.

Now, let us just do a little aside and each of you, in your hearts, feel those times where you have been frightened or afraid, or you felt you had some swagger or power and used it in ways that were not kind, considerate, or loving. Now, we are not suggesting you have done it to the same degree, but such actions… yes, such malicious, abhorrent actions… are born from feelings of separation, isolation and insufficiency.

Now, is that true? No. But is it true of the individual, including Weinstein?  Yes. So his original soul mission, which by various calculations or adjustments is being brought to the surface, was to reveal the abuse, the abuse and rape and pillage of the feminine, and the desire to keep the Divine Feminine repressed upon this planet.

Now, what you have seen… he has stepped forward himself as the beacon, as it were, for this situation. You have so many people shaking their heads, including us by the way, but we have a broader understanding that we are happy to share with you.

This is an important conversation. On the one hand, there is the creation of many beautiful, artistic… yes, many agendas… but beautiful films, sensitive, creative, etc. films. At the same time that there has been this enormous phenomena, abuse of authority, a break of trust, a break of the sacred union, when a company, not just this individual or that individual, but when a company comes together to create something new.

So there has been this enormous split, and it is reflective of much of the split that you are seeing in the human race. That on the one hand there is the desire in the production of these beautiful things, and on the other hand there is this very monstrous, aberrant behavior that is not representative of the Divinity within him.

Now, what has happened… and this is important for you all to realize… even though this lost soul has strayed enormously, his universal self, his higher self, his oversoul, however you conceive of this, in conjunction with others, has conspired to bring about the fulfillment of his mission and purpose – which has never been simply about making films or movies, and certainly has never been about being a wealthy man.  And now you are seeing and witnessing the temporary nature of fame and fortune, and that is important as well.

But you are also seeing that similar to all the physical devastation that has been going on, out of those ashes and out of the revelation – because you don’t see it until it is stripped down – out of that, you are seeing the emergence of not just an Academy, or Wall Street, or those who are interested parties; you are seeing a rising up of the collective who are saying, “No! This type of aberrant behavior is unacceptable and we, particularly women, are tired of hiding our injuries or the injustice. We are tired and we insist on stepping forward in the beauty of our Divine Feminine.” And when I say this, it is men stepping forward as well. They say, “No, this is not acceptable. This is not the way in which true Divine Masculine operates.”

So, for you, it is a microcosm, and for you to understand that out of what looks like abuse – and is – out of what looks like devastation, whether it is in Aleppo, Ireland, or northern California, there is coming the fresh breeze, and it is the fresh breeze of new creation.

SB: My own sense is that a lot of men, if you want to be useful, may need to volunteer, so to speak, may need to step forward in a position that facilitates and allows the resurgence of the Divine Feminine, rather than accomplishing a male agenda once again, etc. Is that a correct statement?

AAM: That is an absolutely correct statement. What the masculine and those of you… yes, we know that all of you carry the male/female, but let us be practical… many of you have chosen to incarnate in this lifetime as male. And we are talking about the entire planet. We would also suggest that the entire planet has practiced this abuse, in one way or another, of the repression of the Divine Feminine.

Now, your inclination, both out of the generosity of your heart and the acculturation of your soul, is to step forward and say, “Let me fix it. I’ll be in charge and I’ll take care of this,”  rather than stepping back and being literally in the supportive role of allowing the Divine Feminine to rise up – which is not hierarchal, which tends to be more organic, which tends to be more of a ground swell, what you would think of as a grass roots, so that there is an entire orchard in which to harvest the generous fruits of the Mother rather than simply one tree.

SB: A friend of mine said that the vast majority, most – with an emphasis really on most – women have been sexually abused, harassed, assaulted, and not just in a really minor way but in a way that sears its way into their consciousness in their lifetimes. And we are talking about modern women right now. Is that an accurate statement, Lord?

AAM: Yes.

SB: My gosh.

AAM: If you think of the pattern of those false grids that we have been discussing… and let me emphasize that all of you have come as both men and women, women and men, over time… but the patriarchal abuse system has been so firmly entrenched that it is not just a ground swell, it’s an earthquake that has need to allow this energy to emerge from above, of course, and from below.

This happens, of course, in the human and other realities. This has happened on a very broad spectrum. So there are women, children particularly, and male children by the way, who have been terrified and abused as children sexually, or beaten, or abused mentally and emotionally by that belief system that that is alright, because in no reality is that acceptable, not even in the human realm. So there is that.

And there is the realm and the spectrum within that segment of literal physical, mental, emotional abuse that has interfered with the soul’s progression and the fulfillment of their soul design. But then, if you broaden this to that foundation which is very present still – that allows such aberration, such terrible abuse to take place in those eastern, western, northern, southern cultures, that there is not only a fear factor, which is very strong, but this subtle belief system.

And this is really what is being weeded out by this Weinstein incident. It is that there is a subtle belief system that somehow it is the victim’s fault, it’s their fault for being born, that they somehow deserved it, and that the fault does not lie with the perpetrator.  Whether it is in a boardroom or a back alley, that is what is coming to the surface. It is coming to the surface in all kinds of ways, and very rapidly.

And the good news, sweet angels, is that it is coming to the surface for healing, for repair, yes, but it is also coming for the reconstruction of that paradigm. It is no longer acceptable, and it is not part of your mental, physical, spiritual DNA. It is not of love. It is not of the Mother. It is not of the Father.  It is not of anything, except this misunderstanding on a very basic level of what it means to be human. And it is time, and it is happening, that this chapter of this misunderstanding is coming to conclusion.

SB: Thank you for that. I suppose our most effective response to this is to send love to the people involved. Is that correct?

AAM: That is correct. And that includes the young girls who are experiencing genital mutilation; it includes the wife and mother who is beaten raw; it includes the mother who is abandoned and has no milk or water for her children. It is a collective decision. And you are setting the paradigm – you, the lightworker community, are setting the paradigm that says this is not acceptable. This is not only not right in your parlance, but this is not the way we choose to live. This is not what we want.

Don’t forget, and we will have this conversation about inspiration perhaps further along in another show – but your desire is what triggers your inspiration, your creation. And the desire of not only saying what is not acceptable but what replaces it. What replaces that behavior?

For example, when you see in a public place a man shove his children, or his wife, what replaces that? With you pretending that you didn’t see it? Or turning your head away because you don’t want to create a fuss, because you don’t want to get involved? What replaces that?

It is something that every human being, male and female, are being invited to deal with. And it starts in some ways with the most minimal intrusion because when you speak to somebody, when you speak over somebody, when you disrespect them or disregard them, it may start as a minimal dismissal but that gives you permission, and so it grows and the aberration grows.

So this is teaching children different ways. It is protecting children in different ways, male and female. But it is also, particularly males, declaring to the community, to themselves, and to other males saying, “You know, that is not acceptable.”

Is this clear?

SB: Yes, it is clear, Lord. We have about eight minutes left. I wonder if we could switch over now and pretend that the Reval has happened and we lightworkers are now in a position to begin to take action of some sort. We’ve talked about the situation of women in the world. We’ve talked about war and Gaia’s reconstitution, the weather patterns that have happened as a result of that, and the fires like in Portugal as well as California. How would you advise us?

We’ve had our vacation too. We’ve taken care of our own personal things. Now we want to get started in addressing the problems with the world. How do we begin to do that? What does that look like? You’re the General of the Army. What are the orders, so to speak?

AAM: Let us be clear that one of the things we have been talking about all evening… because this is part of the landscape, the climate that you are creating – the New, within and upon – you cannot, for example, create organizations, whether it is a 2-person show or a 20,000-person show, you cannot create it unless the culture (that which you have called culture) and the attitudes (and there is a vigilance built in about those attitudes that are in accordance with the values and not just lip service), the true inculcated, actual, patterned behaviors are in alignment with Nova Being.

And what I suggest to you… and we have talked about this and we will continue to talk about it… this is going to take some work because the old patterns have a tendency, when there are times of tension or demand, to come back. And while we don’t want you to entirely forget those patterns so that they will never reoccur, we also do not want them reoccurring in the creation of the New.

SB: Hence our memory loss, is that right, Lord?

AAM: Hence your memory loss and our guidance, our repeated guidance, to you: Do not hurry! Now, what do you mean? You say, “Now heaven knows we’ve been waiting for years.”  Well, so have we!  But let us take it a step further. There is a tendency… and this has been built into your culture and your behavior systems… there is a tendency within what we would call leadership (and we mean that in the old way, as opposed to stewardship which is in the new way of you wanting to get things going)…

You want to get things going.  “And yes, we have to honor the culture of equity, unity, respect, etc, but I need to get this going, I need to get this done, so get out of my way and I’ll do it, I’ll just take charge. I’ll just implement this and I’ll deal with the fallout of the culture later.” That is not the way, because in the haste you are creating the old.

In the diligence… and I am not talking – you have an expression about ‘slow pokes’ upon the planet; I’m not talking about being a slow poke – and I am not talking about procrastination, but I am talking about undue haste. In undue haste, what you have the tendency to do is to ramrod or run over the very values you are trying to instill upon Nova Earth. So that first and foremost.

So there is time in any new organization, while it is fresh, while it is being birthed, to have those discussions about what is of value to us. “What is our core value?” Now, it is very easy… and I do speak to the lightworker community… it is very easy to give lip service, to say, “Well, of course these are my values.” It needs to be discussed in terms of the practicality, in terms of situational reality, in terms of actual acquiescence and agreement to be able to call each other in kind, respectful, loving ways when there is a deviation from what you think of as the Divine Qualities.

So these are the kinds of things… as General, which I’ve never really been!… that I would suggest you take into account. Do you really think that as the Company of Heaven, as the Mighty Ones, that I would try and override any of my beloveds?  If I was to do that, it would create not only chaos but it would create trauma. It would create something that was ‘less-than’.

What I need, what the Mother needs, what Gabrielle needs, what Uriel needs, what Melchizedek needs is cooperation, because when we work in a harmonious way, much more is accomplished. And in that, we have more to call upon because there is what you would call a “buy-in” on the part of all of us to what we are trying to achieve. What that means is: Does there need to be a General? Yes. Does there need to be someone who says yay or nay? Yes. But it is collaborative. It is based on values. It is based on an adherence to those values far beyond simply signing a contract.

SB: That is an issue, and this will have to be my last comment because we’re just about out of time. There is an issue around leadership smacking of control, and whether that’s good or bad. There’s the illustration of the airline pilot who needs to be in control of the aircraft. So what about that in the new leadership, Lord – where there is a need to, for somebody to be issuing commands like the captain of an airplane? How do we look upon those situations and not lapse into the old paradigm of control?

AAM: Respectfully, and I do not say that lightly, for someone to step forth and assume leadership is a sacred trust, and it is a sacred trust that cannot be broken. But also understand, within that leadership paradigm, that there are systems of checks and balances that also have need to be respected and adhered to. But it is assuming the mantle in what you have called leadership. You are assuming the mantel of Divine Authority – your Divine Authority – but that does not mean you are given carte blanche. It is not a reinstatement of royalty. What it is, is that you have volunteered to accept, to act on behalf of the best interests of the collective, and that is a very difficult role.

SB: Well, I’m afraid that we will have to leave the discussion there, Lord. We’ve run out of time. Is there any other comment you wish to make in closing?

AAM: Look at the chaos that is swirling around you, individually and collectively.  Bless it and love it.  Do not judge and do not participate. Send the energy of the new, for there is a new wind blowing.

Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon