On today’s conference call the Magdalena has given us many concepts and insights to ponder… Which one will you choose to embrace first?

“The Mother has Entrusted You With the Fulfillment of Her Dream”

Mary Magdalene

Saturday Conference Call

Linda Dillon               Channel for the Council of Love


Let’s begin by sinking into your beautiful tri-flame, and particularly into your Pink Flame, the Pink Diamond Flame of who you are, of the wonder and magnificence, the magnitude and the beauty of who you are…unique and gorgeous, fabulous and magnificent.

Feel that Pink Diamond and feel – don’t think – feel your beautiful uniqueness, that in the entire universe, not just on this planet, there’s only one you. You may have aspects that you send out to do various jobs for you. You’ve had past lives and future lives and now lives. There’s only one you and you are the breath of the Mother and you carry Her Blue Diamond. And, you are the son and daughter of the Father and you carry that Gold Diamond.

Breathe in the gentle pink and sink deeper into your beautiful tri-flame. Open your crown…I’m looking around and I can see your crown’s aren’t open…wide open as if you’re wearing a crown and right through the middle, here comes the pink. And breathe pink, the softest, baby pink, carnation pink, sweetheart rose pink. Bring it a little deeper to pink lemonade and vibrant pink roses. And bring it even deeper to the fuchsia, that vibrant color – pink with a tinge of blue – and feel that fuchsia rose in your heart, in your hand, feel the gentleness, the velvet of those petals.

Feel yourself walking or lying or being covered in the beautiful soft flurry of fuchsia rose petals.  And breathe pink, be pink. The angels of pink are the strongest of the strong, defenders of the throne of One, in complete unity and harmony with each other and all. So, feel the pink and whether you are russet or orange or gold or blue, let the pink just embrace you today.



Greetings, I am Mary Magdalene, I am the Magdalena, sister of your heart and sister of your soul. Welcome bright angels of every color and every ray, every mission, every purpose, every delight. It is my honor, my pleasure, my joy, to be with you this day, to come in the gentlest and strongest of grace, as woman, as Divine Feminine, as beloved other of Yeshua.

I come to you, not…and not ever, by the way…as distant deity or master; I come to you as sister, as daughter, as ally, as friend, as one who has walked this beautiful planet and who has known the trials and tribulations, the joys and the ecstasy of being in physical form; of having the challenge and the privilege of being in form.

Often the Mother has spoken to you, many have spoken to you, about how the Mother has asked for volunteers to come to this planet during this miraculous time of shift, of change, of ascension. And how you have said, “Yes, Mother, of course I will go and I will serve.” And all of that, of course, is true. But think of it for a moment with me – dream and dream with the Mother, and feel and dream the honor it is…not the trial, not the drudgery…the honor, the supreme honor it is that, in fact, the Mother has chosen you, that out of souls beyond number, of enlightened beings beyond number, She has said ‘yes’ to you as She has said ‘yes’ to me.

Think of this…that She has entrusted to you – part of my heart circle – that She has said to you, “Yes, I trust you, I know you, I honor you, I know your power, your endurance, your joy, your  love, that you may go and be the fulfillment of My Dream.” She did not say to you, “Go ahead and work out your issues.” Oh, I am not denying there are issues, but that is not what She has said. She has entrusted the fulfillment of Her promise of Her Plan to you upon the planet now…not at some distant juncture but right now. And you are the wayshowers and you have been for years, for decades.

Dearest hearts, this is not a burden; this is something that many have vied for. That is why there is such a massive population upon sweet Gaia at this time. You have been given the honor to do this. It is like carrying the Olympic torch, yes, and the Violet Flame and the Blue Flame and the Gold Flame all at the same time.

I know, because I have walked as woman, as sister, that you have doubts, yes, that you have core issues, yes, that you have difficulties that, at times, feel enormous and that you feel drag you down. But you would not have been permitted, not at this juncture, to be here if you were not, not only strong, but so clear and embedded with the truth of the Mother’s Dream and Vision, that it resonates, it vibrates, it hums in every cell of your body. And has it been a journey? And, is the best part of the journey yet to come? Yes!

The Mother has spoken to you several times about how you carry Her DNA – that is how you can conceive of it…that you are of Her, of Her breath, of Her Blue Diamond. She has prepared the way and She has talked to you about how each of your chakras are portals and as you open and clear and beam, not only the beautiful bright light that you are, transmitter, cell tower, down to the center of Gaia, how you beam, but each of your chakras also are portals beaming out front and back, sideways. You are a satellite onto yourself; so, recognize that and embrace it.

Because of the work that each and every one of you have done, we walk through these portals, we open them further…in and out of form…the prelude and the completion to the Mother’s Tsunami. We walk among you. My beloved Yeshua has said to you, “Come walk with me.” Well, I say it as well, “Come walk with me, come run with me, come fly with me, come open the final portals, not only for the Cities of Light, but for your hearts, for Nova Earth, for love… because that is all there is, that is all there has ever been. Everything else is mere distraction.”

No, I am not telling you to forget to eat or to ignore your gardens, especially the flower beds. But what is it when you till in the soil but love? What is it when you breathe the air but love? What is it when you write with St. Germaine’s Violet Flame the words of love? You are changing the planet and more importantly, you have changed the planet.

So, you are stepping forth as, not only the portals but the stewards of the new…which is the ancient, original, and the future – it is everything. Do not hesitate, sweet angels of light, to incorporate not only all this energy that is being sent to the entire planet, but to claim your birthrights, to claim your knowing, to claim your free will, to claim your Divine Authority. It is the new beginning and it is now and I am with you, in form, as we travel this planet.

Go with my love and go in peace. Go in celebration! Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon