You are our precious children and you are loved without any conditions. It is important you find that love, that acceptance and that forgiveness within yourself, for yourself. Channeled by Dana Zook.


I am the one they call Metatron and I am the glue or building blocks, if you will, of this entire universe. And this may be difficult to comprehend with human understanding but this is one universe among billions upon billions. Just as your body is one among millions, billions, and it has its own unique system of galaxies and stars within you you are an entire universe in your body.

So in this way, all humanity is one collective unconscious, is one being and yes, you are united with the heavens. But I want you to begin thinking more about all of you as a whole, as one, as joining with One. As you are, as we fondly say, our project, but you are the forerunners. You are the light-bearers and the lightworkers and the way-showers and as you change and shift in your consciousness to connect with your I Am Presence to every man woman and child on Earth, you can send love and light through your I Am Presence to all. And do not underestimate the power that you have.

Most of the time, it is easy to stay in a small concept of who you are. We are trying to raise you to a higher level to see how huge and magnificent you really are. You are one with all humanity and your thoughts and feelings contribute to the collective unconscious of the whole and you have the ability to help shift the consciousness of humanity. I am underscoring this.

This is why it is so important to step into the love, to step into the light, to release the darkness, to release the old, to release the anxieties and worries and fears and most especially to release the judgments of yourself. The judgments of yourself cause you to have less than love for yourself and sometimes even regrets, dislike, wishing you were someone else.

It is self-love that is so important. It is love without any conditions. This is the love that we surround you with. Love without any conditions, no matter who you are, no matter what you think, no matter what you said, no matter what you’ve done… You are our precious children. You are loved unconditionally, without any conditions. You are accepted unconditionally. You are forgiven unconditionally. It is important you find that love, that acceptance and that forgiveness within yourself, for yourself. And this will have the power to shift things. The more that you can do this, the easier it will be to see the perfection in all beings.

But many of you are very hard on yourselves and filled with judgment; filled even with self-loathing sometimes. See the beautiful spark of light within you that radiates love and compassion. And if you could see the light that you are, that you emanate, that surrounds you and not look at the physical vessel and what you’ve accomplished, you would be in awe, like we are in awe, at the magnificence and the beauty.

And yes, we are here to remind you of this dear ones, because you so often stay in the 3-D thinking and forget that love and beauty that you are, that you emanate and the power that you have to change the collective unconscious.

And this is quite a lot for today. That is completion then. I wish to enfold you with love and say farewell and blessings to all of you my beautiful children. I am Metatron.

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