Archangel Michael explains that this gradual approach to ascension is easier on the physical body and consequently on the mind and emotions as well.


An Hour With An Angel – August 1, 2017
Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow:…and we’ll welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am Michael. I am Mi-ka-el, Archangel of truth, Archangel of peace, Archangel of love, we all are. And yes, bringer of news. And so, I am excited, happy, thrilled, honored…excited to be with you once again. And when I say to ‘you’, I mean each and every one of you my beloved brethren, my brothers and sisters of light and love.

And as we speak this night, this day, this afternoon, wherever you are, I also speak to all of humanity. I remind you, my bright ones, that the energy of these broadcasts travels out across Gaia and far beyond. Now, these broadcasts are important, important in sharing, building, recognizing, acknowledging. And it is not only us acknowledging you, encouraging you, supporting you, it is each and every one of your hearts, your minds, your beings, not only supporting us, not only supporting the grand unfoldment of our Mother’s Plan, but you are also supporting each other, in practical ways, in expansive ways, in unseen ways, in seen ways and understood ways, and ways in which you are not even aware of.

And while I am at it…yes, this is not part of the agenda, but I truly wish to thank each and every one of you who has contributed spiritually and monetarily to the continuation of my blog, of this blog, of the Golden Age of Gaia, of InLight Radio, and the forward thrust of this work. So, I bless you and I thank you.

Now, back to this subject of broadcasting and why I have chosen this day, when we are speaking of ascension and updates and the practicality of living on Earth, I remind you of this broadcast function. It is not by some magic, although there are certainly some unseen forces that are at work. When we speak and I say to you it travels out in known and unknown ways to the entire collective. The sound waves do not merely stop with what you think of as the transmission of this show. The sound waves…if you want a clear example of infinite…continue to travel, not only to circulate your entire beloved planet, but they also travel – those sound waves – into the skin, the body, the hearts and minds of all beings.

Now, think of this in terms of your own daily process, and yes, if we revert back to the decision that you have made as a spiritually mature and evolved collective in 2012, you have declared – some verbally, some not, some reticent, some not – that you would ascend together. That declaration has not gone away. But let us also bring your attention to what you say out loud and what you say telepathically and what you say under your breath and what you say in the privacy of your own home or your own room or your own sacred space; it is alarming and it is frightening in some ways, I am sure, for me to say to you, to remind you that those declarations travel out. You don’t simply cut off a sound wave. And as we have said many times, inside the sound there is light and inside the light there is sound; and the word is heard, and the word is received, and the word is given.

Now, am I saying to thee, in a very practical way, that I want you to walk, I invite you to walk the silent path, the monastic path, the mastery path? Well, you already are. That does not mean that you do not have feelings, opinions, fears – which we are hopefully eradicating. It also carries your laughter, the sweetness, the sound of a kiss, the sound of a hug, the sound of ‘I love you’. So many human beings are reticent or even fearful of saying this…I love you!…for fear of rejection, fear of vulnerability, exposure, of not being reciprocated in the way that every heart on Gaia and far beyond desires.

And yet, think of the power of those three words! And how you send them out and how someone is sitting in a dungeon or a jail, or in starvation in Sudan, or alienation in Korea…they all receive it. So, not only is it a highly personal and heartfelt expression, you are sending that out. Similarly, when your heart is open and you receive…think of this…all the ‘I love you’s’, both from us and from human beings and your star family, when you receive all those ‘I love you’s’ in every language, in every vibratory rate, the sincerity and truth, that explodes you.

So, even before we get to the topic of tonight, throw open the windows, the doors, the French doors to your beloved hearts and not only declare the ‘I love you’s’ but receive the ‘I love you’s’.

Now, let us begin.

You are continuing on your ascension path, truly engaged in your ascension process, and I hear so many of you saying, “Michael, I love you but I’m really sick of hearing that we are engaged in our process.” Sweet angels of light, whether you are blue or grayelsha or silver or maroon or luminescent, you are my family. And when you are out of form, most certainly we play, we gather, we sing, we heal, we share with each other. But when you are in form is it any different? And my beloveds, the answer is no. And I speak, not only for myself, not only for the mighty ones, not only even for the Mother, for the entire Council of Love and the Company of Heaven: We are with you and the more you open your hearts, your eyes, your brains, the willingness, you will feel that presence of all of us more clearly. You will allow and welcome, not only our presence, but the areas of ‘things’ as you would think of it, in your process that perhaps you can use some assistance with.

We do not interfere or override with free will…that has been done enough by the various paradigms and forces that have been present upon Gaia for a long time, both in the form of people, in forms of energy, in form of belief systems. But those are evaporating. Never do we say, “You have to; you should; you must.” In the simplest of terms, we love to be acknowledged, we love to be felt, we love to be engaged with. And this is where doubt and fear, misapprehension come into play because you say, “Well, if you are my partners, if you are my family, if you are literally living in my house with me, then why don’t I feel you more? Why haven’t you given me a raise? Why haven’t you created world peace?”

Let us in a little more. It is a human trait, might I say this…the deepest…now we are talking about your ascension process. So, what is being challenged right now, in a very practical and real and esoteric sense, is your deepest doubts. And within that, and perhaps even beneath that for some of you, are your suspicions. And underneath that…and we will talk about this… underneath that is your grand ego – and it is grand.

Suspicions are something that you have held that are ancient and Gaian, related to those false grids, those infamous false grids that we and you, brilliantly, have been working on. Suspicion, yes, it is a spectrum – suspicion, doubt, fear, anger, et cetera – but suspicion is this lack of trust and this feeling of ‘I’m not going to be made a fool of once they have proved themselves.’ And you see this in your personal and interpersonal relationships… ‘once they have proved themselves, once they have gained my trust, then I will trust them.’ Well my beloved friends, what kind of trust is that?

Think about it from our perspective, which by the way is the Mother’s perspective…do we say to you, “Once you have proven yourself we will trust you, that we are suspicious of you because you have come from a history of atrocity upon this planet?” Of course not. You incarnated, you have always been, all of you, every single person upon this planet, has always, initially and continually been a being of love that we trust completely, that we support completely, that we love irrevocably, unconditionally.

Now, are there many still upon the planet who have forgotten who they are, who think they are choosing a path of independence because their suspicious self will not allow them to extend, not only the trust in human beings and in us, but in themselves? Because suspicion is truly suspicion of self, of course. And what is underneath that is the ego…it is the unbridled, might we even say derelict ego. Now we have no desire, none of us on this side, to ever eliminate ego. It is part of your personality; it is part of your sacred self. But does this need to be brought into balance? Most certainly…and in some ways that is the biggest hurdle to this collective decision about processing, progressing, and arriving – let us say. And that is why we are having this conversation. You are in the arrival phase to what you have termed ‘ascension’.

Now, let us also…and then we will get to discussion, sweet Steve…let us also talk about ascension. We have raised many topics this day already, but ascension – think of it in two ways…you are divine, you are holy, you are love and you have said to the Mother, “Of course I will return and be a major factor, a major player in the unfoldment of Your Plan.” And here you are, in form, in what we would call…because I want to bring your attention to this…it is like the declaration of your words. A duel process. There is the term ‘ascension’ which in this phase, in this reality, in this time…these brackets of the Mother’s infinite time…mean the ascension to a higher dimensional reality, a higher level of consciousness and fluidity of connection with the seen and unseen, the building of Nova Earth, the restoration of what this planet was always intended to be. Now, that is what you…and we, by the way…think of as this term ‘ascension’.

But let us not overlook, ignore, and of course these, hopefully, are parallel processes. But sometimes you are forgetting this, about your unique and completely consistent universal, omniverse process of ascension. And dearest Steve, you have referred to this numerous times…the soul’s ascension process is simply the return to the Mother. So, while you are working on the practicality of this bigger ascension in terms of dimensional conscious reality, your ascension, everything you say, do, think, perform, exist, is also your ascension to return home.

So, I remind you of this because these have need to be consistent when you are working on one, when you are living one, then you are living the other. They are inseparable, but they are unique.

Now, let us begin, sweet angel, with your questions.

Steve Beckow: Wow, where do I want to start? When you were talking about suspicion, doubt, fear, all the rest, lack of trust, you’re reading my mind so I can certainly resonate with what you are saying there and it takes an expansion of consciousness, that’s the only way I can think of it…a reentry into that space that I experienced some time ago when you whispered ‘maestro’ in my ear…a return to the natural self, to overcome that, so to speak. Can you talk more about approaches to actually dealing with suspicion, doubt, and the others?

AAM: Oh yes, I would be glad to…

SB: Thanks. Against the background of all the discussion of core issues that we’ve had, is there more to be said about how to handle suspicion and the others?

AAM: It is not so much that there is more to be said in terms of, shall we say, the material or even the process, which is sure-fire. But why are we bringing this up again? Because this is one of your final hurdles.

Now, I bring it to your attention, my beloved family…and think about it in this way – just an aside…there are things that you can only talk about with those you most deeply love and trust and who know you for who you really are and who really want to assist you in your growth process. And that is the way I want to talk to you about this doubt and suspicion. So, it is not in a theoretical or esoteric way. It is not like the neighbor down the street or professor in a college. It is your dearest friend, your family, your brother talking to you about this because this is what is coming up right now.

Do you really think it’s coincidence? No. You are being catalyzed; you are being catalyzed by all of us and certainly by the Mother’s Tsunami of Love. It is bringing these debris to the surface so you can say, “Ah! I had no idea that was still in there.” And don’t forget what I said about the ‘I love you’s’. As you are doing this, you are doing it for many. You are doing it for those who have forgotten. You are doing it for those who are disinterested. And when you are in this place of doubt or suspicion or fear, you say, “Forget that! Screw that! I don’t want to be processing for those people who aren’t even making an effort.” Beloveds, that’s your job.

So, let us be practical. You have need to embrace that suspicion and you are going higher and you are going deeper. You will never – and that is a very long time – you will not resolve this…doubt, fear, suspicion…which is simply a lesser view not only of who you are but who the entire universe is, if you do not truly engage with this. Now, we do not mean, we are not encouraging you to sit and pick at a scab until you are bloody and bleeding, although there may be some pulling off of the bandage which feels alarming for a moment.

When you sit and you see the suspicion, the fear, the doubt, the anger, look at it and might I say, as I already have, think about it, as we are cohabitating with you. Sit with Uriel or Gabrielle or me or the Mother or Yeshua or Lao Tzu or Maitreya and simply say, “Oh my goodness”… not judging, not belittling yourself because that is often where suspicion goes, you belittle yourself, you belittle everybody around you, you belittle the issue. Don’t do it. That is judgement. Discern it, look at it, and see what it is revealing to you. Because once the inside, as it were, of that concern…let’s minimize it…it’s a concern, it’s an issue, it’s a vasana, it’s a core issue, there are many names for it but it’s the same thing, it is concern. It is a pattern that is robbing you of your joy, of the fullness of your ascension – both capital A and small a – process.

So, you look at it…now one way is to say, “Oh, that means in the collective there is still this issue of suspicion.” That is true but it would not be having an impact on you unless there was a fragment, a wisp, a speck of dust within you to bring forth and to let go of, to surrender, to balance out.

Now, this is part of your free will. This is part of your power of yes and no, and sometimes they are the same. So, you look at that feeling of inadequacy because the concern is a feeling, a belief of inadequacy, that somehow you don’t deserve so you will erect this little blockage, this concern, to prevent you from having what you really want, both in the practical and the intangible.

I want you to ask yourself, with your free will, “Do I really choose to hang on to this vasana, concern, issue, that is making me”…the nuclear reaction is making you feel less than… “it is making me feel not only can I not trust my oldest, dearest friends, seen and unseen, but it also means I can’t trust myself…” “look at all the mistakes I’ve made, look at all the missteps, oh my gosh twenty thousand years and I’m still misstepping” so I’m right to suspect myself.

The essential question to your essential self with the full power of your divine authority and free will is ‘do I really choose to hang on to this?’ Of course the answer is no. In the formulation of the question in the decision point, the intent of even asking the question, is the dissolution of the issue because your infinite, natural, eternal self will guide you…and so will we sitting next to you on the sofa, on the bed, on the floor, in the café…to say no.

In the decision, the free will choice decision to say, “You know, Michael, I’d really like to let this go.” Then you say, “How do I do it?” That is a decision point when you can say, “I give it to you! You live here with me, I might as well give it to you because you’re a disposal expert. I will give it to the Mother because She will transmute it immediately into light.”

Now, part of you…and this is where it comes deeper…is suspicious of us and of yourself. “What if I give it to them and they don’t do it properly or they don’t take care of it? What if I still feel it?” So, what you do is you hold onto a fragment of it so we have to come back and do it again.

Stop being suspicious of yourself. Stop questioning…yes, just stop questioning your divine authority. Stop questioning your truly magnificent capacity that free will carries. You can kick it out. If you found vermin in your garbage, in your food, you would take care of it, you would kick it out to where it belongs. You would not be suspicious. Yes, some of you would say, “I wonder why I’ve created this vermin? What is it trying to tell me?” Well, I will you…the vermin is trying to tell you that there is vermin poison inside and it’s time to take it out!

Does that even begin to answer?

SB: Yes it does and I notice a lot of tie-ins between the upset clearing process that I’ve been discussing and what you talked about. When you say ‘embrace the core issue or concern’, what I translate that into in my own thinking is to experience it, to be with it, as you said too, to get whatever the message is in the vasana after which it seems to lift and go off into past times, so to speak. But I wanted to ask you about this strategy as well; I’ve been invoking Universal Law lately, a lot. I’ve been calling on you and the Mother a lot and I wonder, has it been successful? Is this a successful strategy as well? I’ve been invoking the Laws of Change, Transmutation, and Elimination to have you take away a vasana after I have experienced it or identified what it’s meaning is to me. Has it been successful?

AAM: Dearest heart, do you hear Sanat Kumara cheering in the background?

SB: I can imagine.

AAM: We haven’t talked, we have mentioned divine authority, divine will within. We could not be more elated than to see each of you working…I could say finally working, but I will not…working with the Universal Law. It is you assuming…it is not merely an expression of intent, it is you comprehending, aligning, and operating – think about this, this is an action piece, this is the infinite action piece we are always harping on – it is an action piece that you are putting into play that your actions are in alignment with the operating system that the Mother/Father/One has designed.

So, what you are doing is not that you are denying some of the practicalities of living on Earth, but you are saying, “I choose, I intend, and I call within every particle of my actual life the Universal Law that will attend…and each of you will have preferences and they’re all intertwined as one anyway…you are calling on us. It is the same; it is actually more powerful as when I have said to you ‘call on us.’ And so, what you are doing is you are calling on us recognizing, not only recognizing ‘oh yeah, I have this friend but he doesn’t live on planet’, you are recognizing us in sacred partnership, in operating in the daily – your time frame and ours – and saying, “I invoke this law which is immutable, which has substance, which has incredible, phenomenal power” because it is the way of the Mother’s design, it is the way of the grander plan and the individual plan.

So, yes sweet one, and have you not even witnessed…yes, you beloved Steve, in your own life…how this works when you invoke the laws?

SB: Yes, yes, may I just mention that two listeners?

AAM: Please do.

SB: Okay. On two occasions, one really intending physical abundance but instead had an experience of abundance as a state of being. Now, I never even knew that there was such a thing as abundance as a state of being. And it was remarkable and that came after invoking the Universal Law of Give and Receive, Abundance. And then a second time would have been when I started to write a financial appeal and had no idea what I was going to say and you whispered the word ‘maestro’ in my ears and I had an experience of mastery. Now that also related to an invocation that I had done earlier…I think I invoked your help in writing the appeal. So, both instances resulted in a peak experience, a transformational experience. And I also found that the state of abundance, the state of mastery, and the natural self were the same.

AAM: That is correct. So often the human beings, but particularly, might I say, the beautiful, ardent, dedicated lightworker, love-holder community says to us, says to themselves, says to the Mother, “I wish to achieve my mastery.” When you are working, truly working with Universal Law what you are doing is not only invoking us, not only invoking the operating system of the Mother, not only invoking yourself, you are literally, not invoking but living, operating, in your mastery. You see, so often what you think of as the process is that you need to achieve a certain level and that level is somehow construed as outside of you.

But sweet angels, it is inside of you as well. That is the Law of Above and Below, Within and Without. That is the universal state of being. So, when you claim, invoking, behaving, acting in your mastery, what you have done, sweet one, is you have just shifted dimensions. You are assisting in that ascension process

SB: What do you mean by that?

AAM: I mean that the claiming of your mastery is not something it most certainly isn’t something that was part of the old third. When you are claiming and assuming – let us put it that way – assuming your mastery, then what you are doing is you are anchoring in the dimension, of the 7th dimension and the 11th dimension, which is where the masters exist. So, you are placing yourself and you are seeing the fluidity of the dimensional reality and that it is all available to you and not in just an esoteric sense, not in simply an unseen sense, but in a very practical sense as well…to which you say, “Wow!”

SB: Wow! Yep. Yes, I’m actually a little bit speechless considering that. I have always held the various dimensions above the fourth, of the third/fourth, as being sublime and unattainable, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. But you’re discussing dimensions like the 11th and the 7th and I just guess I realize I don’t really know very much about the dimensions. My ability to calibrate is not yet well formed.

AAM: And that is all right because…think of it in this way…your structure, your construct of dimensions has been ‘when I am in this dimension I am in this room, I am allowed to have this experience and then when I am in 7th dimension I will have the complete experience of love. I will be the love and I will assume the love and I will share the love and it will be the Christ Consciousness of the indwelling spirit. But, it is not simply room’s…think of it as a long hallway and the hallway is completely open and fluid. It is not a hallway of the House of Mirrors intended to confuse; it is a hallway of beauty.

The human framework, the experience that you find yourself in, has twelve dimensions…and we will not make this into a soliloquy on dimensions but let me be practical and say to you, “Beloved ones, do you think the Mother has created this dimensional reality only to bar you from the experience of it?” Of course not. Now, has it been a progression, has it been part – to use my earlier example – that flying in and out of the portals? And what you are finding as you are doing this, when you let go of that suspicious self, is that you would much rather be in the fluidity of that experience. And you do not need, it is not a requirement, to say, “Oh! Now I’m in the 8th, now I am in the 4th, now I am in the 2nd”. It is all-available to you. And what your ascension process, both capital A and small a, is doing for you and what we are assisting you with and what you are assisting us with, in the fulfillment of the Mother’s Plan, is the realization of that fluidity and that you would rather…free will choice…you would rather be in the joy, the bliss, the ecstasy of having that fluidity.

And because it is fluid, like you have said sweet angel, there is a blending…the 3rd, the 4th, the 2nd. Do not negate what you think of as lower dimensions because it is all part of the totality of this creation and that is what you are discovering…and it is delightful!

SB: Lord, since we’re discussing ascension, could I direct our attention to the pace? I think ascension has to be slow, does it not, or gradual for the most part? Then there will be the ignitions, from time to time, but it has to be slow, first of all in preparation for those ignitions, so that the body doesn’t burn out. And if your answer is ‘yes’ to that question – if it has to be slow…

AAM: I will say ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Now, let us explain…we are a good team, my friend!

SB: Well, you have the memory…so…

AAM: I will share it with you! Certainly in your perspective, which is really the only perspective you can have because it is part of your experience and your process, you have felt that ascension is slow. Now, from our perspective it has been very slow…but we do not need to talk about thousands of years, we’re talking about this framework of conscious years…so it has been slow.

Now, what we do and what you are doing also is walking a fine line…you have that expression ‘the razor’s edge’…and not that it is going to cut you, but it is a very fine line. So, let me explain. It is slow in-so-far as you feel, with all the energies and the attunements and the upgrades and the frequencies, that it has been slow and yes, it has taken years…we would never deny that…but with the influx of the expansion of your consciousness, because that is what it is, most definitely, you have become, individually and collectively, more conscious…however you define that – your understanding, your wisdom, your intention, your actions is far broader than it was years ago.

Now, the wonder, the miracle of this unfoldment is that it is being done in form. There have been ascensions on other planets and beautiful ones and it has meant the letting go…not of consciousness, obviously…but of form or form as you would think of it and we would think of it – human form, humanoid form. Now, what you are doing is incorporating all of these energies into your human form. In some ways you can think of it as putting a nuclear reactor inside a Model T Ford.

There have need and there has been need and there has been magnificent, phenomenal, physical adjustment. And it is not just merely ascension symptoms, your DNA has been activated and changed, your what you think of as light-body has been activated and shifted…all of this inside your physical form. Your consciousness, your awareness has been shifted and expanded and all of this in your body. So, from that perspective, it has need and is slow from your framework of what time is…and we understand that.

Now, here’s the fine line…we see, humans have always loved – so do we, by the way – we love demonstrations, we love signs, and you particularly as a group of beings love tangibility and signs. So, there are even lightworkers who have said…and we have seen you and we embrace you and we love you and we’re not going anywhere…you’ve said, “I give up. This has taken far too long. There has not been x-y-z, there has not been disclosure, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So, I am saying this is a pile of bunk and I am detaching.” Now, that is our fine line as well because we need you…you need you and we need you because it is an integral part of the Mother’s Plan.

And yet, in the unfoldment of that Plan there are various…what you think of as physical occurrences that can only take place as the – shall we say – that suspicious, vasana, core issue self is resolved. There has need to be a nucleus of sufficient energy for that snap, for that jump-off. So, when we look at the collective, and even just the collective of the lightworker community, and we see this ‘I give up; I am disenchanted; I’m just not going…’ because understand when you are doing that, that is not only a negation of the ascension process in terms of the collective expansion and interdimensional reality, it is also a denial of your own individual ascension process and the return to the Mother.

When we are seeing this we pay very particular attention and that is why we are acknowledging that these fears, these things that have been hidden and because you say, “Well, I have been doing my work, I’ve been doing my work and I’m not seeing any tangible results” and then all of a sudden you are seeing your suspicious self. So, this is the fine line that we and you are walking.

It is a slow process and yet it has to be engaging enough, fast enough, that we don’t lose you. And we are very attentive to that fact and it is not just because you are in your suspicious self, it is also part of the realm of human experience, your perception of time. So yes, it is a slow process and yet within that…no it is not a slow process because we are giving you what you can think of as signs, events, unfoldments.

Does that even come close to beginning to answer your question, dear heart?

SB: Yes, and I have another question that arises out of it and this will be my final question to you. Trying to understand 2012 then, because it looked like we prepared for 2012 and then 2012 was discussed as if it was some kind of climatic event, then the collective opted to go together and we’ve been preparing very slowly since then and are not yet at the point of a snap, even now, say five years after 2012, so therefore how could we have survived a snap in 2012 if we needed to prepare for so long after for the snap we look forward to or that is in our future? Do you follow…well?

AAM: Yes, we do follow your question and understand that declaration…let us put it this way…the conscious declaration of, shall we say, the lightworker community in 2012 was one piece. The soul decision of the collective, the entire collective, was what we would call an unconscious or sub-conscious soul decision declaration. Now part of even what we are doing now is the breaking away these various conscious, unconscious, sub-conscious categories…but that is a whole other discussion.

The experience of ascension in 2012 would have been far more dramatic, a small, small portion even with the ‘I’ll carry you on my back’ phenomena, and it would have caused a…not just a sensation but a literal experience of greater separation of those who progressed, those who stayed, and those who left. What you have said and I hear many of you saying, “I regret that decision” is that you say, “No. We will undertake not just the quick nuclear explosion/implosion. We will do the work to truly embody and progress and so often what you have thought of as earned our way, our fare, so that you have in-body been holding this.

If there had been…and there was full possibility for this…a ascension in 2012, it would have been a much smaller group with very…you would not recognize yourselves…the transition in your physical forms would have been so radical as it would be night and day and you would not have had the experience of this understanding of the expansion, of the reset, really. And hence, why we call it a spiritually mature decision, is you would not have that experience to share with future generations and planetary systems, what that process looks like. It simply would have been a snap and voila! You’re home.

SB: Huh…wow…that makes a lot of sense to me, Lord. I thank you for that detailed explanation. I’m afraid we’ve run out of time, is there any last comment you’d like to make?

AAM: I would love to embrace you, to reassure you how extraordinarily well you are doing, that you have been stalwart, that you are continuing on, that you are expanding. And not only expanding in terms of your physical capacity, holding the energy, but also expanding in your broader understanding…that quest, in form, of how things work, how we can do this in form. And you are doing brilliantly. Please, we beg you, don’t give up. And I go with one final word that I broadcast right into you and all over the planet, I love you! Farewell.

SB: Love you. Farewell

Channeled by Linda Dillon
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