With thanks to Megann for this beautiful Channelled Gem from her personal reading with Linda and Archangel Uriel.

Megann: I’m so curious about this coming eclipse of the moon and solar eclipse, which I find so fascinating with its mixing of the silver and the gold light frequencies and qualities.

Archangel Uriel: That is correct.

M: And it seems to me that this is, for everyone, going to be a huge infusion of knowing… and I’m not sure what all?  I’m wondering how it will affect us?

AAU: Gold, as you well know – the sun, the Great Central Sun, our beloved Gabrielle – is very action oriented, is very much the energy of the actions of joy, the anchoring of the brilliance of joy. So you may often think of the gold as ‘love in action creating joy’, whereas the silver, as you are with me and knowing, is more of the ‘quiet awakening’.

They are inseparable, obviously, but if you only have the brilliance of joy in action and you have never woken up [chuckles], then there is a problem. And similarly, if you have never had the quiet dawning of the truth of who you are, then you cannot simply jump into action. So they are complementary.

Think about what we are talking about in terms of completion. It has never been an either/or. It is the harmony of completing. And so what this does, along with the Mother’s Tsunami and the Porlana C which are the conductive energies… think of this… and in this conductive energy, there is a coming together of these elements, basically, of what is for the highest good of humanity – so it is the balance.

You see, human beings have a history of ‘making busy’. And often when they have been making busy, they have created action for action’s sake, and such chaos and mayhem that you just wish they would stay still! [Laughing together]

M: That’s why I hang out with the animals!

AAU: Yes! So it is the balance. It is the balance, and it is to bring that into physical reality. So not only is this an energetic attunement/adjustment/catalyst, it is also a very subtle one. But it is to bring about the balance.

M: I feel it.