With thanks once again to Megann for this wonderful Channelled Gem from her personal reading with Linda and Archangel Uriel.

Archangel Uriel: I am Uriel.

Megann: Welcome!

AAU: And welcome to you, beloved angel, dearest friend, sweet ally of love, sweet ally of light. And yes, if we were trying – and I seldom do – to capsulize what the Silver Flame does: it is the gentleness of true strength.

You, my beloved one, deeply connect, of course with the land, but truly with the water, with the wind, with the air, with the molecules, not only of the stars but of beingness. In the assumption of form, there is a harmony of creation that when the Mother’s birth takes place, it is a melding, a weaving, a coming together of molecules, of atoms, of what you think of as the substance of energy. This has always resonated with thee.

And in your core, you have known that love never forces. It coaxes, it supports, it enlightens, it illuminates, and it brings the clarity so that the union and the reunion and the coming together of what is desirable – not just necessary but desirable – simply flows. And if it is not desirable, for a variety of reasons – and think of ‘not desirable’ as merely incomplete – so there is no judgment attached; it is simply discernment “this is not complete as yet.”

And that is truly the nature of transubstantiation. It is the nature of transmuting, transubstantiating and completing in wholeness what is in alignment with the Mother and Father and with the One, so that it is the highest, clearest reflection, connection, manifestation of what is possible.

So it is something that comes from the knowing which is expanding in you, sweet one. It is “Is there another element that would complement, complete, amplify?” And that is what you are doing, and that is what I am giving you with my Silver Flame.

And I am overjoyed that you have welcomed me in and allowed the expansion, not only of the Silver Flame but of our conjoining and relationship. In many ways, I have tended to be the quiet one. But do you ever notice, even with the animals, that it is the quiet ones that you truly seek to listen to? That whether it is human or a fairy or a goat – who are seldom quiet! [laughter] – that when they speak or communicate, you truly lean in to hear because it is not the constant chatter, it is the heart speaking?

So I am with you.

M: I’ve always been attracted to quiet ones.

AAU: Yes, because you know that silence and gentleness speak. It is not the bravado or the exterior that borders often on chaos. Now yes, there is much chaos upon the planet, but chaos is distracting.

M: Oh my, absolutely!

AAU: So you return to the quiet, and it doesn’t matter whether it is human or otherwise. But even when you note those you are attracted to, those you feel the depth of connection – it is the quiet ones like Dreaming Deer! [Dreaming Deer is Megann’s Twin Flame]

M: Hmmm… yes. And thank you, Uriel.

AAU: It is being communicated from this side, but you see, what is often misunderstood is that it also has need to be communicated from the human side. And so, as you are doing this – do not forget that you are working with millions – so you are communicating this to your millions.

M: Okay… without opening my mouth?

AAU: That is correct – quietly, gently, completing.

M: Wow! I would like to be able to see all of the things we are doing… within and without, above and below.

AAU: You are beginning to. And you are beginning to see them not only in the microcosm, you are seeing them in the macrocosm. Allow yourself. When you bring your attention to the collective, always bring the Silver Flame, sweet one, not only to bring light to the places of darkness, but also that you may see more clearly what is going on!

M: Yes, yes.

AAU: It gives you information, understanding, wisdom in terms of understanding what is going on in a given situation – not what appears to be going on but what is really going on.

M: Well, I just need to carry it with me 24/7!

AAU: Yes. You took the words out of my mouth!