I do invite you to send yourself individually-consciously-physically to make visits back and forth upon ship. Now some of you are going to say, “Well, I don’t know how to do this,” but in fact the meditation that I have just given you will get you there.

Enjoy your time with us! The invitation is open and we welcome you.

Heavenly Blessings Radio Show ~ July 27, 2017

Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love, together with Suzanne Maresca, Host, InLight Universal Radio

[Meditation from 3:55 to 15:10]

Ashira of Neptune, Commander-in-Chief of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies:

Ashira: Greetings, I am Ashira.

Suzi: Welcome.

Ashira: And welcome, welcome to you! I come to you, yes, I cannot deny, as Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, but I also come to you as brother and friend, as participant in this grand unfoldment of our Mother’s Plan, for we are united – united in heart and united in purpose in this unfoldment.

And yes, while some of you may have felt that it has taken a terribly long time, so do we! And we tend to think in terms of centuries rather than years or decades. No, I do not say that to be boastful. I simply say it so that you will understand – we know the meaning of patience and we know the meaning of impatience!

But let me tell you, throughout not only this command but many of the commands – and you are hearing this equally from all of us – we are excited, we are uplifted. We do not so much anticipate change as we are in the process of celebrating change, as we are in the process of participating in those changes.

And yes, of course, you, like we, are receiving the renewed Mother’s Tsunami of Love. And while you are always saying, “What’s next?” I encourage you, I invite you, even as you relax with us upon this ship, to take a moment to luxuriate in that vibratory upgrade, in that adjustment in your frequency.

And while I am inviting you to do that, also understand, my beloved family, that we have not stopped. If anything, we are intensifying our energy, our gift, our sending and sharing with you of our life force of Porlana C.

There are things that we cannot do simply because of Universal Law, or the unfoldment of the Plan, or our adherence to the Intergalactic Council. But there is so much that we can do, and do do, with you and for you. And I do not say this because you need the litany of what we do or our gifts to you. That is not our purpose; that is our job and our unfoldment, and our piece of this unfoldment.

But do not think for one moment, one millisecond, that we are not in, yes, not only Sacred Partnership – because what happens when I say to you that we are in Sacred Partnership, is you have a tendency to put it, shall I say, in the esoteric category, and I don’t want you to think of it this way. No, I do not interfere; you can think of it any way you want! But I want you to know that we are in it with you, not some distant unfoldment of some grand plan that is esoteric in nature, amorphous in nature.

Does it contain that? Yes. But there is also a very practical level of this unfoldment, otherwise we would not bother – we would not be permitted, it would not be appropriate – to have these conversations with you; it would not be fitting or appropriate to have so many millions of ‘boots on the ground’; it would not be appropriate to do ‘bomb-catching’ or clear radiation or pollution or water from your planet.

The wisdom – you may call it wisdom, wisdom-vision, knowing, knowingness, ascension, being in the qualities, the divine being that you are, this expansion that you are and have gone through – is not just the unseen but the physical practicality of holding the energy, of knowing that you are holding the energy, that you are not only deliberate and determined but that you are clear, ready and prepared, and actually doing the anchoring of this Plan.

Shall we call it the Plan of Peace and Joy and Love? All of these terms are interchangeable, but they have slightly different gradation of meaning.

You have been looking, my beloved friends, for physical, tangible proof and yet, in so many ways, you are the physical, tangible proof. Take a moment with me – and I will not spoil or interfere with our play date on the Neptune because we welcome you! – but take a moment, not to delve or [be] distracted, but simply to feel and to know how substantially, tangibly different you are from even a month ago or a year ago.

If you are having difficulty with this, think of an event that took place in your life within the last year – a tangible, physical event – and then compare it to a similar event that you may have had several years ago – a real event, not simply a spiritual, esoteric, feeling event, although they cannot be separated in reality – and see how much you have changed, grown, evolved, matured, how much deeper your connection is to the All, how that sense of separation, of distance, has simply evaporated.

I invite you to do this, not for our sake – we know how you’re doing! – but for yours.

So often, my sweet family, you don’t give yourselves enough credit and you say, “Yes, but Ashira, I’m still doing X, I’m still doing Y.” And I say to you as you visit with us, “And are you laughing about it? Are you treating that habit, that addiction, that pattern with the humour and the love it deserves?”

If you feel that you are stuck in a particular pattern, it is simply that you’re not done with it! So engage with it, not with a critical eye and perhaps even with a communal eye. Look at it and see how this is serving you, how it is helping you be that projectile, not only to come and join with us but even in your own life and upon sweet Gaia.

One of the things that we learned a long time ago – yes, during the intergalactic wars and certainly during long voyages, and voyages in what you would think of as ‘closed quarters’, if I can put it that way – is that there’s no room for harshness. No, that does not mean we are blind or Pollyannas. What it means is there’s no room for harshness – not with ourselves and not with each other, and certainly not with the civilisations that we encounter, because it is infectious and it of course brings the vibratory, the energy, the love down – it tears away at it.

This is one thing that we have always been – well, we understand it – but really baffled by, these human belief systems born, of course, out of your old paradigms of control and greed and authority, false authority, etc.; how you painted – and then it became a form of entertainment which is even more baffling! – but how you painted us, extraterrestrials, as evil, as punitive, as carrying those old paradigms that you in fact perfected on Earth and that we haven’t held or carried in a long, long, long, long time.

This projection is strange – yes, we understand it but it is strange. It is fearmongering and that is something that many Gaians of the old way, of your ‘cabal’ as you have put it, but there are individuals who have nothing to do with cabal who have also perfected this, this fearmongering, to project – and I am coming to my point – this harshness that they really feel within themselves onto other people, onto other beings, onto other planets.

You have even projected it at different times onto Source/God/One: “This is a thundering, punishing Father.” It is insane!

So we learned that when there is harshness in someone’s heart – whether it is an Arcturian heart or a human heart, even an angelic heart to some extent – if there is harshness there, it is communicated and it is destructive. And I don’t mean destructive in a positive way of tearing down grids. I mean it is destructive in terms of lowering the vibrations of love and truth.

So what I say to you, my beloved family – and I know I have gone on – is that you have done phenomenal work in getting rid of, eliminating, letting go of those lower vibrations and raising the vibration to the point where I am inviting you on ship – and you can journey here by yourself and are welcome as often as you like… until such time as you will realise you can bring your body with you!

That is perhaps a broader conversation. But there is so much news, I did not wish to get off track. I am sorry, dear Suzi! Where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh, no problem. Well, you did say something that I’m wondering if I heard correctly. Did you say it would not be appropriate for you to catch bombs or clear radiation and whatever else?

Ashira: Oh no, I did not mean to communicate that. These are things we do. These aren’t things that we necessarily continually talk to you about. There is a habit in some lower frequencies to say, “Look what I did for you today. You should be grateful.” [Laughter] We will never do that. No, it is important clarification, sweet one!

So we do a lot of things that we don’t… although we have made you aware that we are doing them, we don’t every day show up and say, “Alright, where is our gratitude, where is our payment?” [Laughter]

Suzi: You know what – I and so many of our listeners, if not every single one, would be able to relate to that because we all do our energy work and we just let it go, and we have no idea what happens to it after we let it go. And so, we’re not asking for ‘thanks’ either. We’re just doing what’s in our hearts to do.

Ashira: And you have brought up, you have reinforced my big “Congratulations!” because you are doing what needs to be done. And you are not being that controlling person, human, that used to say, “I will do this for you, but I want to know and I want to hear your gratitude and I want to be in charge.” That has been really, in so many ways, the downfall of the previous human race.

You have come so far. And let us be clear. Yes, we know we are doing our job and you – and I mean ‘you’ the collective, particularly the lightworkers/loveholders’ community – are doing your job. Now, it is not intended to be a contest; everybody has a piece. But let us tell you: we know, and we know from feedback as well from our boots on the ground, how hard it is!

So when you feel that you’ve had a hard day, do not think that we are not supporting you and even sending more Porlana C directly to you, because it is challenging.

Suzi: Yes. Okay, well, I just hope that I’m not shifting gears too rapidly, but I just have the growing curiosity and awareness about my other aspects. And I’m assuming it’s a result of rising frequencies from the Mother’s Tsunami and from Porlana C, what you are all sharing and our own personal work. Could you say more about that?

Ashira: Yes, I most certainly can. And you have, hmm… shall I say a range of aspects. Think of it in this way. You are coming to know more clearly, more deeply, more joyously, shall we call it the family of Suzanne or the family of Linda or the family of Thelma or the family of Gus – you are becoming more fully engaged – which is important – and aware of your various aspects.

Now, one of the reasons is in this ascension process, in physicality, is that you are bringing forth and calling back – whether you are doing it consciously or not matters not; it is where you are at in terms of this journey – you are calling back and wanting to know and to engage with these various aspects because, of course, these aspects – which makes it feel as if it is distant – these aspects are part of the integrated whole, the family of Suzanne.

And so, of course, you want to know and utilise and enjoy those aspects. And that awareness gives you, if you fully utilise it, a greater capacity, a greater awareness in terms of proceeding with your creation work – with the creation work that you, by your own mission and purpose, your own sacred soul contract, have implemented eons ago with the Mother and recently for this lifetime.

But it is also bringing back and integrating various talents, capacities, abilities and experiences…

Suzi: It opens perceptions…

Ashira: Yes, and it allows you to see the breadth, really, of who you are. Now when you are calling back your aspects – and yes, I do know the channel has said this many times but I am going to say it anyway – when you are calling back or becoming aware of your various aspects, blessed as they are, ensure that you make sure that they are cleansed before you fully welcome them and integrate them into your current, what you think of as your current self.

Suzi: Yes. So that’s interesting because I’m just thinking of higher aspects that are clean, clear, beautiful, not really thinking about past life kind of things. Okay, so if we’re feeling that we are at peace with past life things, would that be necessary?

Ashira: I am not thinking or talking about past life things, or even future life things. Let me be practical. There are a number of you, for example, that are working very diligently, particularly in your night work with Archangel Mi-ka-el. And you are going in various capacities to the places of devastation, whether it is Aleppo or Mosul or Palestine or the Sudan, and you are sending a part of yourself – think of it as an aspect, a full or partial aspect – during your night sleep to work with Mi-ka-el.

Now, this is not to say that you are becoming a warmonger, quite the contrary. What you are doing is bringing the peace, the light, the comfort, the nurturing, the different energies of peace into these war-torn areas. But it would be erroneous to think that you can be in such a devastation-disruption situation and not feel even your angelic or your eternally universal self, you would not feel some heaviness, and even at times physical heaviness from such a situation.

So as you are calling back even those higher aspects that are off doing things on your behalf – because they are you – make sure that as you welcome them home, that they have… and often this is taken care of by the higher aspect… but, nevertheless, it is good practice for you to also make sure that they have been cleansed.

Because your physical self, what you think of as your human self, welcoming those aspects and directing them – fully directing them by the way – that is the most significant change. You are directing; this isn’t being done separate from you. This is being done with your full consciousness now. And so, what you are doing is saying, “Okay, I send you to work in the sewer, but can you hose off before you come in!”

Suzi: Right. This all does feel kind of new, superpowers coming on line and all that sort of thing, things that we didn’t used to be able to do but now we can.

Ashira: That is correct. Now you can…

Suzi: So get on it! [Laughter]

Ashira: Get on it! That is a good way because there is no ‘should’ or ‘must’ – but I cannot even imagine that you would not do it!

Suzi: Well, okay, so something like the “Core Issues” class, basically I think at the core of it would be unworthiness because that’s what it comes down to. When I first started my training, it was “oh, I can’t” and “I don’t feel the ancestors” and it took some sacred play and practicing and sticking with it to realise it really is happening and it really does. And the more attention you pay to it and the more acknowledgement you offer to those sorts of things, the stronger it becomes.

Ashira: That is absolutely correct. And when you focus, all issues on-planet and far beyond all come down to this basic issue of worthiness: “Am I letting the Mother down? Am I worthy of the Mother’s love? Am I doing enough for the Mother?” It is all about self-worth. Now, it wears many faces and many masks and it is time, beloved ones, to take the mask off.

Suzi: Yeah, exactly. So may I ask this cheeky question? Where are we in terms of the collective frequency being at a level high enough for interaction with our star family?

Ashira: Well, of course, as you know, many of you have conscious – because it needs to be; what you are asking is about the conscious self – you do have conscious interaction with us or with Ashtar, or many of the other commands for that matter. What you are asking inside that question, this ‘cheeky’ question, [laughter] is in fact “when will you have the physical interaction?”

Now again, I suggest to you that many of you – not as many as you would like – but many of you are having that physical interaction. Now, is this sometimes confusing because you are having a physical interaction that you are not consciously aware of? So the marriage that you are asking for is physically and consciously having interaction with us. And I am separating out the interactions that you are having with our forces on the ground but that you may not be aware of. You may have a twinkling of understanding or suspicion, but you are not fully aware of [them].

Suzi: Correct.

Ashira: Now let me also say this. I have mentioned to you these terrible belief systems of harshness that have been carried in many civilisations and planetary systems – of which you happen to have one in your current situation.

Now we have suggested to you that what you have termed as ‘disclosure’ – that open declaration for the entire planet to behold – will be done as a group effort by leadership that is already fully aware of us and we of them – yes, it is reciprocal – and that are brilliant, compassionate and not of the fear field. And that will be done, actually, shortly. And when I say that, I mean in the political climate particularly of the United States and Russia where there will not be missiles fired into space.

Now, are we fully capable of what we call ‘catching missiles’? Of course, yes, even nuclear warheads! But we don’t want – and it is not the Mother’s Plan – we don’t want to come in an attitude, in a framework that says, “We caught your nuclear warheads and they’re useless.” And, by the way, they are, but that is another conversation as well! “We caught your nuclear warheads and we’re coming anyway, and here we are,” because that does not create the environment of sustaining friendship and support. The group disclosure that we have talked about on other occasions does.

And so, what we are, hmm… let me say ‘covertly’ [laughter] – and I do not mean a conspiracy – but what we are doing is yes, infiltration, but we are also working with some of these political shenanigans, these high-tension dramas, to have them diffused, let us use that word, prior to the bigger disclosure.

Now, that is the big picture. Having said that, on the small, individual picture, we are revealing ourselves to many of you in a variety of ways. And yes, dear Suzanne, I do mean with the conscious physicality component.

Now, for many of you, your first contact as it were – that is a great term, is it not: first contact! [Laughter]

Suzi: I like it!

Ashira: Yes, we like it too! Even when we’ve known each other for eons, we like it! [Laughter] “Oh, we’ll have first contact.” It is really hilarious!

Anyway, for many of you, we are having first contact on-planet – on your planet rather than projecting you fully, consciously, physically onto various ships – so that you are gaining – and you know who you are that I am talking to – you are gaining a greater comfort level with us. And you say, “I am dying to go on ship, I am dying to meet you,” but in fact, while there is this excitement, there is also in some situations a whisper of concern or fear or what have you.

So much of the first contact, as you would put it, is taking place upon Terra Gaia. But many of you – and I do not invite, like my father had, millions of you to arrive at the same time! – but I do invite you to send yourself individually-consciously-physically to make visits back and forth upon ship.

Now, some of you are going to say, “Well, I don’t know how to do this,” but in fact the meditation that I have just given you will get you there. When you lie down, perhaps at night or even for one of those famous two-hour naps, simply say, “I am sending myself to my favourite ship, to where I know my colleagues, my friends and families are located.”

See yourself as taking your physicality and your consciousness, and we will be there welcoming you and helping you. So it is not a matter of waiting. We are ready and so are you!

Suzi: We are too! And you know what? I’m just going to remind myself of what I just said about the sacred play and not seeing the ancestors in the beginning – just start doing it and stay with it and it’ll happen!

Ashira: That is exactly correct.

Suzi: Okay, so thank you for that. If I may, in case our listeners are unaware, there’s going to be a total solar eclipse that’s visible in the continental United States in a 70 mile-wide strip going from Oregon to South Carolina on the 21st of August. I personally feel, and of course we all know it’s very significant, feeling to me like a big ‘wash’ – and I was wondering if you would be willing to say anything about the significance of this particular solar eclipse?

Ashira: I would be pleased to.

Suzi: Fabulous!

Ashira: Now, I cannot take credit [laughter]… you cannot give me gratitude for controlling the solar eclipse!

Suzi: Oh no! Just some intel man, that’s all I’m looking for! [Laughter]

Ashira: I am teasing you! There are people, particularly in what we would call ‘near ancient times’, that thought this was an [?enactment] of evil or of the Gods, etc. or even of the space beings. So we are stepping away from this physical, geophysical occurrence. But you all ask and are assigning, shall we put it that way, importance – and it is importance; it is necessarily important – to physical happenings.

Now what is occurring in this – and you have been very accurate, dearest – the ‘wash’ across this continent and this country, it is just that. It is a wash. Now think about what I say. You enter into the shadows, you enter into the darkness, and in fact in that, what you think of as darkness, there is a great deal of what we would term the ‘silvery light’. And in that removal, there is a balancing – and it is a massive balancing and it is global balancing, by the way – of the energies of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

Now, all of you – and I mean every being on Earth – loves a great show! And this is one of them where you physically are going to have a great show. And so you can see it for what it is, but you can also feel the energy. It is the balancing of the silver and the gold – the gold of the Great Central Sun, the silver of your Lunar Being – and it is the blending of that into a new realm, a higher vibratory rate, for the entire planet of existence.

Suzi: Oh, that is fabulous! And as you’re saying that, I’m flashing on the laser light shows that the Hayden Planetarium used to have! [Laughter]

Ashira: You love a great show!

Suzi: We do! [Laughter]

Ashira: And it is because – so I do not say that critically; we love a great show as well! – because it reminds you truly, physically, visually, auditorily… it reminds you of the awesomeness of the universe, of the magnitude of what you think of as nature.

But it is also bringing you to the understanding, the broadening – now you do not need and the lightworker community does not need it so much – but the broadening of people’s understanding that there are things that are taking place planetarily, universally, in solar systems eons away, that in fact your perception is bigger than simply your planet. There are suns, there are moons, there are systems spinning around you. So it makes you all look up!

Suzi: Yeah, and think about things bigger than ourselves. It’s an expansive kind of experience. And we as humans – it’s not even that we love a show so much – it’s more, like the symbology and some kind of a marker. A marker, that’s what it is, of our evolution – of look what we’ve done, what we’ve been through. Nice, juicy!

Ashira: It is a marker and it is for you to say, “We have gone,” and then symbolically you are going through what you can think of as a dark period, re-emerging into the fullness of the sun, into the fullness of the joy, into the fullness of the brilliance of love, balanced, male and female.

Suzi: You know, we long for it, we do. And did you say something about the change of leadership on the planet?

Ashira: We will never interfere in terms of… You know we are working behind the scenes. There is a change in leadership that is already underway. Now, it has never been – and this is why things sometimes take what you think of as time – it’s not just a matter of taking one puppet and removing them and putting in another puppet. That doesn’t work. So what is changing also is the whole paradigm of leadership being equated and assumed as stewardship.

Suzi: Could we be moving into councils because I think that would be the best thing for us to do? But is it even possible?

Ashira: Of course it is. It is part of Nova Earth and Nova Being. Now that does not mean… Think of it. We work and feel a sense of commitment and responsibility to the Intergalactic Council. So, are councils possible? It is the format that we have used to maintain peace and harmony and prosperity – emphasis on prosperity – for a long time.

Suzi: So what I need to let go of is how we switch over to that kind of [?inaudible].

Ashira: But think of it in a practical sense because, again, we do not want to create more division. But let us also be practical. Many of you – and yes, I do speak particularly to the lightworker/loveholder community – many of you have already, shall I say, divorced, distanced, separated from what you think of as what appears to be reigning leadership.

You’ve already said, “No, that doesn’t work for me and that’s not where I’m putting my attention or my allegiance; that is not where I am aligning with; so that is not even part of my reality.” Now that does not make you schizophrenic. That makes you the transition to the new, because what you are saying is, “I am putting in place, in my own little way, my own council.”

Think of your own council as your circle that supports you and helps you expand and define, grow, take action, support your action for your mission, regardless of what it is. So you are already formulating the pattern and the paradigm for how these councils work.

Think of them as manageable, governing units, so that they are not in competition with one another, that one of the founding principles as it were is mutuality and respect and support. So you don’t seek to overrule another council. No. That becomes: “How do we work harmoniously so that it is a win-win?”

Suzi: Yes, it’s all a weaving together. And I can also see sitting on councils on-planet and off-planet at the same time, which is probably already happening.

Ashira: Yes, it is.

Suzi: Wow, so fascinating. It’s really interesting, perceptions opening up like mad – awesome! Okay, so we’re kind of done here, but I would love to hear if you have anything to say in closing. And I’m so grateful for this conversation. It’s wonderful. And thank you also for everything you guys do.

Ashira: Oh, you are so welcome. I will pass on the sentiment and the energy of love to all engaged and involved, although they are listening anyway! [Laughter]

Enjoy your time with us! The invitation is open and we welcome you.

Go with my love, dear friends. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell. Thank you.