I am reactivating the Tsunami of Love to wash away and complete what we have begun together – not to end anything, but it is a new chapter of existence! So think of it as the rinse-off, and I am rinsing you and immersing you and buoying you up with my love.

Heavenly Blessings ~

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 7:22 to 15:18]

Universal Mother Mary: Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, Mother of All, Mother of One – and Mother, sweet angels incarnate, of each and every one of you.

Thank you for inviting me, for allowing me, for welcoming me this day.

Suzi: It is our delight!

UMM: Sweet angels of blue, have you ever simply thought of calling yourselves The Blue Team, because that is what you are? Yes, and I do include Steve in this team, this triad and this undertaking in our name and in the name of love, in the name of One and in the name of All.

And yes, I step forth this day as Mother, and I step forth with specific messages and overall encouragement. There are times, sweet ones – and you have all experienced it, sometimes with yearning and sometimes with delight – when all you really want to do is just go home to Mom!

And it doesn’t matter whether it is a humble house or a mansion, whether there are prepared feasts or simply whatever you choose to put together. You just want to be in that comfort and safety and known zone. And that is what so many of you are feeling right now, because you are proceeding, you are staying the course, you are holding on – sometimes for dear life, or so you think!

But also know, at any given moment or absolutely continually, you are welcome to come home and hang out with Mom! And I am not talking… let me be very clear… I am not talking about departure. Yes, there are many choosing to leave at this time, and each and every one of them are escorted and joyfully received, welcomed back into my arms, and they are nurtured and they are healed and they are attended to.

But that is not what I am speaking of in this regard. I am speaking about simply knowing that you can position yourself with me – and I wish you would! – at all times, in all instances, in all situations, in all circumstance. Now, in practicality, what does that mean? It means to be in the faith and hope and trust and truth, the patience, humility, valour, prudence. It means being in the totality of love.

And you may think or visualise or know that that is sitting next to me on the couch or watching TV or listening to your favourite sonata. Curl up with me. Invite me for a walk. It is not only Yeshua who says, “I wish to walk with you.” Come walk with me! I have created, I have birthed not only each and every one of you but this entire multiverse, this planet Gaia. This mighty archangel is of my heart.

Do you not think that I am not aware of any or every nook and cranny of this planet? Of course I am! So come and take a walk with me, whether we choose to ascend the Himalayas or Machu Picchu, or plunge into the depths of the various trenches, or maybe even to push some continents slightly! Or simply to stroll around the block or sit in the garden.

Do you not think, my beloveds, in my infinite and eternal abilities, that I cannot simply walk and sit and cuddle and nurture you? Not only can I – it is my greatest joy! There are times when you shy away from me, in some ways borne of human experience: “Don’t bother Mom, she’s busy; she has a lot on her plate and a lot to do; she has to shop and make supper and tidy the house and make the beds and do the laundry, so I won’t bother her. I’m not that important.”

Sweet angels, you are all that counts. Everything is attended to. Nothing in human form or otherwise warms a mother’s heart more, touches her more deeply, than her children turning to her saying, “Mom, I love you, I need you, I want to spend time with you. Can you just hold me and reassure me and let me know that everything is alright, that I’m alright, that I’m wonderful and fabulous and beautiful, intelligent and brilliant?”

It warms not only human hearts, it warms my heart. My entire essence is love. It is the totality, it is the breakdown, it is the microscopic parts. I AM love. So when I am asked or when I am called, even desperately, I am there.

Love in all its forms feeds love. Think about what I say. Love feeds and grows love. It is the essence of All, and the more it is fed and nurtured, the greater it grows. Hatred or greed or jealousy or power, abuse of power – that does not feed the love.

And because love is the essence of my universe, the entire multiverse, what it means is those essences that are of a lesser vibratory nature, sooner or later – and I suggest sooner – they simply starve, they starve to death. Whereupon that energy, whether it is in human form or simply in the ethers, is returned to me clarified and then sent back out, exploded back out into the universe, into the multiverse.

It is eternal and unchanging – and it is infinite, eternal and constantly changing. But when you break down those particles, whether it is an entire universe, a singular planet, a galaxy or your own skin – it is love. It seems so simple and yet, to many, incomprehensible.

Now, there are a few things I want to talk about today, but one of them is going to also be confusing because I want to talk about dreaming. Now in your society, in your cultures – and now it truly is a global culture, a Gaian culture, which is perfect – there is a distinct delineation, for practical purposes, that you have developed… and I mean you, the collective… have developed in terms of what is tangible, what is structural, what is in form.

And then, far to the right or far to the left, is dreaming. And yet, dreaming is where tangibility comes from. Tangibility does not come first, the dream does.

Now, in other visitations with thee, I have explained – and my Mighty Ones have explained – that as soon as I dream or conceive of something, anything, it is done. And what that means is not only the desires of my heart are given the energy to assume either tangibility or simply energetics, or my beloved legions jump to it and bring it into form, in alignment with the dream, with the desires of my heart and my essence, the Father and I, united as One.

And yet, there has been a tendency – this is the split I wish to emphasise – there has been a split within your reality, your human practicality, which I understand but I wish to shake up: [that] the dreaming is something amorphous, not tangible, doesn’t have form – and more importantly, doesn’t have inherent value. Nothing could be further from the truth.

And I am not simply speaking of sleeping dreaming, lucid dreaming, daydreaming or the dreams of your heart; these are all one and they are on a spectrum. Yes, there are times that you have had a nightmare, and what I would suggest to you is that the war and the mayhem and the chaos is, in fact, a waking nightmare – and it does not have the reality, it does not have the sustainability, because it is not of my creation, it is not of my heart or my dream. It is not of my essence.

But that is not what I came to dispel, but simply know: what you think is tangible such as these institution structures and some maligned human beings, they do not have the essential energy to continue on and thrive and survive. They have written their own, hmm… exit point and death, because they choose not to imbibe and breathe and eat and be the love.

But back to dreaming. Your purpose is to dream. When I say to you, “When I dream, it is,” you are of my heart and being, so when you dream in that full spectrum, it absolutely has the power to be. Let us take out the nightmare portions – although you can most certainly create that and many of you have, and you have learned the lessons that it is not worthwhile putting your energy there.

Now, the whispers, the dreams, the secrets of your sweet heart are you participating with me – not in a futile sense, not in what you would call a ‘pipe dream’, but in the bringing forth of what is to be: what is to be in your Nova life, what is to be as Nova Being, what is to be as Nova planet, Nova Gaia, Terra Gaia, Earth. It is the fulfilment.

Dreaming performs an essential function of creation. Think of it almost as the beginning phase of intent. But more than that, my sweet angels, it is where we conjoin; it is where we are truly, blissfully together. It is where our energies are merging, dancing, waltzing, hip-hopping together, krumping together, tribal dancing together, ecstatic dancing together – because it is where the mutuality comes into you.

You say, “Now wait a minute, wait a minute!” Your logical mind is jumping in, “Now, are you talking about, Mother, when I am floating in the bliss? Are you talking about when I am sleeping? Are you talking about when I am simply having a daydream or wishful thinking?”

Stop! Do not delineate! That is like making love, which is the human experience of merger – a sacred, sacred act – and you think: “Well, what is most delightful? What part do I count most? Is it the foreplay, is it the kissing, is it the necking, is it the petting, is it the intercourse, is it the orgasm, is it the aftermath?” Why would you ever wish to split that up? It is a unified whole that is sacred and blissful.

Do not break up your dreaming, and do not stop dreaming!

Dearest Suzanne, you have mentioned “tangibility.” If you do not… Back up! And I mean this for all of you. Your experience of the tangible is absolutely based in your experience, your dream, your essence… no, not your moods… your truth, and then that expresses into the tangible.

No two people have the same experience when they gaze upon a Michelangelo or a Degas. It is absolutely different, and yet it is a tangible creation. And there are some that will say, “Oh, but I’m more interested in the Modernists,” and they will simply bypass that chamber. That is alright because what they are doing is seeking, in tangible form, what they desire and dream about, what their essence, what their soul contract demands – yes, demands.

You are evolving, you have evolved enormously. You are in your spiritual maturity. You are in the truth of who you are. That is why we call you “the builders”, “the implementers”, “the implementation team of the dream.” And so you are pursuing in form, in tangible reality, what you desire, and that is being honed and taking on greater specificity.

And that is exactly as it has need to [be] because you cannot say, you do not in physical form have the capacity to say, “Now I’m going to conquer Earth,” as if it could ever be conquered! No. Focus is important. You take the esoteric nature of the dream and then you hone it into your true intent, and you bring that forward and you express the outer world through your lens, and you bring into the outer world the expression of that dream, of that intention. It is not the other way around.

Your old 3rd is gone. Think of it as though you are watching a black & white 1920s film and the reel or the film is shredding. Let it shred. Let it be. Leave that to others. That is not what I am here to talk to you about.

Yes, as the channel has said, I have been saying to her, “We are offering you, we are gifting you, we are giving you… we are giving you complete access to the entire Warehouse of Heaven. Stop just thinking about your allowance! Stop thinking and dreaming small! Come and dream with me, not because I demand or command it – although I would certainly love it and enjoy it. Do it because it is your essence as well. It is what you are fully capable and competent of, and it is what you are bringing forth.

You have been hacking your way through a virtual bush and swamp – and yes, there has been quicksand, but there has also been phenomenal moments of awareness, of growth, of beauty. Do not overlook those. If you were not in the swamp, if you were not in the depth of the deepest forest, you would not recognise or notice the way the light filters or a shiny lime-green snail on a plant; you would not notice the dampness of the dew in the morning or the blissful feeling and scent as things blossom.

So you have been saying, “But I want to be on the expressway.” Well no, in fact you didn’t want to be on the expressway. You wanted to have the journey. That was not only my directive, that was your agreement, and in that you have learned and experienced the precious nature of unity. Unity is love! Yes, I know, it is confusing. Love is everything, isn’t it!

But when you think of it that way, that you, sweet angels of light, are literally in union, sacred union, not only with us, not only with each other, but with All. When you are the love, when you behave and act and allow yourself to be loved, you do not differentiate between that tiny snail and the biggest mountain and the person sharing your bed.

Is there a proximity factor? Yes. Are there those of an inner circle that you have chosen to travel with? Yes, most certainly, but it is all One. Now let me even go further. You are all One, inside and outside. Do not think of differentiation. Everything we are, everything my entire multiverse is, everything the Father and I are, is also within thee. Macrocosm-microcosm: your science is based on it, even as primitive as it is.

Now I have one more thing to say: I am reinvigorating, I am reactivating and I am bringing forth my Tsunami of Love. It has been the beginning and it is the end. No, not the end of life or civilisation or existence, but think of it as an opening bracket and a closing bracket, and in between you have had, of course, many of my waves – it never stopped – of my Tsunami of Love, penetrating each and every particle of your being.

Then the masters and my archangels and all the legions have added their energy to you, and then your Star brothers and sisters have added their Porlana C to you. And now I am telling you I am reactivating the Tsunami of Love to wash away and complete what we have begun together – not to end anything, but it is a new chapter of existence! So think of it as the rinse-off, and I am rinsing you and immersing you and buoying you up with my love.

I have given you my most precious gifts: clarity and purity, grace, wonder and awe, and in that clarity, in that purity, in grace, you step forward in tangibility to bring forth the fulfilment of my dream.

So I declare: I am helping you. Yes, I have heard your cries, and I also know this is an element that needs to be added and it has always been the Plan.

Now, dearest Suzi, where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh wow, thanks Mom! I am so happy that you’ve come to offer us this encouragement and I am feeling like the mischievous child who wants to say, “Now, how does it look now that everything is in place, the transformation of the planet? Is there a blink of an eye divergence of reality coming?

If I’m understanding you, what we no longer pay attention to will fade from awareness and eventually our reality? So, putting our collective attention on one another with no concern for the uncomfortable behaviours of others could be a challenge for some.

UMM: Yes, it can be a challenge for some, but let me suggest to you that regardless of whether you pay attention to it or not, it is going to fade. It has already faded! It is fading. So, why? And I understand, and there are a few of you whose job and soul contract, mission and purpose, is to completely immerse yourself in that chaos as an undercover agent of change, as a peaceful warrior of truth, and you have been penetrating it. But what you’ve been doing is destroying the chaos from the inside out.

So what you have been doing actually is a very covert action in your spy terms, is that you have been… and let us use this word because it has so many awful connotations… you have been the ‘cancer’ eating away at body chaos if you have been inside holding the light in that chaos.

But the rest of you, why would you focus on the cancer? Why would you focus on the gangrene and the rot, the stench of garbage in the corner, when there is such beauty and hope? So no, don’t bring your attention to what you don’t want. That defeats the purpose! So no, it is fading away because you are not feeding it, because you are not giving it anything, and allow yourself to bring in the dream.

Now you say to me, “Mother, is it the blink of an eye?” It is already underway. I could tease you and say it is in the blink of a divine eye – the all-seeing eye, Horus’ eye – but I won’t do that. It is in the blink of an eye.

Have you ever gone to bed feeling achy and sick and headachy and with a fever, and you just feel terrible? And so you go to bed and you pull the covers up, perhaps you take some silver or some vitamin C, and you go to bed and hope for the best – and you wake up feeling right as rain, full of vim and vigour and ready to set the world on fire. That is what is happening right now!

Suzi: Hmmm… so we’re almost there, we’re very close…

UMM: You are as close as your eyelashes!

Suzi: If I might just say, it’s just so interesting at this eleventh hour here, or I don’t know, that we’re that close that uncharacteristic doubt and discouragement could start to come in. It’s just so interesting.

UMM: Well, we would use another word! [Laughter] But yes, because… and that is why I am reactivating the power of my Tsunami. If there is any little grain of sand or particle within thee, with all the other energies that are being infused into you, we are simply washing it out. Think of it as power washing, sweet ones!

Suzi: I love that!

UMM: So, of course… now what we have been doing… because you are always curious about what is really going on!… what we have been doing is blending and blurring what you have thought of as your conscious/subconscious/unconscious. So things that have been previously heretofore buried perhaps in your unconscious or conscious minds are coming to the surface and being seen, acknowledged – dealt with! – as a conscious being, because your need for these, artificial really, separations is gone.

So you’re consciously aware of “Here we are in the eleventh hour or at the final moments, and here I am feeling miserable and distrustful and disconnected and all the dis’s”, and you think: “What is going on?” Well, that is what is going on. You are consciously, as a supreme being, fully aware of who you are and what’s going on within! That is good news, sweet ones!

Suzi: It is good news. I read a book once (I forget the name of it) by Paul Coelho. It’s a metaphorical kind of story, but basically we get a hair’s breadth away from our heart’s desire, having encountered a few blocks in the road one after the other after the other, and we say, “OMG, maybe it really isn’t my life’s purpose and maybe I don’t want to do it,” and we get so close to the fruition of what we long for and we get discouraged. So this is the time to not be discouraged! (Laughter)

UMM: That is absolutely correct. You become discouraged and what you do is you disconnect; you become disenchanted and you disconnect, you turn away. And this has happened not only upon Gaia but in the unfoldment of this very specific Plan. This has happened numerous times, as you all know, but that is not now!

This “disconnect,” when you truly delve into it, comes from a deep lack and a belief in not being worthy, “that I don’t dare take that final step, because what if I do and in fact that Holy Grail isn’t there? Then my life is truly futile. So let me take this obstacle and say it is a sign; it is a sign that the Mother is saying, ‘Turn back. We don’t want you to be so hurt and disillusioned. Turn back and redirect. Go into your cave for a while and then come out and re-examine, and then re-engage and start the whole thing all over again.’” That is tiresome. It is tiresome for you and, dearest heart, it is tiresome for all of us!

Don’t turn back! And don’t put your head down; put your head wide, high up. Be clear-eyed! And if you need someone to walk with you, then call me! I will help you, Yeshi will help you, Gabrielle will help you, Uriel will light your way. We are with you in sacred partnership.

Suzi: Thank you.

UMM: You are welcome. Do you know the magnitude of gratitude that we feel for you? You are the bright angels of change. You are the fulfilment of my dream. I do not turn away.

Suzi: We are!

UMM: Yes, you are!

Suzi: And we are in never-before-happened territory…

UMM: That is correct, and you are behaving, taking action. You have all come together yesterday in the love. This has had huge impact. You think: “Oh, a few hundred, a few thousand,” but the ripple effect is massive. And so I return the favour with my Tsunami of Love.

Go in peace, sweet angels.

Suzi: Oh, thank you.

UMM/Suzi: Farewell.